Kambal Wale Baba Ka Phone Number 2024: Real or Fake, Contact Address (Rajasthan)

Kambal Wale Baba Ka Phone Number 2024: Real or Fake, Contact Address (Rajasthan): Have you ever heard of Kambal Wale Baba? He is primarily from Gujarat in India. His name is Ganesh. He is generally referred to as Ganesh Bhai. Ganesh Bhai refers to himself frequently as Kambal Wala Baba. This Baba possesses preternatural abilities. It is According to reports.

He always carries a blanket. It has a dark ebony hue. He is sometimes referred to as Kambal wale Baba. He assists individuals. It is by covering them with his comforter. A significant number of individuals travel to see this Baba with their problems. It is from across the globe. Baba is capable of performing miracles. It will cure any illness. It includes cancer and paralysis. Check here for Kambal Wale Baba Ka Phone Number 2024: Real or Fake, Contact Address (Rajasthan).

Kambal Wale Baba Ka Phone Number 2024

Although Baba is originally from Gujarat. He now travels to numerous locations. There he sets up centers and heals individuals. It is that people must reside in this camp for five days. It is for anyone who comes to him for treatment. After that, he will only be able to recuperate fully. You should continue reading this post. It is If you are interested in visiting Kambal Wale Baba. It contains pertinent information.

Kambal Wale Baba Ka Phone Number 2023: Real or Fake, Contact Address (Rajasthan)

Ganesh Bhai Gurjar is also known as the Black Blanket Baba. He claims his “special” therapy is not medical knowledge. It is all that is required for patients. This is to recover from their illnesses. In several cities, the Baba is in the midst of organizing 15-day camps. Many people claim they were cured after touching Baba’s hand or blanket. They visited the camps. While others claim they did not feel any different or experience any respite.

Kambal Wale Baba Contact Address (Rajasthan) – Overview

Article About Kambal Wale Baba Ka Phone Number 2024: Real or Fake, Contact Address (Rajasthan)
Name of Kambal Wale Baba Ganesh Bhai
Address of Rajasthan Sirohi, Palri village, Rajasthan
Sirohi to Palri village distance 16 kilometer
Nearest Railway Station to reach Kambal Wale Baba Sirohi Railway Station
Contact Address Available
Post Category Contact Details

Work & Ability of Kambal Wale Baba

Participants at the camps hail from various states. It includes Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. They are willing to spend up to one lakh rupees (approximately $1,500). It is in the prospect of being miraculously cured. Others give the impression that they did not have to spend a dime. It is to remain at the campgrounds. Ganesh Bhai Gurjar contends that his blanket has spiritual properties.

He can quickly determine what illness a person is suffering from. It happens by placing it over a person and feeling their pulse. He also claims that he can diagnose a person’s illness. It is merely by observing them as they prostrate themselves before Baba Ganesh. It is said that Kambal Wale Baba can heal any grievous condition. He always wears a black cloak. It contains spiritual power. It is draped over his shoulder.

A significant number of paralyzed individuals seek treatment at the camp. And the guru claims he can cure them. Ganesh stated that he had obtained this blanket from a mango tree. A Mataji had bestowed upon him. It can heal others. This is by merely covering them with this blanket. Ganesh generates daily revenue of over 2 lakh rupees. It is by selling forty rupee dishes of food to camp attendees. He makes money by forcing others to purchase mattresses, coconuts, and other items.

Kambal Wale Baba Real or Fake?

A man, known as “Kambal Wale Baba” (translated as Black Blanket Baba), claims to cure diseases instantly, challenging medical science. Black blanket Baba Ganesh Bhai Gurjar hails from Gujarat and claims that what people need is his “special” treatment, not medical science, to cure them. And it is still not sure if Kambal Wale Baba is real or fake.

How to Reach Kambal Wale Baba by Road?

If you intend to travel to Kambal Wale Baba, you must visit Sirohi. Do it if you go by road. The first district will be in the state of Rajasthan. After that, you will need to travel from Sirohi to Palri. It is a community. Where exactly is this Baba’s compound located? The distance between Sirohi and Palri is approximately 16 kilometers. There is where you will arrive. It will be after traveling for about 20 to 25 minutes. Therefore, if you travel alone to Kambal Wale Baba’s camp, you can do so easily.

Several patients claim that none of their illnesses were cured. It is despite meeting each of the five-five day conditions enumerated by Baba. They are who have received treatment from Kambal Baba and have since returned. Many claim that when they arrived at Kambal Baba, they were so disappointed. It was that they had no option but to return home., Baba asserts that he does not charge a single rupee to any patient he treats.

But even though numerous donation boxes have been established in the camp. This is to which individuals have contributed money. Approximately 15–20 thousand people visit this location daily. It is According to Baba, Approximately 15–20 lakh rupees are donated daily. Baba has erected a kiosk. And it is for the items that can be purchased. AIt includes amulets, coconuts, his portrait, and the Shriyantra.

FAQ on Kambal Wale Baba

Is Kambal Wale Baba real?
It is still not sure if Kambal Wale Baba is real or fake.

Who is Kambal Wale Baba?
His name is Ganesh, Ganesh Bhai likes to call himself Kambal Wala Baba. It is said that this is a miraculous baba, who always keeps a blanket with him.

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