Khanapara TEER Result Today 27 February 2024 First Round, Second Round

Welcome readers to our new post, which is beneficial for those, who are searching for the Khanapara Teer Lottery Result. Recently, The Khasi Hill Archery Sport Association has published daily bases the Khanapara Teer Result for First and Second Round at 4:00 pm and 4:50 pm (Mornings & Evening Results) at appropriately. This result will be contains two digit number, on the basis of winner will be decided.

Nowadays, many people are searching for it. So, in this article, we will updated all the trend regarding the daily Khanapara Teer Result Today, Teer Target, Previous Results, Common Number, House, Ending, Night, Hit Number, etc. Basically, this Khanapara Teer is legal game. This game is played from Monday to Saturday in a week. It is uniques based lottery game, which only played in Meghalaya, India. This game is running by the law establishment  under the Meghalaya Amusement And Betting Tax Act. 

According to the Khanapara Teer lottery Game, all the players have to guessing the number of Arrows shot in a particular day. In the Khanapara Teer Lottery Game, there are two rounds. You all can buy the ticket of Both round at the Centre of Teer Betting. The ticket allocates between 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM.  All the details about the  Khanapara Teer Lottery Result, Morning & Evening, both rounds results update are mentioned on this page. Read carefully and stay tuned to the article. 

LIVE Khanapara Teer Result Today 27 February 2024
First Round – 4:10 PM Second Round – 5:10 PM
26 75

Many people are searching about the Khanapara Teer. The Khanapara Teer is type of Lottery Game, which is based on Archer Game. This is legal lottery game, which is conducted by the popular Archery Club The Khasi hills Archery Sports Association. This Lottery game organised under the Meghalaya Amusement and betting Tax Act. As per the provision, there are 12 archery clubs from the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association. The Khanapara Teer Result 2024 is going on Monday- Saturday, on the sunday it completely closed.

Additionally, The Khanapara TEER Result 2024 is releases in two round (Morning & Evening) on the daily basis. The First Round releases at the 4;00 pm and second Round at 4:00 pm on every Monday to Saturday. The Khanapara Morning TEER Result 2024 is announced at time between 11:00 AM- 12:00 PM.

Khanapara Morning TEER Result – 27 February 2024

Result F/R (11:00) S/R (12:00)
Today Off Off

To Check the Official Khanapara Teer Result, you can visit the official website Guwahati Teer Khela Page
of the Government On the official page, many people have to face lot of trouble and technical issues. So, we have the solution, you can visit this page time by time to fully updates about the Khanapara Teer Lottery Result.  Here, you will get the most recent and updated results. We will updated the below table time to time. The Khanapara Teer Lottery Archer game is played at location of Polo Ground at Khanapara. Just read out for more updates. 

Khanapara Teer Common Number, House, Ending

If you all guys are interested in the Khanapara Teer Lottery Game and also want to participate, they you have to buy a ticket at the Meghalaya’s Teer Betting Centre. You all guys can visit and buy a ticket between the timing of 10:00 AM- 3:30 PM. After closing ticket window at 3:30 PM, the The Khanapara Teer Archery Rounds will be started.

If you decided to participate in the Khanapara Teer Lottery Ticket, then remember it, only persons should buy a Khanapara Teer Lottery Ticket from authorized shops & bench. You all have to know that, The Khanapara Teer Lottery Tickets price is ₹300 and the winning amount of this Lottery Game is approximately, ₹8000. Then, you all can join the Betting Procedure. The management committee have manage the more than 5000 ticket booking counters, which is situated in differently 11 district.

In this Lottery purposes Archive Game., participants have to predict the numbers of arrows shot in the first & second round by 50 archers at the Polo Ground in Khanapara. There are maximum of 30 and 20 arrows in two minutes, respectively. 

How to check Khanapara Teer Previous Lottery Result 2024 Online?

In this section, we are going to share the details about Process to Check Khanapara Teer Lottery Result Online. To check the Teer Result Online, you have to visit the In this page, you can also check out the Khanapara Teer Lottery Result Online in easiest way. We will share the all Khanapara Teer Result Updates in the table. We will also provide daily updates regarding to Common Numbers. You can also check Dream Numbers, Previous Results, Night Teer, House, Ending, etc. Check out the updated details below:- 

Last Day Results First Round Second Round
27 Feb 2024 Wait… Wait…
26 Feb 2024 45 46
24 Feb 2024 32 85
23 Feb 2024 44 74
22 Feb 2024 72 63
21 Feb 2024 45 72
20 Feb 2024 39 93
19 Feb 2024 92 45
17 Feb 2024 97 31
16 Feb 2024 41 09
15 Feb 2024 94 24

If we talk about the pros and cons of the Khanapara Teer Game, then the best thing about this game is that, it provided a wide range of opportunity for Archers or Players. They all can learn & earn by practicing archery  and those also got the ₹300/ Day. However, there are approx 10,000 people have employed in Meghalaya at different Teer Counters. Apart from this, many people search this as Guwahati Teer Khela or Assam Teer but there is no any game so do not confuse for this. गुवाहाटी खानापारा तीर रिजल्ट is given about on daily basis. Guwahari is also called Ghy Teer Result.

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