Omkaram Guruji Phone Number for Appointment, WhatsApp No, Contact Address, Email ID

Are you a fan of Guruji and want to seek his advice? The Zee Telugu show Omkaram Guruji is viewed by millions of people on the Zee Telugu channel. Millions of people adore him and have complete faith in him; he has a popular show that many people like. Dr. Devi Shree Guruji is another name for this show.

This show is shown on the Zee Telugu channel. Take heart from the fact that so many people want to contact Zee Telugu Omkaram Guruji. In this article, we will discuss Omkaram Guruji Contact Number, Phone Number, and Omkaram Guruji Appointment, as well as Omkaram Guruji’s Original Name, Mobile Number, and Home and Office Address. Those who are interested in contacting Omkaram Guruji should do so.

Zee Telugu Omkaram Guruji Contact Details

Omkaram Guruji, who is often known as Guruji by his devotees, is a very great master, he has a lot of understanding of traditional knowledge, many devotees come to him to ask about their sorrows and pains, and people also get accurate advice from him, so some people call him the storehouse of knowledge, Guruji has self-knowledge, so many devotees come to Guruji’s Refuge for answers to their questions. Below, we have mentioned the Omkaram Guruji Phone Number for Appointment, WhatsApp No, Contact Address, and email ID.

Omkaram Guruji Phone Number for Appointment, WhatsApp No, Contact Address, Email ID

Omkaram Guruji Phone Number for Appointment – Overview

Guruji Name Omkaram Guruji
Real Name  Dr. Ramaswamy Devishree
Show Zee Telugu Omkaram Guruji
Aired on Zee Telugu
Timing 8:30 am to 9 a.m.
Day Monday to Friday
Book Appointment Click here
Contact number 009900005728
Helpline numbers 8867776333, 8867776444
Official website Click here

Importance of Appointments with Omkaram Guruji

Appointments with Omkaram Guruji are very beneficial since they offer a rare chance to get individualized advice from him. People have benefited much from Guruji’s spiritual guidance and blessings when it comes to overcoming obstacles in life, developing their thoughts, and advancing spiritually.

Omkaram Guruji is Accessible: Due to the enormous demand for Guruji’s advice, his schedule is frequently fully booked months in advance. However, his team works hard to include as many participants as they can while making sure that every session is worthwhile and significant.

What to Expect During the Appointment?

It will be a kind and welcoming environment when you see Omkaram Guruji. While carefully considering your worries and inquiries, Guruji will provide insightful insights and workable solutions. His lessons are grounded in age-old knowledge, but they also speak to current issues, making them simple to use in daily life.

Omkaram Guruji WhatsApp No, Contact Address & Email ID

Guruji via WhatsApp can be a convenient option for individuals who are looking for more casual and immediate engagement.

WhatsApp Consultations Number  8867776333
Phone Consultations Number 8867776444

Email ID And Address for Omkaram Guruji

You can send an email to [email protected] if you want to discuss something, ask for advice, or thank Omkaram Guruji. Emails allow for a more thorough expression of your ideas, but the response time may be lengthier than with other forms of contact.

Address  731 26th main 1st sectors 11th B cross behind Krishna Sagar Hotel, HSR Layout, Bangalore 560102
Email ID  [email protected]

How to Book an Appointment with Omkaram Guruji?

  • Call the reservation line at the Phone Number or send a WhatsApp message to Indicate the time and day you like for the appointment.
  • If necessary, the group will confirm the availability and offer an alternative.
  • Make the required appointment payment once the time and date have been determined.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I consult Omkaram Guruji online if I cannot visit in person?
Ans. Yes, Guruji provides phone and WhatsApp consultations, making them available to people all over the world.

Q. Are there any wait times before appointments?
Ans. There may be a waiting period before getting an appointment due to the high demand.

Q. Do appointments with Omkaram Guruji need payment?
Ans. Yes, there is a small fee to make an appointment; this money supports Guruji’s humanitarian endeavors.

Q. Can I record the appointment for future reference?
Ans. No, recording the appointment is not allowed to maintain the privacy and sanctity of the interaction.

Q. How often can I seek guidance from Omkaram Guruji?
Ans. While there is no strict limitation, it is recommended to give time for self-reflection and implementation of Guruji’s teachings between appointments.

Q. How Do We Schedule a Showtime for Omkaram Zed Telugu?
Ans. You can schedule a time to watch Omkaram Guruji Zed Telugu by sending a message to the toll-free number 57575.

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