DK Shivakumar Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact No, Office Address, Email ID

DKS, sometimes known as DK Shivakumar, is a well-known figure in Indian politics. Since taking office as the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee’s president in 2019, he has had a huge impact on changing the state of Karnataka’s political climate. He was born on May 15, 1962, in Kanakapura, and he graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Bangalore. His mother presided over the Congress party’s women’s division while his brother is currently seated in Parliament, leaving a prominent political legacy in his family.

To know more about DK Shivakumar’s Phone Number including his WhatsApp Contact No, Office Address, Email ID, and other details, keep on reading this article ahead.

DK Shivakumar Phone Number

This article gives a general summary of DK Shivakumar, emphasizing his political career and highlighting crucial information including his office address, WhatsApp contact information, and email address. It provides details on Shivakumar’s history, including the political activity of his family and his ascent through Karnataka politics. The significance of his position as KPCC president and his influence on the political climate of the state is emphasized in the essay. His interest in charitable endeavors is also mentioned.

Common questions about Shivakumar’s current contact information, WhatsApp accessibility, fax, and email addresses, as well as his home and workplace addresses, are answered in the FAQs section. In this blog, you will get the complete information related to DK Shivakumar’s Contact Number which includes his WhatsApp Phone No, PA Number, Address, and official Email ID.

DK Shivakumar Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact No, Office Address, Email ID

DK Shivakumar Contact No, Personal WhatsApp Number – Overview

Article Title
  • DK Shivakumar Phone Number
  • PA WhatsApp Contact No, Office Address, Email ID
Full Name Mr. Shivakumar DK
Email ID [email protected]
Phone Number (+91) 98451-56524
Current Position Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka
Party Affiliation Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC)
FAQs Mentioned below

About DK Shivakumar (Deputy CM of Karnataka)

Since 2019, D.K. Shivakumar, popularly known as DKS, has served as the president of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee. He is well-known in India as a notable politician. He has had a considerable impact on Karnataka politics, helping to reshape the political landscape of the state.

In the Karnataka town of Kanakapura, which is part of the Ramanagara district, Shivakumar was born on May 15, 1962. He finished his education in Bangalore, where he also earned a Bachelor of Science. His mother formerly served as the president of the women’s branch of the Congress party, and his brother, D.K. Suresh is currently Bangalore Rural’s Member of Parliament. These facts demonstrate the family’s commitment to politics.

Political Career of D.K. Shivkumar

  • 1983: Shivakumar entered legislative issues and got to be a part of the Indian National Congress (INC).
  • 1985: He challenged and won his race, to begin with as a Part of the Authoritative get-together (MLA) from the Sathanur voting public in Karnataka.
  • 1994: Shivakumar was designated as the Secretary of State for Cultivation and Sericulture within the Karnataka state government.
  • 1999: He was re-elected as an MLA from the Kanakapura voting demographic in Karnataka.
  • 2004: Shivakumar got to be a Member of Parliament (MP) by winning the Lok Sabha elections from the Bangalore rural constituency.
  • 2006: He served as the Minister of Vitality within the Karnataka state government.
  • 2008: Shivakumar won the Gathering decisions once more from the Kanakapura voting demographic and got to be an MLA.
  • 2012: He was designated as the Minister of Urban Advancement and Minister of Control within the Karnataka state government.
  • 2013: Shivakumar won the Gathering decisions for the fourth time from the Kanakapura constituency.
  • 2017: He was re-elected as an MLA by the Kanakapura voting public in Karnataka.
  • 2019: Shivakumar played a conspicuous part in the Karnataka political emergency when a few MLAs from Congress and Janata Dal (Common) surrendered, leading to the collapse of the amalgamation government.
  • 2019: He was captured by the Authorization Directorate (ED) in a cash-washing case, which earned noteworthy media consideration and political contention.

All about DK Shivakumar Phone Number, Email ID, Address

Personal Phone Number 98451-56524
WhatsApp Number N/A
Official Tele Fax 080-23619000
Email ID [email protected]
[email protected]
House Address Doddahalli, Kanakapura, District Karnataka, 562126
Office Address D.K. Shivakumar, Congress Bhavan, No. 4, Queen’s Road, Bengaluru – 560 001, Karnataka, India

FAQs about DK Shivakumar Contact Number

a) What is the current phone number for DK Shivakumar?

  • DK Shivakumar can be reached at 9845156524 and 9845556633 right now.

b) Do you know DK Shivakumar’s WhatsApp number?

  • The answer is that DK Shivakumar doesn’t have a WhatsApp account.

c) What are the fax numbers for DK Shivakumar?

  • The telefax numbers for DK Shivakumar are 080-23619000 and 080-23617700.

d) What email address does DK Shivakumar have?

e) Where is the home of DK Shivakumar situated?

  • The home of DK Shivakumar is located at 562126 Doddahalli, Kanakapura, District of Karnataka.
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