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Online booking for lodging in Somnath is simple. Through its official website, the management of the Somnath Mahadev Temple offers an online lodging reservation service. You can use the directions provided below to book accommodation in Somnath for the specified dates. For visitors receiving Darshan at the Somnath temple, the Somnath Mahadev Trust maintains a VIP guest house, eighteen other guest houses, and an affordable dormitory. The trust is responsible for maintaining more than 500 rooms. Here you have been provided with all the information related to Somnath Rudrabhishek Timings, Ticket Cost, And Online Booking in detail. So read the article carefully till the end.

Somnath Rudrabhishek Timings

The Somnath Temple that we can currently see was constructed seven times. It is said that the Moon God himself created the gold that was used to construct the first Somnath temple. By the Maitraka monarchs of Vallabhi in Gujarat, Somnath Jyotirlinga Temple was rebuilt in the seventh century. Then, in 725, the second building was destroyed by Junayad, the Arab governor of Sind. Nagabhata II, the King of Pratihara, constructed the third building once more in 815. Stay with the article to get all the detailed information about Somnath Temple Rudrabhishek Timings Online Booking.

Somnath Rudrabhishek Timings

Overview of Somnath Rudrabhishek

Name of the Article  Somnath Rudrabhishek Timings, Ticket Cost, Online Booking .org
Deity Lord Somnath (Lord Shiva)
Location Somnath, Gujarat
Significance Jyotirlinga
Tours Dwarka – Somnath Tour
Darshan Timings 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Entry Fee Free
Best Time to Visit March and October
  • Shravan
  • Shivratri
  • Karthik Purnima
Official website

History of Somnath Temple

Since his father-in-law wanted to teach him a valuable lesson, Lord Chandra’s father-in-law Daksha Prajapati (father-in-law) cursed him to deteriorate in the epic history of the Somanath Temple.

Lord Chandra appealed to Lord Shiva at Prabhas Tirth to reveal himself from the curse; Lord Shiva was moved by the devotion and was freed from the curse.

Somnath Temple Poojas Places and Ticket Cost

Abhishek (ritual bath) of Lord Somnath 11000
Chandan Abhishek (sandalwood paste offering) 22500
Milk Abhishek 500
Ghee Abhishek 1000
Honey Abhishek 1200
Sugar Abhishek 5500
Fruit Abhishek 500
Panchamrut Abhishek (mix of milk, curd, honey, sugar, and ghee) 12000
Rudra Abhishek 13000
Shringar Seva (decorating the deity) 2100
Flower Garland Seva 1200
Tulsi Patra Seva (offering basil leaves) 5500
Bilva Patra Seva (offering bael leaves) 3100
Akshata Abhishek (rice grain offering) 4400
Coconut Abhishek 5500
Peda Bhog (offering sweets) 6600
Coconut Bhog 1200
Saffron Bhog 500
Kheer Bhog (rice pudding offering) 1000
Fruits Bhog 500
Sweets Bhog 500
Naivedya Bhog (offering of various food items) 11000
Aarti Seva 21000
Deepa Seva (lighting lamps) 5500
Dhupa Seva (offering incense) 4200
Bell Seva (ringing the temple bell) 31000
Prasadam distribution to devotees 7000
Annadanam (donating food to the needy) 700
Pradakshina (circumambulation of the temple) 500
Alankar Seva (ornamentation of the deity) 2100
Bhajan and Kirtan Seva (devotional singing) 3100
Bhajan and Kirtan Seva (devotional singing) 9000
Archana Seva (reciting sacred names) 8800
Yajna (fire ritual) 6600
Sankalpa Seva (offering prayers with devotion) 5700
Kartik Purnima Puja 5600
Gopuram decoration 5500
Vastram Seva (offering clothes) 1200
Rudrabhishek with 108 Shiva names 1000
Coconut breaking Seva 500
Silver Kalash Abhishek 5000
Navagraha Shanti Puja 1800
Maha Shivaratri Puja 5500
Graha Shanti Puja 3100
Pind Daan Seva (ancestral rituals) 9000
Shraddha Seva 12000
Ekadashi Parana Seva 2100
Laghu Rudra Homa 31000
Shiva Sahasranama Archana 21000
Rudra Homam 2700
Ekadasa Rudra Abhishek 25000
Maha Mrityunjaya Homa 37500
Krishna Janmashtami Puja 50000
Durga Puja 11000
Ganesh Puja 5500
Navaratri Puja 3200
Shani Puja 2188
Hanuman Puja 31000
Ram Navami Puja 3100
Prabodhini Ekadashi Puja 500
Simhastha Kumbh Mela Seva 1000
Kumbh Abhishek 1000
Rudra Ekadashi Puja 800
Sankalpa for wish fulfillment 700
Akhand Deepa Seva (eternal lamp) 11000
Ratha Yatra Seva 12000
Makar Sankranti Puja 21000
Holi Puja 11000
Diwali Puja 1200
Lakshmi Puja 17000
Saraswati Puja 1200

Somnath Temple Distance

Distance Km 
Mount Abu to the Somnath Temple 55 km
From Mumbai to the Somnath Temple 140 km
Ahmedabad and Somnath Temple separation 130 km
Bhalka Tirtha to Somnath Temple Travel Distance 200 km
Dwarkadhish to Somnath Temple Distance 901 km
Jamnagar and Grishneshwar Temple’s distance 605 km
Sasan Gir to Somnath Temple Distance 243 km
Nageshwar Temple to Somnath Temple Distance 352 km
Rann of Kutch and Somnath Temple separation 146 km
Rajkot and Somnath Temple distance 900km
Veraval to Somnath Temple Travel Time 800 km
Vadodara to Somnath Temple Travel Time 70 km
Tulsishyam to Somnath Temple Travel Distance 718 km


The temple is open from six in the morning till ten at night. Many rites are also cared for by this temple. These Poojas, are done in the morning, afternoon, and evening time.

Online Booking .org

  • Visit the Official Website at .org
  • Create an Account
  • Browse Events or Services:
  • Select Tickets
  • Choose Date and Time (if applicable)
  • Add to Cart
  • Review Your Order
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. When can I participate in the Rudrabhishek at Somnath Temple?
Ans. Rudrabhishek takes place every day, with morning timings from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m

Q. Are there any special days for Rudrabhishek at Somnath Temple?
Ans. Yes, major Hindu festivals like Maha Shivaratri hold special significance for Rudrabhishek at the temple.

Q. What are the ticket options for Rudrabhishek at Somnath Temple?
Ans. Devotees can choose from basic Rudrabhishek tickets and premium seating options, each offering a unique worship experience.

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