Rupali Chakankar Contact Number, Real Whatsapp Number, Office Address, Email ID

Numerous individuals are familiar with the name Rupali Chakankar. But this is oblivious of having any additional details about her. She is a Congress party member. She occupies the position of Political. At the celebration, she is performing service for the women. She is also performing for all those in need.

Rupali Chakankar Contact Number

She is approached by a large number of individuals with their problems. In addition, she is an outstanding social worker. Numerous people have been moved by her work. They wish to contact her. But they are unable to do so. This is because they need her contact information. This article will provide you with Rupali Chakankar’s Contact Number, Real Whatsapp Number, Office Address, and Email ID. It allows you to meet with her to discuss your concerns.

Rupali Chakankar Contact Number – Overview

Name Rupali Chakankar
Occupation Politician
Name of the party National  Congress  party
Date of birth 28th May 1982
Age 39 years
Nationalist Indian
Religion Hindu
Educational Qualification MBA
Post Category Contact Details

WhatsApp number & Office Address of Rupali Chakankar

Interested candidates can contact Rupali Chakankar. It is via her WhatsApp number, which is: WhatsApp Number:- 7588592360

Individuals confide their difficulties to her both in person and through electronic communication. She has a large heart and is constantly seeking solutions. It is to the problems that people are experiencing. She is exceptionally generous toward those in need, especially women.

The following is the address of Rupali Chakankar’s residence: Galli Number A/14, Pune, Maharashtra. Those in need who visit Rupali Chakankar’s address can communicate their problems and meet with her.

WhatsApp Number 7588592360
Phone Number 89553xxxxx
Email ID  N/A
House Address Galli Number A/14, Pune, Maharashtra

Rupali Chakankar Social Media Accounts

Nowadays, everyone has an Android smartphone and at least one social media account. Those interested in connecting with Rupali Chakankar follow her on social media. It includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter in the correct location. You can read their daily updates.

It is on this topic. Communicate with her about her difficulties and provide any advice you deem appropriate. People now utilize social media accounts. This is because it is a significantly quicker method of communication than traditional contacts.

Twitter @ChakankarSpeaks
Instagram rupali_chakankar
Facebook Rupali Chakankar

Rupali Chakankar’s Biography

Rupali Chakankar was born in the state of Maharashtra. It was on May 28, 1982. She is 39 years old at the present moment. She is the vice president of the National Congress party, and the state of Maharashtra responds to her direction. Also, she is a highly skilled politician. It is her opposition to the administration of DevendraFadnavis that is unsettling.

Additionally, her mother-in-law was the first Municipality Corporate in the state of Maharashtra. Rupali Chakankar entered politics due to her interest in the field. She also collaborates with Supriya Sule on a project to save The Lake. She advocates for the welfare of women and the economy and assists those in need. Moreover, she does this As a member of the National Congress party.

The Genealogy & Origins of Rupali Chakankar

Rupali Chakankar is a prominent member of the National Congress Party. She is a politician. Her voice and advocacy for women’s rights have inspired many individuals. She was in the city of Pune, Maharashtra. Her complete name is Rupali Chakankar. Her family-wide moniker is Rupali Tai. And her name is Chakankar. Her spouse is Nilesh.

Rupali Chakankar’s Academic History & Obligations

Her primary and secondary education were both accomplished in Pune. It is done at her birthplace. She then obtained an MBA. It was from Pune University. She completed her education there. She has maintained a consistent interest. It has been in politics throughout her college career.

RupaliChakankar Career

Rupali Chakankar’s recent election as President of the NCP’s women’s wing draws attention. This is to her existing position within the party. She has previously held the position of chairperson. This is of the State Women Commission. It is In addition to being a member of the NCP. Significant influence was exerted by Rupali’s mother-in-law on her decision to enter politics.

She has participated in numerous philanthropic endeavors. It includes the donation of 10,000 bicycles in Pune. It is in collaboration with Tata Trust and MP Supriya. Rupali has garnered a tremendous quantity of admiration. It is renowned as a direct result of her unwavering dedication and ceaseless efforts.

Unknown Facts About Rupali Chakankar

  1. She recently assumed the President of the NCP’s Woman’s Wing position.
  2. She has been at the vanguard of numerous anti-women-persecution protests.
  3. Rupali’s work has primarily focused on advancing women’s economic and social standing. It is through the establishment of Self-Help Groups (SHGs).
  4. She was appointed chairwoman of the State Women’s Commission. It is during her time in the NCP.
  5. Workers from Rupali and the NCP threw crustaceans in Pune. It is in front of the residence of Tanaji Sawant. She is the Maharashtra minister for water conservation.
  6. Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) members led by Rupali displayed black banners. They wore black blouses. It is to protest the BJP’s control and the Enforcement Directorate’s (ED) actions. It is against Sharad Pawar.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is Rupali Chakankar so popular?
Ans. Rupali Chakankar’s recent nomination of the NCP’s Woman Wing brought her to the forefront of public attention. It has brought her widespread renown. This she has done as President. She is well-known for her work. It is as the chairperson of the State Women Commission. It is for her involvement in numerous social causes.

2. From where does the preponderance of your funds originate?
Ans. Rupali Chakankar’s financial well-being is the state salary she receives. This is The most significant contributor. It is for her political duties.

3. What is specifically Rupali Chakankar doing at the moment?
Ans. Rupali Chakankar is the State President of the Nationalist Congress Party. She is the Nationalist Woman of India at present.

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  1. आदरणीय सौ.रूपालिताई चाकणकर,
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    मी पुणे जिल्हा तायक्वोंदो असोसिएशन ला गेली १४ वर्षे सभासदत्व मागत आहे.पण ते काही उत्तर देत नाही सांगतात सभा नाही झाली.
    मी या खेळाचा प्रचार तसेच प्रशिक्षण देत आहे. संघटना मुलाना खेळायला देते पण त्यांच्या नावाने खेळतात व पैसे एक्स्ट्रा घेतात.सर्व पालक आणि खेळाडू यांचे तसेच प्रशिक्षक यांचे मत आहे की आपण आपल्या मुळशी तालुका नावाने खेळायच.
    तरी आपण खेळाडू तसेच महिला प्रशिक्षक यांचा विचार करुन लवकरात लवकर आम्हाला सभासदत्व मिळवून द्यावे ही आपणास विनती.


    आपली विश्वासू,

    सौ.अश्विनी काळे
    (अध्यक्ष मुळशी तालुका तायक्वोंदो)

    1. I support Ashwini Tai, she should get the membership and I request the higher authorities to get involve in this sports local level politics and stop all types of such act, actually we have filed petition against such harasment in Delhi high court for the game of wrestling, there was some illegal act happened with our lady sportsman.

      We are after it, to achieve the transparency in sports.

      I request humbly, to Honorable Respected Rupali Tai to involve personally in the case of Ashwini Tai case.
      With best regards

      Chandan Kapare
      Ahmednagar Basket Ball Association

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