Sayajiraje Park Akluj Ticket Price 2024 Online Booking, Timing, Contact Number

Here you have been provided with all the information about Sayajiraje Park Akluj Ticket Price 2024  for Online Booking, Timing, and Contact Number. Sayajiraje Park Akluj is a well-known destination. It is for those with a passion for the great outdoors and nature. It is situated in the Solapur district of Maharashtra, India. This place offers visitors of all ages. This place gives access to an abundance of attractions and activities. You can read the full article carefully till the end.

Sayajiraje Park Akluj Ticket Price 2024

Sayajiraje Park Akluj offers tickets for a price. This price is reasonable. The cost of admission for adults is Rs. 50. Rs. 25 is sufficient for children ages 3 to 12. There are facilities for season passes. This facility is for visitors who intend to visit the amusement park multiple times during the season. A season permit costs 500 rupees for an adult. A pass for a child costs 250 rupees.

Sayajiraje Park Akluj Ticket Booking

Sayajiraje Park Akluj Ticket Booking Online – Highlights

Article  Sayajiraje Park Akluj Ticket Price 2023 for Online Booking, Timing, Contact Number
Park Name  Sayajiraje Park Akluj
Address Anand Nagar – Akluj, Tal-Malashiras, Solapur, Maharashtra 413101
Sayajiraje Water Park Timing 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM (Monday to Friday)
Contact Number 099222 96696
098225 55009
Official Website

Sayajiraje Water Park Akluj Ticket Price Packages

Let’s see here in detail all the information about Sayajiraje Park Akluj Ticket Price 2024:

Adult Ticket Price 999 Rs/-

[ Adventure Land, New Thriller Water Park, Amusement Park, Boating & Safari Park and Food]

Child Ticket Price 699 Rs/-

[ Adventure Land, New Thriller Water Park, Amusement Park, Boating & Safari Park and Food]

Educational Adult Ticket Rs.799
Educational Children Ticket Rs.499
Ticket Window Time Mon – Fri- 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM

Sat-Sun- 10:00 AM to 03:00 PM

Park Timings 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Park Time 365 Days

Note – At the entrance to Sayajiraje Park, Akluj, visitors can purchase admission permits from vendors. The park’s official website also provides visitors with the option to buy tickets online. During peak season, it is best to make reservations online to prevent a very long wait in line.

Sayajiraje Park Ticket Price for Adults (1,299 Rupees):

It includes admission to four parks. The places are Adventure Land. It is the only one in the world. Next is New Thriller Water Park. Another one is Amusement Park. Next is Boating & Safari Park). There is a limited number of dining options. Sayajiraje Park rents out swimming attire. This is for free. It provides them without cost.

The Educational Adult Ticket costs Rs. 999. It is only available to junior college students who have not yet matriculated. It includes Adventure Land (the only one of its kind in the world), New Thriller Water Park, and Amusement Park. Boating and Safari Park are all included in a single admission ticket.

Important Note – (Food and beverages brought from outside are not permitted in the park.)

Popular Attractions at Sayajiraje Park Akluj

The gardens, lake, and fountains are among the most popular features. This is of Sayajiraje Park Akluj among visitors. The park is renowned for its bird sanctuary. It functions as a breeding ground for numerous bird species. Visitors may choose to take a leisurely stroll through the park. You can charter a boat and explore the lake. You relax on one of the benches and take in the area’s natural beauty.

Sayajiraje Park Akluj: Rules and Regulations

During their stay at Sayajiraje Park Akluj, guests must adhere to several restrictions and regulations. Within the park’s boundaries, something is strictly prohibited. This includes consuming alcoholic beverages, smoking, and discarding garbage. Park visitors are not permitted to pick flowers one is allowed to cause any damage to the park’s native wildlife.

Information Concerning Accessibility for Guests with Disabilities:

Sayajiraje Park Akluj is wheelchair accessible. The park administration has made accommodations for visitors. It can be with various forms of impairments. Guests with disabilities are encouraged to contact the park administration. This is regarding any special needs.

Policies Regarding Food and Beverage Consumption in Sayajiraje Park Akluj:

Sayajiraje Park Akluj contains a food court. It provides a variety of beverages and refreshments. Food and beverages brought into the park from outside sources are prohibited. Visitors are encouraged to limit their consumption to the areas designated for that purpose.

Sayajiraje Park Akluj Tickets Online Booking 2024

  1. Navigate to the officially sanctioned Sayajiraje Park Akluj webpage.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select “Book Tickets.”
  3. Select the date of your visit and the form of admission ticket you wish to buy.
  4. It includes pertinent information. It is such as your name, email address, and phone number.

Best Times to Visit Sayajiraje Park Akluj

The coldest and most delightful months to visit the park are November through February. The temperature is ideal. The park is abundant with lush vegetation. It is discouraged to visit the park during the monsoon season. This is because it is closed most of the time due to the heavy rainfall.

Some FAQs Related to Sayajiraje Park

1. What is the expense to enter Sayajiraje Park Akluj?
Ans. Sayajiraje Park Akluj tickets are priced differently. It depends on the visitor’s age and sort of admission. Adults must pay INR 50 for admission. Children only need to pay INR 25. Additionally, there are fees associated with the use of certain things. The attractions and activities within the park can be found indeed.

2. What other types of permits are available for Sayajiraje Park Akluj?
Ans. Sayajiraje Park Akluj offers a variety of admission options. It can be According to your preferences and needs. Standard tickets can be purchased to enter the park. Additional tickets are available for activities such as horseback riding and boating. Guests with a minimum number of individuals can also take advantage of the park’s group pricing.

3. Is it feasible to purchase Sayajiraje Park Akluj tickets online?
Ans. Yes, this is possible. You can do this through the official website of Sayajiraje Park Akluj. Here tickets can be purchased. By reserving online, visitors can avoid lingering in long lines and save time. It is necessary to buy tickets in advance. To prevent being disappointed by the event, you can do this in advance.

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