Manisha Gulati Appointment for Online Complaint, Contact WhatsApp Number, Office Address

Manish Gulati, a well-known social worker and former chairperson of Punjab State Women Commission was born in Punjab state. During her tenure as the chairperson of the Women’s Commission. She worked brilliantly to protect women’s rights and empowerment in the state. Her hard and sincere work gave her name and fame all over India for empowering women. Now lots of women like to share their social and family problems with her. So here today we are sharing Manisha Gulati’s Appointment for Online Complaint, Contact WhatsApp Number, and Office Address for your reference.

Manisha Gulati Phone Number and Address

Manisha Gulati was the chairperson of the Punjab State Women Commission till 2020. The State Women and Child Development Commission was founded in 1998. By the Department of Social Security and Development of Women and Children. The foundation of the commission was followed as the result of the notification of the Punjab Women Commission Act 2001. Manisha Gulati has done her schooling in Amritsar Punjab state.

Manisha Gulati Appointment for Online Complaint, Contact WhatsApp Number, Office Address

There was an issue raised at the time during the Congress Government led by Captain Amarinder Singh. when have received the extension letter for her tenure as the chairperson of the state Women Commission but later the government declared the letter was issued as a bona fide mistake. Later she joined BJP and participated in the BJP rally in Punjab with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After her presence at the political rally, the Punjab government has withdrawn the extension for 2022. Check here for more information about Manisha Gulati’s Contact Number, Whatsapp Number Office Address, etc.

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Blog Post Manisha Gulati Appointment for Online Complaint
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Date of Birth 1975
Mother Father NA
Birthplace Punjab
Profession Social worker
Contact Number 0172-2222607
WhatsApp number 88659 00064
Address Click Here
Official Website URL Click Here

Manisha Gulati’s Personal Phone Number

Manisha Gulati made lots of outstanding changes in the departments of the State Women Commission office when she was heading the commission as chairperson. She helped many women in the state. The issues related to women housewives, working women, and studying girls are addressed by her on a priority basis. She handled many cases where the local governing body was not helping the molested women of the state over one call from the victims.

Here prompt actions against the violence against the women of the state gave him high respect from the local women and intellectual people. She was active on social media and helped many women via the complaints she received on social media. She shared her bold video ensuring the safety and support of the molested. Or ill-treated women of the state physically, and mentally at home or workplace. The video went viral on social media and she got support from the general public from all over India.

Manisha Gulati’s Personal Phone Number 88659-00064
Manisha Gulati  Complaint Number  88659-00064

Manisha Gulati  Whatsapp Contact Number

WhatsApp became one of the most easily operated and accessible mediums for the general people in India. So lots of people like to use this platform to share their problems with other people online. Lots of women are searching for the WhatsApp contact number of the former Chairperson of the Punjab State Women Commission.

Now she is no longer the chairperson but she also put up the issues related to the women into government authority to help the women who need the help. Below are the details of her WhatsApp contact number. Women from all over the country can connect with her and share the problems she is facing in society, at home, and in the Workplace.

Manisha Gulati- Whatsapp number 8865900064
Mansha Gulati Personal Mobile Number 87934xxxxx

Manisha Gulati Office Address & Email

Office Address(OLD) Manisha Gulati  Punjab State Commission for Women, SCO No. -57, 58, 59 Sector-17-C (Top floor in front of Neelam Cinema) Chandigarh.
Manisha Gulati Office Address( New) Punjab State Women Commission,  SCO 5, Sector 55, Phase 1, Mohali Village, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160055
House Address Chandigarh, India
Email ID [email protected]

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