Balaji Hassan- Astrologer Contact Details for Online Booking, Consultation Fees etc

Balaji Hassan- Astrologer Contact Details for Online Booking, Consultation Fees, etc: In this contemporary world, people are eager to gain insights into future events in their lives. Astrology is often regarded as the solution to satisfy this eagerness or curiosity per se. Astrology, a traditional science, has gained significant popularity throughout the world, especially in India. The origins of astrology have several stories associated with them. The Vedas considered sacred texts in Indian culture, hold a significant place for Hindu saints who view astrology as an integral part of the Vedas.

Astrology is sometimes referred to as “Vedanga”, signifying its connection to the Veda, which is considered a comprehensive body of knowledge. If you want to know all the information related to Balaji Hassan- Astrologer Contact Details for Online Booking, And Consultation Fees. then So read the article carefully till the end.

Balaji Hassan- Astrologer Contact Details

In India, the discipline of Astrology, known as Jyotisa, is legally defined as Jyotisam Suryadi Grahanam Bodhakamsastram. This refers to a system that elucidates the effects and influences of celestial bodies such as the sun, moon, and planets. The emergence of Indian astrology dates back to approximately 1200 BCE, when the monk Lagadha compiled the Vedanga-Jyotisa based on the Vedas. This compilation encompasses descriptions of lunar and solar months, including their adjustments through the use of Adhimasa (lunar leap month). Moreover, it elaborates on the concepts of Ritus (seasons), years, and yugas (eras).

During this time, knowledge of twenty-seven constellations, eclipses, seven planets, and twelve signs of the zodiac was also prevalent. let’s see here in detail all the information about Balaji Hassan- Astrologer Contact Details, Online Booking, And Consultation Fees in detail.

Balaji Hassan Astrologer Contact Details

Balaji Hassan Contact Number for Online Booking- Highlights

Article Balaji Hassan- Astrologer Contact Details for Online Booking, Consultation Fees, etc
Name of the Astrologer Balaji Hassan
Address Shri Balaji Astrology Research Center (Balaji Hassan) 26, Krishnan Puthur St, Ammapet, Salem, Tamil Nadu- 636003.
Online Consultation Number 88709-90058 (For appointment only)
Official Website NA
Consultation Future Prediction Online/ Offline Both mode
Consultation Fee Structure NA

Personal Information of Balaji Hassan

This article pertains to the life history of an astrologer who became an overnight sensation through his predictions of the cricket world cup 2019. He made precise predictions regarding the four semi-finalists and the ultimate winner of the very same tournament. Moreover, he accurately predicted the player who would be recognized as the player of the tournament. He successfully predicted the appointment of Edapadi Palanisamy, a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Salem, as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, which eventually came to pass.

Furthermore, he made an accurate prediction about the retirement of M.S. Dhoni, the renowned cricketer and correctly anticipated that Rajni Kanth, a popular actor, would fall ill but subsequently recover. This prediction caused unrest among Rajni Knath’s fans, and the prediction indeed materialized. He is no one but an astrologist from Salem, Tamil Nādu, namely Balaji Hassan. Currently, Balaji Hassan works as a Mechanical Engineer and formerly worked as a Manager at Hyundai Motors, running a YouTube channel. Also, he is a Runner, Trecker, Dairy Entrepreneur, and Sports Astrologer.

Contact Details of Astrologer Balaji Hasan

If anyone wishes to book a session with Balaji, all the necessary contact details are provided in this article. You can gather all the information pertaining to Astrologer Balaji Hassan for Consultation fees, Address, Email ID, etc. from the table provided below-

Social Media Handle   Link 
Twitter Handle
YouTube Channel
Instagram ID 
E-mail ID     [email protected]
Contact Number    +91 8870990058

The above table provides all the contact details of Balaji Hassan which is accessible to all of you. You can reach out to him via the above sources of social media handles, e-mail, and contact numbers.

List of predictions by Balaji Hassan

There is a catena of events where Balaji has made predictions and those predictions have become accurate which gave him overnight fame in the fraternity of astrologists or horoscope predictors. Below in this article, we have discussed the popular predictions of Balaji that he has made to date-

  1. Balaji Hassan’s initial and highly renowned predictions pertained to the physical well-being of the esteemed South Indian movie star, The prediction foretold that Rajnikanth would encounter a health-related concern, followed by subsequent recovery. As time passed, it became evident that Rajnikanth did indeed experience certain health issues, subsequently overcoming the said ailment.
  2. One of the most prominent predictions that he made accurately during the Cricket World Cup 2019 pertained to the identification of the four semi-finalist teams, the finalists, the ultimate winner of the tournament, and the player of the tournament. His predictions accurately indicated that India, England, Australia, and New Zealand would be the four semi-finalist teams in the World Cup. This prediction proved to be correct. Additionally, he correctly foresaw that England and New Zealand would reach the finals of the tournament.
  3. Balaji Hassan accurately predicted the timing of M.S. Dhoni’s retirement by analyzing Dhoni’s horoscope. As per his predictions, Dhoni would make the decision to retire at the conclusion of the year 2019, and this prediction proved to be accurate.

Later on, he predicted that Kamal Hassan would achieve success in his political career and M.K. Stalin will be the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

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