Ajey Nagar (Carryminati) Phone Number, Real WhatsApp Mobile No, Address, Email ID

Ajey Nagar (Carryminati) Phone Number, Real WhatsApp Mobile No, Address, Email ID:- Ajay Nagar is a famous Indian YouTuber, gamer, and internet celebrity, best known by the online moniker CarryMinati. CarryMinati enjoys a huge fan base thanks to its entertaining videos, witty commentary and relatable content. Many people interested in him want to know his phone number, real whatsapp cell number, address, and email address. We will cover many aspects of Ajay Nagar’s contact information in this comprehensive guide, and we promise you’ll have a great time reading

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Name of the Article Ajey Nagar (Carryminati) Phone Number, Real WhatsApp Mobile No, Address, Email ID
Name of the Celebrity Ajey Nagar
Ajey Nagar famous name Carryminati
Famous for Roasting the Celebrities
Old Carryminati Phone Number +91 9554898533
  • CarryMinati
  • CarryisLive
  • CarryMinati Productions Official
New Carryminati Phone Number +91 975291XXXX
Years active 2014–present
2nd Carryminati Phone Number +91 798754XXXX
  • Comedy
  • Roasting
  • gaming
  • commentary
  • satire
  • sketches
  • vlog
  • Hip hop
  • 39.1 million (main channel)
  • 51 million (combined)
Total views
  • 3.2 billion (main channel
  • 4 billion (combined)
Network One Digital Entertainment
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Ajey Nagar (Carryminati) Phone Number, Real WhatsApp Mobile No, Address, Email ID: A Sneak Peek

Curious about how to get in touch with Carryminati? Here is a brief overview of his contact details:

Phone Number +91 975291XXXX (Not publicly available)
Real WhatsApp Mobile No N/A (Not publicly available)
Address Faridabad (Not publicly available)
Email ID [email protected] (Not publicly available)

Ajey Nagar (Carryminati)  Real Name 

Who Are Some Popular YouTubers? After posting videos like “Making Money With Bb Ki Vine, I Want A Girl, Roasting Bb Ki Vines,” among others, he became more well-known. Ajey launched the “Carrydeol”-branded YouTube channel in 2014 before rebranding it as “Carryminati” in 2015. Ajey posted a video titled “The Origin Of Spikes” to his Youtube channel on March 31, 2017. This video received 68 K likes and 723 K views.

Name Carry Minati
Real Name Ajey Nagar
Date Of Birth 12 June 1999
Birth Place Faridabad, Haryana
Fathers Name Vivek Nagar

Ajey Nagar (Carryminati) Contact Details

House Address: Faridabad, Haryana, India
Phone Number: Not Known
Email Id [email protected]
WhatsApp Number: Not Known
Residence Address: Faridabad, Haryana, India
Official Website:  Click here
Fax Number:  Not Known
Office Address: Not Known

Note: Sadly, Ajey Nagar’s phone number is not made available to the general public. As a well-known content provider and public figure, he must uphold a certain level of protection and privacy. Even so, he constantly engages with his fans on a number of social media channels where you may still get in touch with him.

Ajey Nagar (Carryminati) Social Media Accounts

Instagram: @carryminati
Twitter: @CarryMinati
Facebook: CarryDeol
YouTube:  CarryMinati – YouTube

Personal Details

Age 21 Years (As of 2020)
Nationality Indian
Hometown Faridabad, Haryana
Educational Qualification 12th Standard 
Address Faridabad, Haryana
Hobbies Playing Video Games
Hair Colour Black
Eye color Black

Videos views

Upload date Video name Views (millions)
5 June 2020 “Yalgaar” 262
5 July 2019 “Tiktok evolution 2019” 59
12 February 2020 “Big Boss Big Boss Big Boss Part 2”
11 September 2018 “Pubg India Life Battle Royale”
17 January 2021 “Vardaan”
1 January 2019 “Bye PewDiePie” 18.2
19 January 2022 “Thara Bhaiiiii”
10 April 2020 “Film The Flare”
23 May 2021 “The land of Big Boss” 10
21 April 2022 “Indian food magic” 33

Is there any alternative way to connect with Carryminati?

Indeed! Carryminati actively engages with his fans through various social media platforms. You can follow him on Instagram, and Twitter, and subscribe to his YouTube channel. These platforms serve as ideal mediums to interact, stay updated, and show support for Carryminati’s content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How can I contact Carryminati via WhatsApp?

Ans. Ajey Nagar’s real WhatsApp mobile number is not disclosed to the public. Like many other celebrities, he prioritizes privacy and ensures a controlled communication environment. Nevertheless, you can engage with Carryminati by following his official accounts on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Q. What address does Carryminati have?

Ans. The public does not have access to Carryminati’s precise address. Ajey Nagar is a well-known online personality who prioritizes his safety and privacy. Privacy invasion and associated security problems might result from the sharing of personal addresses. In order to protect his privacy, it is recommended that you only communicate with him through the authorized channels he has created.

Q. How can I send an email to Carryminati?

Ans. The general public does not have access to Ajey Nagar’s email address. Carryminati’s staff probably manages email contact in order to keep the communication process efficient and successfully handle fan interactions. The official email listed on his social media sites or website should be used to contact his team if you have any business, collaborative, or professional questions.

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