Vedic Theme Park Noida Ticket Price, Booking Online, Ved Van Park Timing, Entry Fee

Vedic Theme Park Noida Ticket Price, Booking Online, Ved Van Park Timing for Laser Show, Entry Fee – Hello dear travelers, Sector 78 is getting popular due to having a Vedic theme park. As the name suggests that this is the first Vedic theme part in India where a glance at the Veda has been shown. This theme is unique and people are attracted. They can not control themself to visit this park. If you want to visit Vedic Theme Park Noida then you should know some information so that you can have the whole view of this park.

In this article, we will flash on Vedic Theme Park Noida Location, Booking, ticket price, entry fee, Laser show timing, etc. If you decide to visit this part then must get all instructions. If you break any rule then you should face problems.

Vedic Theme Park Noida Ticket Price

People need to visit nearby Noida Sector 78 to see this amazing park. According to the sources, it is open to the public. Anyone can visit and have the experience of a newly designed Ved theme park. The whole park cost INR 27 crore. This amount has been spent to give the unbelievable shape and structure. There are 50,000 plants in this park. When you visit, you will feel amazing. People are attracted to this theme not part because it is connected to Sanatan dharma. This is far better than watching a movie in the theater. Vedic theme park beautifully depicts Indian culture and nature’s importance.

Vedic Theme Park Noida Ticket Prices

There are four Vedas (Rig Veda, Atharva Veda, Yajur Veda, and Sama Veda) in Hinduism. The appearance of four Vedas has been presented through Vedic theme parks. In the Laser show, where you will see Rishimuni and Gods. Foreigners can easily understand the Indian culture if they visit this park. To know about Sapt Rishi and their life then this is best to visit. If you want to know all the information related to Vedic Theme Park Noida Ticket Prices, Booking Online, And Timing, then you must read the complete article.

Vedic Theme Park Noida Ticket Price Online Booking – Highlight

Article Vedic Theme Park Noida Ticket Price, Booking Online, Ved Van Park Timing, Entry Fee
Park Name   Vedic Theme Park
Located in Hyde Park
Address Ved Van Rd, Assotech Windsor Court, Sector 78, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201305
Timing Open 9 AM, Closes 9 pm
Official Website Click Here

Ved Van Park Noida Sector 78 Timing

Ved Van is a newly opened park so you can visit it 7 days a week. It means it is open every day. You can visit according to your schedule. You do need to break your schedule. And You can view the laser show if you visit at night. The laser show is the most interesting part of this park.

Vedic Theme Park Location And Address

Most people reach the wrong location and they have to pay high to reach the location. But if you know the address and exact location of Ved Van then you can reach it easily.

Address/Location -Ved Van Road, Assotech Windsor Court, Sector 78, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201305 ·

Vedic Theme Park Noida Ticket Price Today

The main objective of this park is to provide information about Indian culture. People can visit without paying anything because it is free. So ved van park ticket price is zero. It tells more about Vedas and everyone should know about this. That’s why, there is no ticket price or entry fees.

Laser Show Timing Of Vedic Theme Park 2024

It is the most attractive part of the laser show. Whatever you see in the park and get knowledge about it, you can see all this information in the form of a laser show. The time of the laser show starts at 7 PM.

Ved Van Park Noida Nearest Metro Station

The nearest metro station is Sector 101. After reaching this metro station, you need a 5 to 10-minute walk to reach Ved Van. Reaching fast from other metro stations is difficult. If you own a personal vehicle then you can use Google Maps to reach the destination.

I hope, you enjoyed this article and got beneficial information. If you love this article then share it with your friends and go with them to enjoy this park.

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