Fun Blast Ahmedabad Ticket Booking Online 2024, Price List, Entry Fee & Opening Time

Fun Blast Sports Arena is a recreation and entertainment complex located in the Indian city of Ahmedabad. There are numerous gaming and athletic opportunities available for people of all ages. Popular games and activities at Fun Blast Sports Arena include virtual reality games, laser tag, amusement games, and sports simulators such as basketball, football, and golf.

In addition, guests can participate in various planned activities and events, or they may appreciate spending time with friends and family in a light-hearted and enjoyable atmosphere. Because it is equipped with cutting-edge technology and conveniences, the center is an exciting and enjoyable location for anyone interested in various indoor sports and gaming. Check here the complete details of the Funblast Ahmedabad Ticket Booking Online 2024. Also, you will get to know about the Ticket Price List, Entry Fee, And Opening Time.

Fun Blast Ahmedabad Ticket Booking Online

The gaming area is quite appealing and allows you to play various games, including arcade games, video games, and others. Additionally, you can have joy in the gaming area. Additionally, there are always entertaining competitions between family members and acquaintances. People who are interested in athletics discover that go-karting offers them more opportunities for enjoyment. They can participate in the races with miniature motorized vehicles and have a good time. The primary target audience for the go-karting experience is also thrill-seekers.

Fun Blast Ahmedabad Ticket Booking Online

The Fun Blast’s greatest attraction is its indoor amusement park, which offers a vast selection of rides and activities. People can enjoy themselves with their children, relatives, and acquaintances. There are additionally bumper cars, carousels, and roller coasters. Numerous attractions are appropriate for both children and adults. In addition to the restaurant, this location features a food court where visitors can enjoy dining with their families. You will have the opportunity to unwind and then consume meals and snacks. Here you have been provided with complete information about Fun Blast Ahmedabad Ticket Booking Online, Price List, And Opening Time in detail. So stay with the article till the end.

Fun Blast Ahmadabad Tickets Price Booking Offers 2024- Highlights

Article  Fun Blast Ahmedabad Ticket Booking Online 2023, Price List, Entry Fee & Opening Time
Name of the park Fun Blast Ahmedabad
Indoor amusement park Carousels, roller coaster, and bumper car
Gaming Area video games, arcade game
Go- Karting racing in the miniature motorized cars
Ticket Booking Process Online
Opening time 11 am
Closing time 11 pm
Food Court Rest and Enjoy snacks and meals
Contact Number  09586601007
Email ID  [email protected]

Ahmedabad Fun Blast Tickets Purchase

Before we can comprehend the prices of all the available games and entertaining activities at Fun Blast, let’s first examine their pricing structure. For outdoor activities, there is a ticket counter, and for indoor sports, there is a rechargeable card system with a one-year validity period. The card is not required for activities played outdoors. Every outdoor sporting event has ticket booths that spectators can visit. After purchasing the ticket, the only remaining step is to travel to the game of your choosing.

If you are interested in attending the Fun Blast in Ahmedabad, you must purchase your tickets in advance. The trampoline park is appropriate for children as well. In the following section of the article, we will discuss the cost of tickets, the procedure for purchasing tickets, and the opening and closing periods of the amusement park. Please peruse our entire article for more information.

Entry Fees for Fun Blast Ahmadabad

The admission price at Fun Blast Ahmadabad varies based on the attractions visitors choose to experience. The hotel offers several deals and packages for visitors to choose from. You can consult the official website to learn the specifics of ticket pricing and obtain additional details. This section contains all information regarding the admission prices for the different attractions.

Fun Blast Ahmedabad Ticket Price List 2024

You will find plenty to see and do in Fun Blast, GSM includes outdoor and indoor games and family-friendly parks. For which the fee is different. Check the Fun Blast Ahmedabad Ticket Price List here.

Games  Ticket Prices 
Joint Swing Rs.120
Sky Cycling Rs.120
Mini Appu Rs.70
Twin Cycling Rs.120
Merry-Go Round Rs.70
Toy Train Rs.70
Water Melon Rs.70
Mini Wheel Rs.70
Bungee Jumping Rs.100
Gyroscope Ride Rs.120
Zip Line Rs.120
Caterpillar Rs.70
Rocket Injection Rs.120
Water Boat Rs.70
Adventure Zone Rs.120

Fun Blast Ahmedabad Indoor Games Ticket Price

Games List   Ticket Prices List
Trampoline Adult: Rs.400 & Kids: Rs.150 to Rs.250
Bowling Rs.299
Arcade Games Rs.50 to Rs.400
Drop Ball Rs.90
Blizzard Blast Rs.90
Penguin Village Rs.60
Horse Racing Rs.100
Robot Storm Rs.90
Whitekeddy Car Rs.50
Zombie Out Beark Water Rs.90
Sow Of Racer Rs.90
Ferrasu Racing Simulator Change Rs.120
Pal Man Smash Hockey Game Rs.90
Barbie Toy Cketerers Rs.100
Ferrari Racing Simulator(Small) Rs.110
Air Hockey Rs.60
Greater Vf Surround Rs.90
Temple Run 3 Rs.90
Mini Basket Ball Yellow Panda Rs.70
Deep Sea Story Rs.75
Hippo Paradise Rs.50
Super Soldier Rs.50
Kidely Games Rs.50
Virtual Reality (VR) Game Rs.120
Haunted House Rs.100
Bumper Car Rs.120
Lucky Fish Frenzy Rs.90
Fortune Quest Rs.100
Hedower Tecway Rs.50
Human Clow Rs.300
Dashing Car Rs.100
Hunter League Rs.100

Amenities Provided by Funblast Ahmedabad

  • Outdoor and Indoor Games
  • Family-Friendly Park for Children and Seniors
  • A Virtual Reality Amusement Park and a Haunted House
  • There are refreshment carts and a gaming arcade in the city.
  • Multifaceted Fun Park
  • Bungee jumping and trampolining
  • Miniature Amusement Area

At Funblast Ahmedabad, one of the activities is the Zip Line Sky Cycling Game Zone, which features a variety of electronic diversions.

  1. At the Adventure Zone for Kids, there are various amusement attractions, including toy trains. The dining area is located in a haunted mansion.
  2. VR entertainment
  3. Equipment for playgrounds, including a trampoline
  4. Navigating water by watercraft
  5. Marriage cycle
  6. Zone for Bowling, Bungee, and Trampoline Jumping.
  7. Only those 18 and older permitted

Procedure for Fun Blast Ahmedabad Ticket Booking Online 2024

By visiting the official website prior to your visit to Fun Blast Ahmadabad, you will be able to obtain all of the ticket pricing information. Here is the card system that can be reloaded and has a one-year validity period. Using the card, you can partake in and enjoy the game contained within the fun blast.

You can obtain tickets by going to the venue where the event will take place and visiting the ticket counter. Here is where you will receive tickets for the selected contests.

The card is valid only for indoor activities; it cannot be used for any outdoor games. To play the game within the fun explosion, you must first add at least one thousand rupees to your card.

Fun Blast Ahmedabad Contact Number

Contact Number: 09586601007
Email ID: [email protected]

FAQs About Fun Blast Ahmedabad

1. Where can I make an online Fun Blast Ahmedabad ticket reservation?
Ans. You will need to visit Fun Blast to acquire the card.

2. What is Fun Blast’s telephone number?
Ans. Their telephone number is 09586601007.

3. Where is the Fun Blast precisely located?
Ans. Sindhu Bahavan Road, PRL Colony, Ahmedabad, Gujrat – 380058

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