Sky Zone Hyderabad Tickets Price 2024, Online Ticket Booking, Entry Timings

The Sky Zone in Hyderabad is a recreation center. It stands out because it is one of the few free-run courses in all of India. They must adhere to their slogan stringently. It is “A place where we never stop searching for new ways to play.”

The facility offers a variety of amusements and activities. It includes the Freestyle Jump. It consists of the Foam Zone and the Warped Wall, among others. We have mentioned the Sky Zone Hyderabad Tickets Online Booking and Entry Timings.

Sky Zone Hyderabad Online Booking 2024

The activities and time slots are both priced very affordably. The trainers are courteous and friendly. They are present on the premises. This amusement park may be visited with family or friends. But more importantly, it is entirely and completely enjoyable for children.

Sky Zone Hyderabad Tickets Cost 2023, Online Ticket Booking, Entry Timings

They will even arrange events for you. Such as birthday parties, and company parties too. This is where you can have fun. It can be on the course and then celebrated in a room. It is set aside for such occasions. Below, you can check out Sky Zone Hyderabad Tickets Cost 2023, Online Ticket Booking & Entry Timings.

Sky Zone Hyderabad Tickets Price & Entry Timing

S.No Particulars
1 Hour 1 and Half 2 Hours Toddler Jump
1 Regular Days 650 + GST 900 + GST 1000 + GST 500 + GST
2 Peak Days 900 + GST 1250 + GST 1400 + GST 500 + GST

Activities Offered by Sky Zone Trampoline Hyderabad

The following is a selection of some of the activities you can enjoy while visiting Sky Zone: Even the most miniature trampolines can be fun. Now the entire Freestyle Jump section is filled with trampolines. It allows you to vault from trampoline to trampoline. It will enable you to jump from wall to wall!

Foam Zone:

The Foam Zone is a foam-coated trench. It enables you to jump very high. You can perform multiple backflips while in the air without fear of injury. You are free to choose. It is whether to fly or tumble into the Foam Zone when you reach it.

Sky Slam:

Basketball is a terrific sport. It moves quickly and it requires a great deal of physical contact. But what if trampolines are added to the mix? You never know whether or not that will make dunking simpler.

These are walls that are curved to accommodate individuals. It is of varying heights and ages. You must present yourself with a challenge. It is to climb the wall all the way to the summit. The path’s bend is what makes it difficult. It requires you to run uphill and exert exertion.

Warrior Course:

Have you ever witnessed a television game show? It is where contestants had to complete a series of challenging obstacle courses. You will be able to participate. You can compete against your peers. It is to see who can complete the course. It is in the quickest time and sets daily records.

There are other activities. It includes Sky Joust. Here the participants can wrestle in a foam pit and play Ultimate Dodgeball. Also, participants can play dodgeball on a trampoline. It allows them to leap higher. It is higher than in traditional dodgeball. These apps are both available.

Sky Zone Hyderabad Location & Directions

One of the two Sky Zones in Hyderabad is located in the Sarath City Capital Mall in Kondapur. It is situated in the midst of the city. The second Sky Zone happens to be located in Gandipet. It is approximately 23 kilometers distant from the city center. It is accessible via bus. Numerous buses route there. The journey takes about an hour and a half. This transport departs every fifteen minutes.

Sky Zone is anticipated to soon expand to other Indian cities. It features one of the most distinctive open-run courses in India. The ones in Hyderabad provide outstanding service. It gives you the complete value of your money.

The following are some of the available options for reaching Sarath City Capital Mall:

Taxi: It is possible to call a taxi. It is from almost anywhere in the city.

Bus: Whitefield Bus Stop and Kothaguda Bus Stop are the nearest two bus terminals. The walk to Sky Zone takes approximately ten minutes from either bus location.

Guidelines for Sky Zone Hyderabad

  1. The schedule is subject to change. It is based on holidays and other special occasions.
  2. All jumpers are required to sign a waiver of liability. It is regardless of age. It is Before accessing Sky Zone. Underage jumpers are required to have their waivers signed by a parent.
  3. There will be a designated period for infants. It is for those younger than three years old.
  4. Jumpers have access to the open jump. It is During typical business hours.
  5. We cannot guarantee that dodgeball will be available. It is due to capacity restrictions.
  6. Guests must present their genuine college ID card. It is for check-in. It is to be eligible for the College package. It is on Wednesdays.
  7. You must present your original employee identification card at check-in. It is to be eligible for the Corporate Friday bundle.

FAQs on Sky Zone Hyderabad

1. Does Sky Zone have a minimum or maximum age requirement?

Ans. At Sky Zone, visitors of all ages are welcome. Age and size restrictions are in effect at specific attractions. It is to ensure the highest level of visitor safety.

2. Should I purchase my tickets online or at the amusement park?

Ans. It is preferable to register online. It is To avoid waiting in lines and to ensure that your desired jump time is reserved.

3. Do you also supply food and beverages?

Ans. Yes! You can purchase a variety of delicious snacks and refreshing beverages. It is At the Fuel Zone. No outside food may be carried inside.

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