PTC Voice of Punjab Audition 2024 Registration for Upcoming Season, Venue, Judges List

Check details of PTC Voice of Punjab Audition 2024 Registration for the Upcoming Season and the list of Judge’s Venue and times. The auditions for the famous and popular singing reality show Voice of Punjab season 14 have started now, wake up India, open the website, and hurry up to register, singer and show judge Salim announced this news on his social media accounts.

PTC Voice of Punjab Audition 2024

You must be wondering where to register, and how to do it, so don’t be confused at all, you should prepare just to win the hearts of the judges and the audience with your voice, in the article below we have given complete information about the audition. Without wasting time, have a look at the article, and get into the first stage of your dreams.

PTC Voice of Punjab Audition

Voice of Punjab Audition 2024 Registration for Upcoming Season – Overview

Show name Voice of Punjab
Season 14
Year 2024
Show director Lakshman Kumar
Telecast channel PTC Punjabi
Show judges
  • Sachin Ahuja
  • Amar Noori
  • Inderjit Nikku
  • Kaptan Laddi
Language of this show Punjabi
Category Audition
Total running time of the show 1 hour
Audition cities
  • Chandigarh
  • Ludhiana
  • Amritsar
  • Jalandhar
  • Patiala
  • Mohali
  • Bathinda
Winner of last season Kushagar Kalia
Season 14 audition date September 2024
Audition official website Click Here

Features of  PTC Voice of Punjab Audition 2024

  1. Opportunity for Aspiring Singers
  2. Exposure and Recognition
  3. Expert Guidance
  4. Constructive Criticism
  5. Networking Opportunities
  6. A platform for Self-Expression
  7. Competitive Environment
  8. Exposure to Diverse Music Genres
  9. Fan Base and Support
  10. Personal Growth

Voice of Punjab Audition Documents Required

  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • 3 Passport-sized Photographs
  • Age Proof (Original)
  • Talent Portfolio

PTC Voice of Punjab Audition 2024 Registration Process

  1. Registration for PTC Voice of Punjab Audition 2024 can be done online through the official website of PTC Punjabi.
  2. Interested participants can visit the website and fill out the registration form with the required details, including personal information and contact details.
  3. Participants may also need to upload a recent photograph and a video of their singing performance.
  4. Ensure that all the information provided is accurate and complete before submitting the registration form.
  5. The last date for registration will be announced on the official website, so make sure to check regularly for updates.

Voice of Punjab Audition Date and Venue

Number of series Venue Date
1 Chandigarh  
2 Ludhiana 18th September
3 Amritsar 14th September
4 Jalandhar 16th September
5 Patiala  
6 Mohali 22 September
7 Bathinda 20th September

PTC Voice of Punjab 2024 Judges List

Sachin Ahuja Music Director
Amar Noori Singer and actor
Inderjit Nikku Singer
Kaptan Laddi Singer

Voice of Punjab Audition Contact Details

Whatsapp Number 9811757373
Applicant’s Age  18 to 24 years.
App Name PTC Play App
Website Click Here

PTC Voice of Punjab Audition Tips for Auditions

  • Practice and prepare well before the audition. Choose a song that showcases your strengths and suits your vocal range.
  • Pay attention to your stage presence and performance.
  •  Engage with the audience and convey the emotions of the song effectively.
  • Be confident and maintain a positive attitude throughout the audition process.
  • Listen to the judges’ feedback and take it constructively. It will help you improve and grow as a singer.
  • Don’t be discouraged by rejection. Keep working on your skills and try again in future opportunities.

Previous Winners Of  Voice Of Punjab

Seasons Year Winner Name
1 2010 Vinod Kumar and Paramjeet Kaur
2 2011 Ranjit Bawa and Pradeep Singh
3 2012 Anantpal Singh and Nimratpal Kaur
4 2013 Deepesh Rahi
5 2014 Neha Sharma
6 2016 Sonali Dogra
7 2017 Amarjeet Singh
8 2018 Gurkirat Kaur
9 2019 Gaurav Kaundal Bilaspur
10 2020 Bal Khurd

Channels Of Voice Of Punjab 2024

Channel Launched Programming Notes
PTC News 2007 News
PTC Punjabi 2008 GEC
PTC Chak De 2018 Music
PTC Dhol TV 2018 Music Digital only
PTC Punjabi Gold 2019 Music
PTC Music 2019 Music
PTC Simran 2019 Religious

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How can I register for PTC Voice of Punjab Auditions 2024?
Ans. To register for PTC Voice of Punjab Auditions 2024, you must visit the official website, then read the all guidelines and instructions, and after following all the rules do their registration carefully.

Q. Is there an age limit for participating in PTC Voice of Punjab Auditions 2024?
Ans. Yes, there is an age limit are a fix in PTC Voice of Punjab Auditions 2024.

Q. Can I participate in PTC Voice of Punjab Auditions if I am not from Punjab?
Ans. Yes, Definitely you can. Punjab PTC Auditions gives a chance to all talented singers.

Q. Will there be auditions held in multiple cities?
Ans. Yes, PTC Voice of Punjab Auditions usually take place in multiple cities to provide an opportunity for talent from different regions.

Q. Can I participate if I am not from Punjab?
Ans. PTC Voice of Punjab welcomes participants from all over the world, regardless of their place of origin. However, it’s advisable to check the specific eligibility criteria mentioned on the official PTC Voice of Punjab website to ensure you meet all the requirements.

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