Masti Zone Jodhpur 2024 Ticket Booking, Entry Fee/ Price, Timing & Contact Number

Masti Zone Jodhpur 2024 Ticket Booking, Entry Fee/ Price, Timing &
Contact Number:
Greetings, pals! The Masti Zone in Jodhpur is presently attracting a significant number of visitors. Within the Masti zone is the gaming area, where visitors enjoy themselves. It is well-known for its trampoline and other sports it offers. Today you will know about the Masti Zone in Jodhpur. Here you have been provided with all the information about Masti Zone Jodhpur 2024 Ticket Booking, Entry Fee/ Price, Timing, And Contact Number. So read the article carefully till the end.

Masti Zone Jodhpur 2024 Ticket Booking

Masti Zones can be found in Shashtri Nagar, located in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. There are many classic games, and it is the place to play them. This location is frequented by numerous individuals. Players from a variety of games compete in a variety of sports activities at this location. In addition, there are abundant diversions and activities to choose from. Virtual reality games, trampoline arcades, bowling, soft play, bumper cars, 7D, the House of the Dead, bike rides, cricket, and crocket are there. There is also a human wrestling machine. These are just some of the entertainment options. It is available to visitors at Masti Zone Jodhpur.

This location experiences widespread renown throughout Rajasthan. This is due to the accessibility of these amenities. People from regions other than Rajasthan have traveled to this region. Regardless of their individual interests, all enthusiasts utilize the same platform. Through this article, get complete information related to Masti Zone Jodhpur Ticket Booking, Price, And Timing.

Masti Zone Jodhpur Ticket Booking

Masti Zone Jodhpur Ticket Booking- Highlights

Article  Masti Zone Jodhpur 2024 Ticket Booking, Entry Fee/ Price, Timing &  Contact Number
Name of the Park Masti Zone Jodhpur
Situated in Jodhpur
State Rajasthan
Ticket booking process Online
Entry fee Different fees for various activities
Official website Click Here

Where is Masti Zone located?

At the Masti Zone in Jodhpur, there are so many different types of activities. These are available for people of all ages. So many activities are available for small children, adults, and the elderly. Everyone who relishes playing video games will feel at home in this gaming paradise.

The Masti Zone in Jodhpur contains a variety of entertainment venues.

There are three primary entertainment zones within the Masti Zone Jodhpur, each with its own set of activities

Procedure to Masti Zone Jodhpur 2024 Ticket Booking

A few straightforward procedures are involved in reserving tickets for the Jodhpur Masti Zone. You can achieve this by taking the following steps:-

  • The first thing you should do is visit, the official website for Happy Valley Park.
  • Then, on the homepage, select the booking category before clicking “Book now.”
  • In the following field, you can enter the individual’s identification number.
  • Afterward, you must pay the ticket price.
  • You will be able to reserve tickets for any event you wish to attend using this method.

If you choose offline registration, you can pay for the activity and the reservation by proceeding to the counter.

Masti Zone Jodhpur Contact Number

Masti Zone Jodhpur’s telephone number is +917415661566. Its email address is [email protected].

Masti Zone is located in Jodhpur’s Shastri Nagar neighborhood.

FAQs About Masti Zone Jodhpur 2024 Ticket Booking

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Ans. Indeed, some water parks are now operational. They adhere to the government’s essential standards. Water parks are only open for a limited duration. It can only accommodate a certain number of guests at once. It is strongly recommended to check their official website. Do this before making travel arrangements.

2. What is the name of the most well-known and kid-friendly Aquatic Park in Jaipur?
Ans. Jaipur is home to several highly entertaining aquatic parks. Imagica water park, Hotel MaujMahal Water Park & Fun Resort, Angel Resort & Amusement Water Park. There is alsoAppuGhar. This is some of the most family-friendly water parks in Jaipur.

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