Blackpink India Concert 2024 Ticket Price, Online Booking, Venue, Schedule, Timings

Everyone must hear about Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa on the Internet. Let us tell you that these are the members of the South Korean girl group named “Blackpink”. The band Blackpink is made up of female musicians from South Korea. They will get honors during the 2024 Indian Concert which going to be held soon. Blackpink fans in India are eagerly waiting for this concert as India is one of the places where K-pop music is booming now.

They have a performance scheduled for October-November 2024. Blackpink World Tour, which includes stops in a number of countries for concerts and performances, includes this stop in India. So in this article, we’ll bring all the information related to the Blackpink India Concert 2024 Schedule including Ticket Prices, Online Booking, Venue, and Entry Timings. If you want to learn more, kindly go through the complete article below.

Blackpink India Concert 2024 Ticket Price

Many fans of K-pop music are eagerly waiting for the Next Kpop Concert in India and want to be eyewitnesses of the Live Kpop Show. BTS and Blackpink are famous Korean Musical labels known in the K-pop Music Entertainment industry. In the below table, check the key highlights of Blackpink India Concert 2024 Ticket Price, Online Booking, Venue, and Entry Timings, as well as an Overview of the Event;

Blackpink India Concert Ticket Price, Online Booking, Venue, Schedule, Timings

Overview- Blackpink India Concert 2024 Ticket Price Booking Online

Article Title Blackpink India Concert 2024 Ticket Price, Online Booking, Venue, Entry Timings
Name of Band BLACKPINK (Girl Group of the K-Pop)
Concert Type World Tour (Bornpink)
Blackpink Tour 2024 Locations India (Not Confirmed)
Starting from October-November 2024
Concert Schedule Click Here
BLACKPINK Concert Date Starting from October 2024
Name of the album Pink Venom
Second Album Name Born Pink
World Tour 2024 ticket sale September 2024

Blackpink Concert Ticket Price in India

Blackpink launched their world tour, and it was not long before they performed in India. This has already been disclosed. The Blackpink is a girl ensemble from South Korea that performs pop music. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa are the remaining members of this ensemble. Following the publication of their studio album Born Pink, they announced an upcoming India tour. You can now purchase BLACKPINK Live Show tickets by consulting the below schedule, which includes venue and seating information.

Recently, Blackpink announced that they will embark on a World Tour supporting their new album, requiring them to travel to numerous countries. They will only travel to seven cities in North America, including Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Hamilton, Chicago, and Newark, but not Los Angeles. If you want to join Blackpink’s upcoming concert, you will have the chance to travel to many countries, including New Zealand. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Auckland, London, Etc. To know how to book tickets and how much cost it takes to attend Blackpink Concept in India 2024, you should read this article further.

Blackpink Concert Online Ticket Reservations In India 2024

Let us tell you that Online Ticket Reservations are now available for the 2024 Blackpink Concert in India. To acquire a ticket online for Blackpink’s 2024 concert and global tour, check the below section;

  1. Popular music ensemble Blackpink was the target of the YG Diversion.
  2. This South Korean Young female pop music group comprises four young women: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa.
  3. Following the publication of their album Born Pink, Blackpink has just announced that their 2024 world tour will commence.
  4. They perform their Born Pink world tour in numerous countries.
  5. The Blackpink received the RIAA certification for their 2018 single “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,” and the ARIA Singles Outlines for “Pink Toxin.” BLACKPINK consistently releases music that tops the charts and breaks world records with their performances.

Procedure for Blackpink India Concert 2024 Ticket Booking Online

The following actions must be taken to reserve tickets for Blackpink India Concert 2024. Also, check the World Tour Ticket Price, Online Booking, Venue, Entry Timings, etc.

  1. To acquire concert tickets for one of Blackpink’s performances, visit their official website.
  2. You may also access the website via the link
  3. Your browser will now open to the homepage of the website. There are three possible methods for purchasing a ticket.
  4. We will also provide you with a direct link to the event once the location and venue have been announced.
  5. Now accessible is a list of venue tickets. Choose the location and the location of the event.
  6. Choose the number of tour tickets for the upcoming event that you wish to reserve.
  7. After that, to purchase a ticket, payment will be required.
  8. Downloading the ticket is all that’s left to do before you can begin your concert excursion.

Cost of Concert Tickets for BLACKPINK’s 2024 World Tour

As previously discussed, the Blackpink concert will feature a range of ticket prices. The black and pink concert tickets vary slightly between venues. If the concert is held in the United States, attendees can anticipate an experience distinct from those held in London. It is highly distinctive compared to other nations. The price of a ticket is determined by both Auditorium rules and national regulations.

Here check the Blackpink’s India Concert Ticket Costs for their World Tour 2023;

  1. As everyone knows, Blackpink is currently planning a world tour during which they will perform a concert.
  2. In recent years, they have been employed in London.
  3. Every single performance on the world tour takes place in New Zealand. Auckland, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, etc.
  4. However, there are currently no updates regarding the Indian Concert.
  5. Consequently, we will now provide an estimate of how much it will cost to attend the most fundamental concert in each country.

FAQs about Blackpink India Concert 2024

Q.1 Could Blackpink potentially visit India in 2024?

  • Blackpink will not perform a concert in India in 2024 as of this moment. I sincerely expect that they will perform in India in the near future.

Q.2 Could Blackpink potentially perform in Malaysia in 2024?

  • Blackpink will perform in Malaysia on March 4, 2024, at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, so your query is correct.

Q.3 Will Blackpink visit Taiwan in 2024?

  • The answer is affirmative, as Black Pink will perform in Taiwan on March 18 and 19, 2024. The group will perform in the city of Kaohsiung. The concert will take place in the National Stadium.
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