Who is the World’s Most Popular Moto Vlogger, Also Known as UK07 Rider?

Hello, a very welcome to all readers who are regularly reading our page which is motivating us. So, most people ask who is moto vlogger and what it does. Actually moto vlogger is a person who travels with his motorbike and carries all the necessary things, in this generation moto vloggers get their selves viral by using some social media or other popular platforms.

So in this article, we will tell you information about Moto vloggers such as “Who is the World’s Most Popular Moto Vlogger?” Also known as UK07 Rider? And “Top Five Most Popular Vloggers in the World”. To know the full list, you should read this article ahead.

Who is the World’s Most Popular Moto Vlogger?

In this generation, people are coming up with many new ideas and showing their selves on camera so that they go viral selves moto vlogging is something like moto vloggers traveling all the beautiful places where everyone should go they tell how awesome memories they have experienced by their videos storytelling and the content of their videos by a camera to people.

They are also awarded by some platforms for announcing who is the most popular moto vlogger in the world. Recently, a piece of news has come about the world’s number one moto vlogger. UK07 Rider aka Anurag Dhobal has become the world’s most popular moto vlogger. His content about moto vlogging is amazing and natural which is why he is loved by millions of people.

Most Popular Moto Vloggers in the World 2024 – Overview

Topic About World’s Most Popular Moto Vlogger
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Who is UK07 Rider Anurag Dhobal
UK07 Rider Gf Savya Rides
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 Top 5 World’s Most Popular Moto Vloggers 2024

Moto Vlogger Real Name Youtube Channel Youtube Subscribers Nationality
The UK07 Rider Anurag Dhobal The UK07 Rider 7.16M Indian
Mumbiker Nikhil Nikhil Sharma Mumbiker Nikhil 4.05M Indian
MSK Vlogs Mohammad slim khan MSK Vlogs 1.74M Indian
Royal Jordanian Hidden Royal Jordanian 1.51M Jordan
Itchy Boots Noraly Schoenmaker Itchy Boots 1.8M Netherlands

List of Most Popular Moto Vloggers in the World

Here we will talk about the top 5 most popular mot vlogger in the world most of them come from India moreover you will know what kinds of things a moto vlogger do or go for traveling and where they belong so let’s start.

1. The UK07 Rider

The UK07 Rider’s Real name is Anura Dhobhal who was born in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India, and lives in Mumbai. Anurag Dhobhal is the world’s no 1 moto vlogger because of his beautiful content, natural, and challenging moto vloginging. Currently, he has a 7.74 million YouTube subscriber family fanbase which you can think how big achievement for him.

Recently, he won the best vlogger of the Year award moreover if I talk about his travel journey then he has traveled to very challenging and dangerous places as per my research he has traveled from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Leh to Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Nepal, and Bhutan and many other exiting journeys which you can see in his youtube channel.

The UK07 Rider aka Anurag Dobal

2. Mumbiker Nikhil

Mumbiker Nikhil’s real name is Nikhil Sharma he also has a large fan base his moto vlogging is especially different from anyone his enthusiasm for motorcycles is evident in his every video. That is why he takes challenging, heart-beatable, dangerous route to explore and make it done to his viewers perfectly through this much hard work Mubiker Nikhil has now, become the # No. 2 moto vlogger in India Besides this he has 4.05 million subscribers on his YouTube channel currently.

Mumbiker Nikhil

3. MSK Vlog

Mohammed Salim Khan is known as MSK Vlog he is very passionate about motorcycling and has over 1.74 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. MSK Hyderabad takes his viewers on exhilarating motorcycle journeys to show his passion for motorcycles and exploration with his creative and proficient driving. He shows in his moto vlogging channel solo journeys, group adventures, travel experiences, and many other things.

MSK Vlog -

4. Royal Jordanian

Royal Jordanian was born in Jordan and Currently lives in the United Kingdom, Most people seek fame but what if it comes to you unbidden and you neither want nor need financial rewards? The story of this moto vlogger is called Royal Jordanian a man with no face and no real name just a helmet. He unintentionally became a motovlogging star, he posted his first video of his bike riding on YouTube just to show his mother his riding skill before his mom but he came up with an unexpected reward from then he is vlogging daily.

Currently, he has 1.51 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and an enormous fan following. However, he has decided that he will never disclose his face in his vlogging.

Royal Jordanian

5. Itchy Boots

Itchy Boots’s real name is Noraly Schoenmaker she is a duch girl and does all her vlogging by herself solo she presents very well-mannered content on her Vlogging channel she has 1.8M subscribers on her channel. As I said she is a solo female traveler on her motorbike she is on a mission that she will travel all over the world with her motorbike. Therefore she had started her channel itchy boots.

Most Beautiful Moto Vlogers

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