WB Prochesta Scheme 2023 Application Form, Status Check

West Bengal State Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has announced a new scheme that will benefit all the residents of Bengal State, mainly daily wage workers who are not able to earn their livelihood due to the lockdown for the betterment of the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has locked down the entire country amid the fear of Coronavirus. In today’s article, we will share with you all the information about the West Bengal Prochesta Scheme.

WB Prochesta Scheme 2023

In today’s post, we are sharing with you all the information regarding the West Bengal Prochesta Prakalpa Application Form Online 2023 Scheme. Dear applicants refer to this page for procedures related to registration, application form, and benefits of the West Bengal Prochesta Scheme. The West Bengal government is providing the help that the residents of the state always need such as the daily wage workers of the state.

WB Prochesta Scheme Application Form

Prochesta is a public welfare Scheme. This Scheme has been launched with the aim of providing financial assistance to the people financially affected by the Corona pandemic. The Chief Minister of the state of West Bengal has also announced a package of 1000 rupees for all the workers. Since a large number of people are getting infected, the Chief Minister of the state has urged the citizens of the state to stay indoors and cooperate with the administration during the lockdown. Below, you can check about WB Prochesta Scheme 2023 Apply Online.

WB Prochesta Scheme 2023 Application Form Online – Overview


Benefits of West Bengal Prochesta Scheme 2023

Many benefits will be provided through the schemes launched by the Chief Minister of West Bengal State, Mamta Banerjee which are as follows:-

  1. Mainly daily wage earners of West Bengal will get benefits through Prochesta Scheme.
  2. Financial assistance of one thousand rupees will be given to private employees working in the unorganized sector.
  3. Under this scheme, the Chief Minister announced that he would give 2 rupees of rice free of cost at the Corona airport.
  4. A State Emergency Relief Fund is also being created to help Corona, through which the citizens of West Bengal will also benefit.
  5. The attendance rate of private employees has been reduced to at least 5 percent.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Those who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus will be able to apply for this Scheme. Only those who have become really unemployed due to the ongoing crisis will be able to apply for this Scheme.
  • The person must be the only working person in the family. That is, if any other member of the applicant’s family is working, he will not be covered under this scheme.
  • Only one person from a family can apply under this scheme. If any other member of the family applies, the person will not be considered eligible.
  • The person must be a permanent resident of West Bengal to apply for the Scheme. Those who are not permanent residents of West Bengal will not be considered eligible for the Scheme.
  • If the applicant is covered under any other scheme or pension run by the State Government of West Bengal, he/she will not be eligible for this scheme.
  • If the applicant has applied for this scheme ‘Work for 100 days, he/she will not be able to apply under this scheme.
  • No farmer will be considered eligible for this Scheme. That is, no person making a living by farming will be able to apply for the Scheme.

West Bengal Prochesta Scheme Key Objectives

The main objective of the West Bengal Prochesta Scheme started by Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is to help daily wage workers. Through this scheme, all those daily wage workers will be benefited who have not been able to get a salary during the time of corona transition.

The lockdown has been imposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi due to the increasing corona infection in the country. Due to this lockdown, the laborers are not able to work for their livelihood. In view of this, financial assistance is being given by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee by giving ₹ 1000 through the Prochesta scheme

WB Prochesta Scheme Application Form

Interested applicants can apply for the scheme offline or through the official website. In order to apply, you need to follow the required steps given below. Interested applicants can also apply for the scheme by getting a free Application Form.

  1. Office of District Magistrate or offices designated by the District magistrate
  2. Office of Commissioner of Kolkata Municipal corporation
  3. From there you have to take an application form, In that application form, you will have to provide details like-
    • Applicant’s name,
    • Father’s Name,
    • Gender,
    • Date of Birth,
    • Age,
    • Voter ID Number,
    • Ration Card Number,
    • Aadhar Card Number,
    • District, Assembly,
    • Area,
    • GP/Ward No,
    • House/Premises,
    • Dak Bungalow,
    • Police Station SDR,
    • Mobile Number,
    • Bank Account Details
  4. The details of all the above-mentioned information have to be entered in the form.
  5. With this, you need to paste your recently clicked passport-size image.
  6. After that, read the declaration form and sign the application form.
  7. Now you have to submit this form in the same office from where you took the form.

Important Links

DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM https://wb.gov.in/upload/MCLNEWS-200420181145543.pdf
OFFICIAL WEBSITE https://wb.gov.in/


In how many states will this scheme be implemented?

This scheme is implemented only in West Bengal.

The application process for this scheme?

This scheme has an offline process for applying.

What are the benefits of this scheme?

This scheme will give 1000 Rupees.

What is the objective of this scheme?

This scheme aims to help the COVID-19 crisis.

Who launched this scheme?

This scheme was launched by Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee.

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