Vikas Malu Net Worth 2023: Owner of Kuber Group, Turnover, Shareholdings, Income

Vikas Malu Net Worth 2023 (Owner of Kuber Group), Turnover, Shareholdings, Income:- If you belong to the Indian business world, you are surely aware of the owner of the Kuber group. Kuber group is a very famous industry in Tabcaoo Products. Vikas Malu is the owner of it and He takes pride in providing the best product to their customer. He has been a very talented and hardworking person over the years. To know more about Vikas Malu’s Net Worth including His Salary, Kuber Group Turnover, Shareholdings, and Monthly Income, keep on reading this article ahead.

Vikas Malu’s Net Worth

We mainly focus on Vikas Malu’s net worth in 2023 in the article. Also, you will get other important information about Vikas Malu’s Bio, his company Kuber Group “Kuber Grains & Spices Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi” and many more. So read the complete information about businessman Vikas Manu’s Personal Life.

Vikas Malu Net Worth - Owner of Kuber Group, Turnover, Shareholdings, Income

Article Title

  • Vikas Malu Net Worth 2023
  • Owner of Kuber Group, Turnover, Shareholdings, Income

Personality Name

Vikas Malu

Owner of

Kuber group

Birth date of vikas malu

15th April 1974

Age of Vikas Malu

49 years old

Parents of vikas malu

  • Father name: Mul Chand Malu
  • Mother name: Mrs. Malu

Net worth of vikas malu

Approximately 500 crore rupees ($60 million)

Physical Appearance

  • Height: 5 feet 8 inch
  • Weight: approx. 86 kg

Vikas Malu Bio & Persoanl Life

As many people know Vikas Manu is a very famous and hardworking personality in the Indian business world. He always looks for great opportunities to help him reach higher in the number group. Kuber group is a very popular industry. Many people loved their products.

Vikas Manu was born on 15 April 1974. So, Vikas Manu is 48 years old as of 2023 year. He completed his education in a local school. There is no education qualification information declared about Vikas Manu. Once, he only announced that he joined the Kuber group after completing his education.

He took responsibility as director and owner of the Kuber group in 1993. Now, the user group business is spread in more than 50 countries. And there are 45 industries established under the Kuber group. Read the following information regarding the Kuber group and explore the famous business personality Vikas Malu worldwide.

Vikas Malu Family (Wife, Children, Parents)

Let us tell you that Vikas Manu belongs to a business family. His father’s name is Mulchad Malu. He was the creator of the user group. Her mother is Mrs. Malu. There are no professional details announced about Vikas man’s mother. Vikas Manu married a beautiful girl after his graduation. However, his married life was unhappy, and he divorced his wife. Then, he again married his girlfriend, Saanvi. Saanvi is the second wife. Now, they are blessed with two cute princesses.

Their first daughter’s name is Amal Malu, and their little daughter’s is Sukriti Malu. Currently, they are studying. It is said that they also have one son. There is no official announcement declared about Vikas Malu’s son.

Who is Vikas Malu? Kuber Group Director Accident News

Owner of a Kubar Group (Turnover, Shareholdings, Income)

Kuber group was established in 1985. Late mul chand malu was created in the Kuber group industry. He was a very thoughtful and creative person. After his death, his son Vikas Manu took responsibility. Now, Vikas Manu is the owner and director of the user group.

His progress runs the rubber industry. He collaborates with many national and international companies. He is a multiverse person who starts as an employee in a number group. Firstly, he learned the rules and regulations and then became a director of the user group.

1) Net Worth of Vikas Malu

Vikas Manu mostly earned his income from the Kuber grain industry. His net worth is approximately 500 crore Indian rupees. He is one of the best Indian businessmen spreading his business worldwide. Vikas manu don’t like social media. He is always active on his social media accounts. He is not interested in posting his daily activities on social media. So, he is not getting any income from the social media networks. He only gets his money from the Kuber group industry.

2) Vikas Malu Shareholdings 

Vikas Manu currently invests in three types of stock. The first one is Machine Plastic Ltd. The price is 153.60 rupee as per current market value. He has 224,490 quantity of this stock. After that, he has Bheema Cement Ltd stock, whose price is 30.90 rupees. vikas malu has 871,59 stock of bheema cement ltd.

At last vikas malu has PFL InfoTech ltd. Stock. Its price is approximately 3.67 rupees. He has 141,000 quantities of this stock. So, Vikas has a countless shareholding. He made his name bright all across the world. The Kuber Group industry provides products in more than 50 countries. It is a proud moment for our nation and only possible with Vikas Manu.

3) Kuber Group Turnover

Kuber Group is a very famous name in the Indian business world. The business turnover is always in high number. The latest turnover of the Kuber group was o.80 crore Indian rupees. It is based on standalone.

Kuber group income is approximately 0.17 crore, which will profit approximately 0.03 crore Indian rupee. Vikas Malu is hardworking and always tries to keep his industry at the top.

FAQs about Vikas Malu Net Worth, Salary

Q.1 Who is Vikas Malu?

  • Vikas Malu is a very famous Indian businessman. He has many achievements in the Indian business world. He is the director of the user group.

Q.2 Is Vikas Manu married?

  • Yes, Vikas Malu is married. He is married to Saanvi Malu. And they have two beautiful girl’s children.

Q.3 Who was the previous owner of the Kuber group?

  • Vikas Malu’s father was the previous owner of the Kuber group. His name is Mul Chand Malu. He is a very workaholic and energetic person. After his death, Vikas Malu played the role of director and owner in the Kuber group industry.

Q.5 What is the net worth of Vikas Malu?

  • Vikas Malu’s net worth is always in high numbers. His net worth is approximately 500 crore rupees. He gets the income from the user group.

Q.5 Does Vikas Malu love cars or bikes? Does he own it?

  • Vikas Malu mostly loves cars. He has a collection of luxurious cars. He owns six Roll-Royce cars. He is also very popular because of his luxurious car collection.
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