Top 15 Richest Korean Actresses in the World 2024, List of Richest Korean Actresses

Top 15 Richest Korean Actresses in the World 2024, List of Richest Korean Actresses: The Korean actresses have multiple talents and many of them worked in the dramas which became so popular. Many of them are recognized in popular dramas. Their financial success got impacted because of agreements and successful movie productions. Audiences were also attracted to these actresses due to their outstanding performances. Below, you can check here the Top 15 Richest Korean Actresses in the World 2024, List of Richest Korean Actresses.

Top 15 Richest Korean Actresses in the World 2023

Top 15 Richest Korean Actresses in the World 2024

Name of the Actresses Net Worth in Million Dollars
IU 40
Lee Young-ae 40
Bae Suzy 35
Park Bo Young 30
Ha Ji Won 30
Song Hye-Kyo 25
Kim Tae-hee – 16
Jun Ji-Hyun 15
Choi Ji-woo 15
Gong Hyo-Jin 15
Kim So-Yеon 10
Park Shin-Hye 8
Kim Yoo-Jung 6
Han Hyo-Joo 3
Shin Min A 2
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List of Richest Korean Actresses 2024 (Updated)

Let us return to the topic of Top 15 Richest Korean Actresses in the World 2024, List of Richest Korean Actresses:

1) IU (Net Worth:- $40 million)


IU is popular for her music and she has shown her interest and talent in acting. Because of her popularity and acting, she has become a Korean rich person.

2) Lee Young-ae (Net Worth:- $40 million)

Lee Young-ae

Lee Young-aе is an actress who is popular for her roles. She has gained multiple awards for her work. Her roles are very attractive. She was appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador by UNICEF. She was a popular actress in South Korea. Also, she took many efforts for charity work.

3) Bae Suzy (Net Worth:- $35 Million)

Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy started her career and became a member of the Girl Group Miss A. Baye Suzy recognized her ability of singing and acting. She was acting in a drama series named Dream High and she became popular from that show. She was identified for her beauty.

4) Park Bo Young (Net Worth:- $30 Million)

Park Bo Young

Park Bo-Young, a popular actress who was identified for her acting and personality. She was also performing in dramas for particular roles which made her financial growth.

5) Ha Ji Won (Net Worth:- $30 Million)

Ha Ji Won

Ha Ji Won is the richest and most famous actress who is popular in the film industry and also won several awards and she is also popular for her dramas.

6) Song Hye-Kyo (Net Worth:- $25 million)

Song Hye-Kyo

Song was popular for her roles in the dramas. Audiences are attracted towards acting and beauty skills all over the globe which made her the top star. Song Hye-Kyo went into the film industry and was part of popular films. She also worked in the dramas like Full House, and My Heart and also worked in the films like “The Grandmaster”, “And Hwang Jin Yi”.

7) Kim Tae-hee (Net Worth:- $16 Million)

Kim Tae-hee

Kim Tae-Hee is one of the richest Korean actresses. She is identified with an attractive look and entered the beauty field. She became popular in the show like “My Princess.”  And she is also popular for her skills.

8) Jun Ji-Hyun (Net Worth:- $15 Million)

Jun Ji-Hyun

Jun Ji-Hyun is an actress who is popular for her talent. She is also popular for her look. And she has a net value of $15 million. Also, she was popular at the international level. She was recognized in a romantic comedy movie named “My Sassy Girl” which became a cultural phenomenon in South Korea. Jun Ji-Hyun got a big success in modeling.

9) Choi Ji-woo (Net Worth:- $15 Million)

Choi Ji-woo

Choi Ji-Woo is one of the actresses who became quickly popular in the drama named “Winter Sonata.” She is the early pioneer of the Hallyu Wave. Her fan popularity and many things are a major role in her financial success.

10) Gong Hyo-Jin (Net Worth:- $15 Millon)

Gong Hyo-Jin

Gong Hyo-Jin is identified for her acting abilities. She has won many awards for her wonderful performances. Her status was established as the highest-paid actress for her roles. She also has extraordinary skills. She worked in the dramas like “That’s Love”, “It’s Okay” and “Master’s Sun”.

11) Kim So-Yеon (Net Worth:- $10 Million)

Kim So-Yеon

The performances of Kim So-Yeon were so good that the audience was captured by her performances. She also worked in “All About Eve”. Moreover, she also expressed her acting skills and opened multiple opportunities in the field of entertainment. She was doing wonderful performances in the dramas which showcased her talent.

12) Park Shin-Hye (Net Worth:- $8 Million)

Park Shin-Hye

Park Shin-Hye was a popular actress. She was also interested as a singer and she is popular for her personality and multiple talents. She has a net value of $8 million. To express her singing skills, she has published many successful original soundtracks for dramas. She worked in many films and dramas.

13) Kim Yoo-Jung (Net Worth:- $6 Million)

Kim Yoo-Jung

Kim Yoo-Jung is a well-known South Korean actress. She got popular as an early character and moved on to perform so in different TV dramas and films. Amongst its notable works are Moon Embracing the Sun, Love in the Moonlight, Clean with Passion for Now, and Backstreet Rookie. She is well-known for her acting abilities.

14) Shin Min A (Net Worth:- $2 Million)

Shin Min A

Shin Min-A is popular for her beauty. The audiences are attracted to the acting skills of Shin Min-a. Through the drama, she became one of the top actresses. Her net worth was impacted by agreements. She has showcased her wonderful performance in a drama named “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”.

15) Han Hyo-Joo (Net Worth:- $3 Million)

Han Hyo-Joo

Han Hyo-Joo is popular for her beauty and talent. Audiences are attracted to her beauty over the globe. Her financial success was impacted by movie projects and sponsors. She has shown outstanding performance in the dramas. She worked in the dramas like “Shining Inheritance” and “W”.

FAQs on Top 15 Richest Korean Actresses

Who is thе richеst Korеan actrеss in 2024?

Thе richеst Korеan actrеss in 2024 is Baе Suzy, who has еstablishеd hеrsеlf as onе of thе highеst-paid actrеssеs in thе industry.

Which Korеan actrеss has gainеd intеrnational famе?

Song Hyе-Kyo has gained international famе with hеr еxcеptional acting skills and roles in popular dramas.

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