Top 10 Richest Person in Asia 2024: List of Richest Men in Asia with Net Worth, Business Model

Top 10 Richest Person in Asia 2024: List of Richest Men in Asia with Net Worth, Business Model: Because of its strong economy and quick technology breakthroughs, Asia remains a hotbed for corporate success. The following article lists the top ten Asians in 2024. This list includes some facts about their success as well as the extraordinary business tactics that have propelled them to previously unheard-of levels of wealth. Let’s Continue to the topic of Top 10 Richest Person in Asia 2024: List of Richest Men in Asia with Net Worth, Business Model.

Top 10 Richest Person in Asia

Top 10 Richest Person in Asia 2024

Rank & Name Net Worth (in USD Billions) Country
1 Mukesh Ambani 95.6 (79,41,50,15,60,000INR) India
2 Zhong Shanshan 62.2 China
3 Gautam Adani 56.1 India
4 Zhang Yiming 39.1 China
5 Li Ka-shing 37.8 Hong Kong
6 Ma Huateng 35.3 China
7 Tadashi Yanai and Family 35.3 Japan
8 Colin Zheng Huang 34.8 China
9 William Ding 32.3 China
10 Zeng Robin 30.9 Hong Kong

List of Richest Men in Asia with Net Worth, Business Model:

1. Mukesh Ambani Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani is the Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). India’s largest private firm is active in petrochemicals, refining, oil exploration, and production, which has seen increased interest in retail and telecom services via the Jio platform. His imaginative approach and unique digital methods have transformed the Indian consumer situation.

2 Zhong Shanshan (Net Worth: $62.2 billion)

Zhong Shanshan

Zhong Shanshan’s business ventures in the healthcare industry are mostly responsible for his climb to wealth. He has made important contributions to improving public health while generating sizable personal riches as the founder of Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy EnterpriseCo., Ltd. and Nongfu Spring, China’s top bottled water company and a key COVID-19 vaccine customer.

  • Net worth: $62.7 billion
  • Source: Beverages, pharmaceuticals, self-made
  • Age: 68
  • Residence: Hangzhou, China
  • Citizenship: China

3 Gautam Adani (Net Worth: $64.2 billion) Gautam Adani

Gautam Adani leads the Adani Group, an empire with interests gauging anchorages, logistics, power generation, and transmission structure systems across India. Through strategic accessions and investments in green energy enterprises like solar power granges and electric vehicle structure development – he has surfaced as one of India’s most influential businesses.

4. Zhang Yiming

Zhang Yiming

Zhang Yiming, the mastermind behind BuzzNet, has ended up one of Asia’s wealthiest marketers, with a net well worth of an impressive US$45 billion. Buzznet is a recreation-changing social media platform that makes a specialty of personalized content material recommendations through the usage of superior AI and machine learning algorithms.

This unique approach has driven a rapid boom. Buzznet has also converted content material introduction, empowering creators to understand their target market better and monetize their content through numerous channels. Zhang Yiming’s imaginative and prescient of fostering a connected global network have made BuzzNet a worldwide achievement tale, bridging cultural gaps and galvanizing entrepreneurs globally.

5. Pony Ma Huateng

Pony Ma Huateng

Pony Ma Huateng is hailed as one of China’s tech settlers who founded Tencent Effects. Limited- a transnational empire famed for its social media platform WeChat. Along with significant investments in gaming, online entertainment, fintech, and artificial intelligence. His capability to understand consumer requirements while staking on arising technologies has propelled him into the species of Asia’s flush individualities.

6. Li Ka-Shing

Li Ka-Shing

Through his investments in electricity, telecommunications, retail, and other regions. Lee Ka-Shing referred to as the “superman” of Hong Kong, accumulated a huge fortune. Thanks to his potential to are expecting market developments and make prudent investments. He appears as considered one of Asia’s top businesspeople.

7.  Tadashi Yanai and Family

Masayoshi Son

  • Net worth: $34.4 billion
  • Source: Fashion retail, self-made
  • Age: 74
  • Residence: Tokyo, Japan
  • Citizenship: Japan

8. Colin Zheng Huang

Jack Ma

Alibaba Group Holding Limited, led by Jack Ma, has become synonymous with global e-commerce domination, not only in China. He has altered the way businesses go digital. While amassing billions of dollars by revolutionizing the online shopping experience through platforms. Such as Taobao and Tmall and foraying into cloud computing infrastructure with Alibaba Cloud.

9. William Ding

  • Net worth: $33.6 billion
  • Source: E-commerce
  • Age: 43
  • Residence: Shanghai, China
  • Citizenship: China

10. Zeng Robin


  • Who will be Asia’s wealthiest person in 2024?

The title of Asia’s wealthiest person for 2024 belongs to Mukesh Ambani

  • What is the net worth of Li Ka -Shing?

The net worth of Li Ka Shing is $37.7 billion.

  • Who is the richest woman?

Yang Huiyan is the richest woman.

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