Taste of Vadodara 2024 Tickets Price, Online Booking, Entry Timing & Schedule

Most individuals are aware that the Taste of Vadodara is one type of Food Festival. It is the world’s longest food festival. It will begin in May 2024. Most of the people waited for this festival. If you’re excited and want to attend this super exciting and fabulous festival, this article is for you.

Taste of Vadodara 2024 Tickets Price

If you learn more about this festival, this article gives you all the information regarding the taste of the Vadodara festival. This article provides Information about the festival ticket cost, venue, entry timing, schedule, and much more. Read this article from beginning to end carefully, so you will understand all the details.

This article also gives you information regarding its events. So, you can easily think about which day you have to go. So, book your tickets right away. Don’t miss this festival’s DJ night, Garba night, live concert, and many more. So, book your tickets right away. Don’t miss this festival’s DJ night, Garba night, live concert, and many more. If you want to know all the information related to Taste of Vadodara ticket prices, Booking, And Timing, then you must read the complete article.

Taste of Vadodara Tickets Prices

Taste of Vadodara Tickets Prices, Booking- Highlights

Festival Name  Taste of Vadodara
Festival type  Food Festival
Presenter of the festival  Mr. Shyamal sheth
Starting date  May 2024
Last date   June 2024
Founder name   Swapan Prajapati
location   Vadodara
State  Gujarat
Email address    [email protected]

About the taste of the Vadodara food festival

Shyamal Sheth manages and presents Taste of Vadodara. It is the world’s longest food festival. And it is the top music festival. Swapan Prajapati is the creator and designer of the taste of Vadodara. This food festival is being held for the third time.

The Taste Vadodara Food Festival’s dates kept changing due to the COVID-19 epidemic. But it finally began in May and ran until June.

This is 30 days of the festival. And it will conclude in 2024. Performers from all over India will take part in this festival. You will get the chance to taste a variety of cuisines and flavors in one location. As the name implies, Vadodara City offers a taste of every meal served in the state. You can purchase tickets for this taste of Vadodara food festival online.

Taste of Vadodara 2024 Ticket Prices

Taste of Vadodara has different ticket prices on different days. Every guest who wants to attend this food festival can come anytime. But the most important thing is having a ticket. Without a ticket, you are not able to enter this festival.

There is a different price for different days. If you come on 5th or 6th June, you must pay 300 rupees per person ticket. To attend this food festival on May 14, you must pay 500 rupees per person.

On this day, you can buy a VVIP Ticket, which is 3000 rupees per person. If you buy VIP tickets, you have to pay 200 rupees per day. And the fan club ticket cost is 100 rupees only. And in the remaining days, the ticket price for a taste of Vadodara is only 200 rupees.

Taste of Vadodara Festival Schedule

Live performances take place on specific dates. Its schedule is provided below. This schedule allows you to view those dates and the singers’ performances.

Date of event

Performer artist name

On 5th May

Rito riba live concert

On 6th May 2023

Umesh Barot’s live concert

7th date of May

Parashara band live concert

8th May 2023

Carnival dance

On 9th May

Russian act

10th May 2023

DJ night

11th May 2023

Antaranga- spiritual rock band live concet

12th May 2023

DJ Shimpi Sharma’s live concert

13th May 2023

Sachin Jigar’s live band

14th May 2023

Carnival dances

15th May 2023

Russian act

16th May 2023


17th May 2023


18th May 2023

Tarang the band live concert

19th May

Sagar wali qawali

20th May

Techno night

21st May

Srushti Tawde

22nd May

DJ night

23rd May

DJ Rhea’s live concert

24th May

Russian act

25th May

Stuti vora

26th May

Garba night

27th May

The yellow diary

30th, May 2023

HIP HOP dances

Last day of May 2023

Fashion shows

1st day of June 2023

Award ceremony

2nd June 2023

Sponsor day

3rd June 2023

DJ Teri Mako’s concert

4th June 2023

Surprise international artists

This is the 30-day schedule of Taste of Vadodara. Now book a ticket for the day where you want to go.

Note:- The schedule of the Test of Vadodara 2024 has not been released yet. Will update you as soon as the schedule is released.

Book a Ticket for a Taste of Vadodara

Taste of Vadodara is the longest food festival in the world. So many foody people want to go to this festival. This food festival started on 6th May 2024. You must book a ticket for this festival if you want to go.

There are three ways to book a ticket for a taste of Vadodra.

  • By booking number
  • By website
  •  By an app

By booking number: If you want to book tickets for Taste of Vadodara, you can book your tickets through the following numbers.

  1. 8000565555
  2. 9723005061
  3. 9723005062
  4. 7779062000

You have to call this number. Provide some details, and you are done.

By Website: You have to go to the official website of the Taste of Vadodara. Its official website is tasteofvadodara.com. Here you will get the “book ticket” option. Click this option. Provide the necessary details and book your tickets.

By App: Another method is to book tickets via the application. You have to install the Quick Chef application. Here, you can easily and quickly book your taste of Vadodara tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the venue of the Taste of Vadodara food festival?
Ans: a taste of the Vadodara food festival venue is shown below.

  • Taste of Vadodara venue: Satyanarayan Lawns, opp collaborate, Gotri main road, Vadodara, 390021, Gujarat.

2. What are the starting and last dates of the taste of Vadodara?
Ans: a taste of Vadodara’s starting date is 5th May 2024. Taste of Vadodara’s last date is 4th June 2024.

3. How many days is the Vadodara food festival?
Ans: The Vadodara food festival is for 30 days.

4. Who is the founder of the Taste of Vadodara?
Ans: Swapan prajapati is the founder of taste of vadodara.

5. What is the ticket price for the Taste of Vadodara?
Ans: a taste of Vadodara ticket prices are different each day. For example, if you come on 6th May, you must pay 300 rupees. If you come on 27th May, you must pay 500 rupees because the ticket price is 500 on 27th May.

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