Haryana Rooftop Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme 2023: Apply Online Form at hareda.gov.in

The State Govt of Haryana has announced Rooftop Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme 2023 and the applications are being invited through online mode at www.hareda.gov.in. The motive of this Solar Power Plant Scheme is to motivate people to choose green energy. The Department of Renewable Energy is responsible for formulating policies and programs necessary for renewable sources of energy in the state. Now one can easily apply online for the Solar Panel System Subsidy Scheme at the official portal of UHBVN and DHBVN.

Latest Update – As Per MNRE, Govt of India Instructions, The GCRT Solar Power Plant Program has been transferred to DISCOMs (DHBVN &UHBVN), so applications have been stopped on the HAREDA Portal.

Solar Rooftop Power Plant Subsidy Scheme in Haryana

Solar Rooftop Power Plant Subsidy Scheme in Haryana by HAREDA

There is considerable potential for solar power to fulfill the power requirements in the country. The effect can be seen in the real estate sector too. Ever since Prime Minister has increased the target of generation of power from solar power to 20,000 MW by the year 2023 to 1 lakh MW. Everything in the market is connected to solar energy as well. As pollution and power generation are affecting customers, more and more people are taking an interest in adopting environmentally friendly alternatives. Looking at this trend, many real estate companies are also launching an environmentally friendly residential project. In addition, solar energy has been stressed to fulfill the power requirements. However, to take advantage of this technique, people can apply solar energy systems separately to their homes.

In the below section, you will get the complete details of the Haryana Solar Subsidy Scheme 2023 i.e. Subsidy on 3kw Solar System and 1kw Solar Panel Price in the Haryana state.

Rooftop Solar Panel Installation Details 2023

The buyer must first decide the need for his electricity. A solar energy system is sufficient for most of the power-driven devices used at home except for the AC and water heater. The solar panel works best on the flat roof instead of the sloping roof. Solar panels should not be shadowed to ensure maximum use of sunlight. The initial cost of the solar system is, of course, a little higher but later it proves to be economical compared to the conventional power supply. The cost of solar systems installed on the roof is 1 lakh rupees per kilowatt. It does not include the cost of the battery, although various state governments and power boards provide a variety of exemptions on the solar system.

Solar Rooftop Power Plant Durability & Power Generation

The solar system usually works for 25 years. In the first 10 years, it spent 90 percent capacity, and about 80 percent is spent for 11 to 25 years. To generate 2000 watts of electricity, the roof should have 200 square feet. As far as monitoring is concerned, a good quality solar system costs only when changing batteries, otherwise, the solar panels are completely free of maintenance. Yes, dust clay soil and birds beet, etc., which have to be cleaned on them, have to be cleaned regularly. Other parts of the solar system, inverters, wires, etc. should also be the best, because of poor quality, they can get worse soon. The best option for Inverters is the pure sign, web model. It is expensive but is very capable and durable.

Earnings & Benefits of Solar Rooftop Power Plant

Because there is a lot of expenditure on battery life, many people shy away from installing a solar system. Meanwhile, various state governments and power boards also subsidize these apart from special deals. You can also sell the government electricity board at the best prices generated from a residential solar panel.

For example, if the need for a house is 5 units, while its solar panel is generating 7 units of electricity, then the extra 2 units of power can be sold to the grid.

If only 4 units of electricity are generated on a day of rain or cloudy period then the additional 1 unit of power requirement can be purchased from the grid. However at the end of the month if the electricity taken from the grid is more power on your side then you can make profits.

At present, Gujarat is ahead of other states with 929 MW in solar power generation. Rajasthan has second place with 840 MW. On the other hand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Punjab, and Haryana are running some aggressive campaigns to encourage solar energy. Most importantly, they are offering a 30 percent discount on the installation of solar panels, as well as offering additional energy to buy at good prices.

In Conclusion

In the coming days, the role of solar power can be important in the factors affecting people’s decision to buy a house. Developers have become mandatory to include the best quality Solar Power Production Plant in their residential plans. Through this way, they can attract those customers to their residential plans which are ready to pay some additional amount to stay in the environmentally friendly housing. Take care of these points of interest in buying housing in a residential project that produces electricity with the help of solar power.

Rooftop and Plant Subsidy Scheme of Haryana

‘Solar Roofing Power Plant Subsidy Scheme’, a similar scheme launched by the Haryana Government for a number of successful schemes for the state’s better condition. Haryana State Government is providing the Rooftop Solar Plant Scheme and the applications online.

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What Is Solar Rooftop Power Plant Subsidy Scheme in Haryana?

If you are facing trouble with rising electricity costs, then leave it alone. Now make the electricity yourself and sell electricity at a fixed price. It will be strange in the hearing, but the government is giving some such facilities to the people. Grid Connecting Power Plant Scheme has started with the Department of Renewable Energy. This will create electricity by putting solar plants on the roofs of houses. The government will also give a subsidy of 30 percent or less than 20 thousand rupees per kilowatt to plant the plant.

You can save a lot of money in the month by selling electricity units generated by solar power back to the power corporation. The electricity corporation will pay the units given by you according to the fixed price of 6 to 7 rupees per unit. They can set up the plant from 1 KW to 500 KW in the plan. But people can establish the plant till their ability to load power connection at home. If someone has taken a 2 KW connection for the house from the power corporation, then he/she will get permission from the plant for a 2-kilowatt capacity.

Benefits of Rooftop Solar Plants

Under this scheme, the state government provides a 30% benchmark cost in subsidy form. The maximum limit of subsidy for all residential, institutional, and social sectors has been fixed at Rs 20000 per KW.

  • Reduce your electricity bill by 90%
  • No maintenance expenses for more than 25 years
  • In 5 years, you will receive the complete amount.
  • No maintenance
  • Cost of approximately 60000 – 75,000 per KW
  • Additional incentives up to 1.1.00 per unit on total solar energy generated in electricity bills.
  • Supply the extra solar power to the grid through the net-metering facility
  • Annually 1500 units can generate KW of electricity.

Highlights of the Solar Plant Scheme on the Roof

  • You will need about 10 square meters / kWp to install a solar plant on the roof.
  • No processing/application fee.
  • The establishment of a Solar Power Plant in some categories of buildings in Haryana is compulsory.
  • Under this scheme, you do not need any approval or additional permission from the Authority.

Key Features of Solar Rooftop Power Plant Subsidy Scheme

  1. Under the scheme, a 10-meter land area/ KW power supply is necessary.
  2. The government will provide 1500 units / KW of electricity per year.
  3. Additional power grid access via pure metering facility.
  4. Savings can be possible on 90% of electricity bills.
  5. Domestic and institutional consumers will get a 30 percent discount.
  6. The solar power plant will continue for the next 25 years.


  • It is mandatory for the applicant to be a resident of Haryana under the scheme.
  • Residential, institutional, social sector, private, commercial, and industrial sectors will be considered eligible for this scheme.

Required Documents

  • Proof of Identity (Anyone) – Pan Card, Passport, Voter Card, Aadhaar Card, Driving license, etc.
  • Residence / Address Proof – Aadhar Card, Tax deduction account number (TAN), etc.
  • Site Address Proof – Electricity bill.
  • For Other Than the Residential Area – Registration Certificate, Proof of being institution / social organization.

How to Apply Online for Solar Rooftop Power Plant Scheme?

‘The Solar Rooftop Power Plant Subsidy Scheme’ is one of the important schemes for citizens of Haryana which was started by the Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar. The main purpose of the scheme is to use the least energy, while the plan will also be useful in balancing nature. Not only that, under this scheme, it will be easy to save energy. The people of Haryana can apply online for the installation of a Roof Solar Plant through the official website of the Department of Renewable Energy Government of Haryana at https://hareda.gov.in/.

Below is the complete process of filling out the online application form.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of the Department of Renewable Energy Government of Haryana at www.hareda.gov.in wherein in the right section you can see the option “Apply Online for Solar Power Plant & Solar Water Heater”.

HAREDA Official Website


  • Secondly, after getting the new page press the “Login” button. Now you will have to register on the website for which you will have to press the “Sign Up”.

Solar Rooftop Power Plant Subsidy Scheme Online Apply


  • Thirdly, after pressing the “Signup” button you will see a new page with the registration form. On this registration form, you will have to fill in “Name, Username, Mobile Number, Password” and “Verification Code”. Moreover, after entering all these details press the “Submit” button.


  • Fourthly, you will receive the verification mail at your email address. You will get the username and password which you have to use in the same login section.


  • Fifthly, on the next page, you can get the application form for installation of the Solar Rooftop Power Plant at Haryana’s request. In addition, fill out this complete application form and attach all the documents. After that submit it online and download the receipt to check the status in the future.

Important Links & Information for Rooftop Solar Plant

  1. Necessary Documents & FAQ
  4. Solar Rooftop Calculator

Dept of Renewable Energy, Govt of Haryana Contact Details

Office Location => Renewable Energy Department, Haryana & HAREDA Akshay Urja Bhawan Institutional Plot No.1 Sector 17 Panchkula Pin: 134109

Phone Numbers => 0172-2587233, 2587833

Haryana Govt Other Subsidy Scheme 2023-22 Details

In addition, you can also apply solar energy on your roof to any of the approved channel partners of MNRE or Rooftop Solar Plant Haryana Government. The list of solar power companies is available at www.hareda.gov.in and similarly at www.mnre.gov.in. For more information about this scheme, please visit the official websites.

For further assistance or help, don’t hesitate to comment below!!!

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