Shining Awards 2023: Best Kpop Vote for Male/ Female Ships, Vocalist, Dancer, Singer

Shining Awards 2023: Best Kpop Vote for Male/ Female Ships, Vocalist, Dancer, Singer:- Shining Awards are yearly awards that highlight some of the greatest music in K-Pop of the years. The public is interested to know about Shining Awards 2023. Scroll down and keep reading this whole team to know about Shining Awards 2023 and more about Shining Awards.

Shining Awards is aninternet site for radicals to share their favorites. It provides numerous programs of votes every week. Shining Awards are not a certified awards internet site; they do not give any awards. Shining Awards are a community or medium for radicals’ choice. Shining Groove Awards is a yearlyaward show focusingon some of the greatest music in K-Pop of the years. The show was initially engaged on 20th December 2014. The Shining Groove Awards are not originated on approval. Rather than focusing on statistics, a group of judges governs the champions based on their significance in the K-pop business, creativity, and dedication to the industry.

About Shining Awards 2023

Korean Pop, or K-Pop, has flounced the world in current years, and the vocal talent of its performers is one of the important features of its acceptance. Every K-Pop cluster has at least one outstanding singer and admirers worldwide frequently argue over who the topmost singers in the category are. It is time to look at some of the optimum K-Pop singers vigorous today as we start 2023. To give honour to K- pop performers, the Shining Awards 2023 will be apprehended.

This occurrence is going to high spot the activities of K-pop performers from across the world. And this occurrence has come up intending to give a place for identifying their capabilities, assiduousness, aids, etc., to the music artist. As it validates their love and provision for their favorite performers, admirers eagerly awaits the proclamation of the winners in the numerous groups.

Importance of K-Pop Awards

The implication of the Shining Awards cannot be discreet. It identifies the happenings of K-pop performers and aids as a source of inspiration and motivation for ambitious performers. Captivating a Shining Award can uplift a performer’s career, providing amplified discernibility and reliability within the business.

Overview of Shining Awards

Article About ·         Shining Awards 2023 Best Kpop Leader List

·         Male & Female K-pop Vocalist/Singers Vote

Award Name Shining Awards, 2023
Country South Korea
Organised by K-pop Industry
Beneficiaries K-pop Celebrities
Voting mode Online

Best Male K-Pop Vocalist list of Shining Award

  • Bang Chan (Stray Kids) TOP 100 – K-POP.
  • Jihyo (TWICE) TOP 100 – K-POP.
  • Leeteuk (Super Junior) TOP 100 – K-POP.
  • Jungwon (ENHYPEN)
  • Coups (SEVENTEEN)
  • Soobin (TXT)
  • Jay B (GOT7)
  • Best K-pop Leader list
  • Jungwon (ENHYPEN)
  • Jihyo (TWICE) TOP 100 – K-POP
  • Soobin (TXT)
  • Jay B (GOT7)
  • Coups (SEVENTEEN)
  • Leeteuk (Super Junior) TOP 100 – K-POP
  • Bang Chan (Stray Kids) TOP 100 – K-POP

Male and female vocalists’ nominees of Shining Awards

  • Jungkook BTS
  • Lia ITZY
  • O. EXO
  • Jongho ATEEZ
  • Seungmin STRAY KIDS
  • Taeyeon
  • Jihyo TWICE
  • Renjun NCT DREAM
  • IU
  • Taehyun TXT
  • Wendy Red Velvet
  • Ryeowook Super Junior

Best KPOP Girls and Boys group of Shining Awards

  • 4L
  • 2Eyes
  • April
  • 4Ten
  • Alice
  • The Barberettes
  • Badkiz
  • Bestie
  • Berry Good
  • Busters
  • Bob Girls
  • Bob Boys
  • Crayon Pop
  • Dreamcatcher
  • CLC
  • D-Unit
  • DIA
  • Holic

Best Kpop Singer Vote & Songs Winner List

Year Winner Song
2023 Younha Event Horizon
2022 AKMU Nakka
2021 BTS Dynamite
2020 Baek Yerin Maybe It’s Not Our Fault
2019 BTS Fake Love
2018 Red Velvet Red Flavor
2017 Wonder Girls Why So Lonely
2016 Big Bang Loser
2015 So-you and Junggigo Some
2014 Cho Yong-Pil Bounce
2013 Busker Busker Yeosu Night Sea
2012 IU Good Day
2011 10cm Tonight I’m Afraid of the Dark
2010 Lee So-ra Track8
2009 Toy Passionate Goodbye
2008 Lee Juck It’s Fortunate
2007 Lee Han-Chul Superstar
2006 Lucid Fall Oh, Love

Way to vote for a male or female vocalist of Shining Awards

  • First, you are required to go to the certified internet site of the K-pop Vocalists.
  • The web homepage will appear before you.
  • On the homepage, you are required to choose your favourite K-pop female or male singers or other group contenders.
  • Then hit on your favourite K-pop Celebrity picture.
  • Now vote for your favourite performer.
  • You straight vote on the internet site; if you have any misunderstanding, you vote by calling to check the number of the K-pop Shining Awards 2023 certified internet site.


1. How can I vote for the Singer poll group?

Ans. To vote for the singer poll group, you can go to the Shining Awards’ authorised internet site during the voting time. The directions for voting will be given, and you can give your vote for the vocalist you trust justifies winning in this group.

2. When will the names of the champions be declared?

Ans. The champions of the Shining Awards will be publicized during the award ritual. The date and time of the program will be interconnected through authorized channels, counting the Shining Awards internet site and social media podiums.

3. Is there any boundary on the number of votes cast?

Ans. The Shining Awards’ certified internet site will specify the voting strategies and limitations. It is significant to trail the procedures to confirm fair voting. The precise particulars concerning voting parameters will be linked during the voting time.

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