Shailesh Balkawade IPS Bio (Wiki), Age, Wife, Family, Hometown, Education & Career

Shailesh Balkawade is an IPS officer who has earned a reputation within the local community. He is known for his unshakeable commitment to justice. To gain more knowledge about Shailesh Balkawade’s biography, age, family, and training which have collectively helped to shape him into an esteemed government officer readers should go through the whole article.

Shailesh Balkawade Bio

Biography of Shailesh Balkwade

Shailesh Balkawade was born in Nagpur, Maharashtra India on 1st March 1984. When he came to this world in India, his eyes were on improving society. His aspiration was to affect the changes in a legal manner.

Name Shailesh Balkawade
Age (as of 2023) 39 years old
Date of birth 1 March, 1984
Marital status Married
Family information is not disclosed
Children N/A
Wife Kadambari Balkawade
Education Not provided
Religion Hindu
Zodiac sign N/A
Professional IPS officer
Net Worth N/A
Category Biography

Shailesh Balkawade Education

His education experience is characterized by expectational performance, he obtained his¬† ¬†Bachelor’s degree and later on his Master’s degree. Equipped by his education, he excelled as an IPS officer thanks to a robust intellectual foundation.

As per research his school and university name and details are not disclosed socially yet.

Shailesh Balkawade Family

The Balkawade family has been a pillar of support to Sailesh’s Journey. He has often spoken about the encouragement and guidance he received from his parents, who instilled in him the values of honesty, integrity, and compassion. Sailesh’s family has been a source of inspiration throughout his career. And motivating him to serve society to the best of his abilities.

Shailesh Balkawade Hometown

Shailesh Balkawade was born in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. He proudly claims it as his hometown. The environmental factors of Maharashtra may have shaped his personality into being humble and empathetic. Even with a packed agenda, Balkawade maintains ties to where he came from and occasionally shares an affection for his native town. He is a very humble and down-to-earth person.

Shailesh Balkawade Career

Shailesh Balkawade’s career in the Indian Police Service has included several notable achievements paired with an unyielding quest for fairness. Across varied roles, he prioritized maintaining public welfare by addressing high-risk scenarios. Elevated by those at all levels, praise results from his steadfast adherence to codes of conduct and legal frameworks. With impressive leadership, Balkawade steered his group through demanding times and achieved victory. Due to his unshakeable devotion to fairness, he commands the approval of his fellow professionals and the acclaim of the community at large.

Shailesh Balkawade Wife

Shailesh Balkawade is a loving husband to Kadambari Balkawade and a devoted family man, who has been a source of support and strength in his life journey. As time passes their bond has stood the test of time, and together they have built a happy and harmonious family life.

Shailesh Balkawade’s job transfer & more

Throughout his career, IPS officer Shailesh Balkawade has held roles such as Superintendent of Police in Gondia, Nagpur Rural, and Kolhapur. With the lathi-charge on Maratha protesters in Jalna serving as impetus, the state government took action.

Alongside this shift, Tushar Doshi received mandatory leave, followed by an appointment that made Shailesh Balkawade the new District Police Head.

Because of the Jalan incident, Shailesh took a move, and an Immediate response resulted from Shailesh Balkwade’s appointment as Jalna district police supervisor.

Shailesh Balkawade will now take on the role of District Superintendent of Police, too. Due to the lathi charge he oversaw in Jalna, Tushar Doshi will now undergo mandated time off. Shailesh Balkwade took the role


Shailesh Balkawade is a government officer. As we know being an government officer and as well as a social figure, that’s why his personality details like family, education, and contact information are not disclosed socially. Even his Facebook profile is also private.

Through his inspiring biography, we witness the transformative force of devotion and purpose in action. Shaped by his hometown, family, schooling, and years, he is currently a remarkable IPS agent.

FAQs About Shailesh Balkawade Biography

  • What is the name of Shailesh Balkawade’s wife?
    Answer- His wife’s name is Kadambari Balakavade.
  • When was Shailesh Balkawade born?
    Answer- There is no maximum information available about the birth of Shailesh Balkawade.
  • How is Shailesh Balkawade’s personal life?
    Answer- Shailesh Balkawade has not made public any information about his personal life and family. We will update our article as soon as we get information about them.
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