Who is Sehaj Arora, Wife Gurpreet Kaur, Bio, Kulhad Pizza Duo, Kids & Family

An amazing adventure with the pair famed in Jalandhar for making unusual pizza in clay cups. One day, an unexpected video appeared on social media and quickly became a viral hit. Along with their not expected celebrity, each had to deal with doubts about the video’s validity. We are going to share the most recent information about this incident, including how the couple handled and resolved this difficult situation. In this article, we will discuss all the information about Sehaj Arora and their Wife Gurpreet Kaur Bio, Kulhad Pizza Duo, kids, and family details. So to fully understand the ongoing viral video matter read this post to the end.

Sehaj Arora Bio (Wiki) – Overview

A viral video purportedly showing a prominent couple from Jalandhar, Punjab, in a wrong posture, caused anger and a police inquiry. Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur operate Narula Kitchen, a prominent restaurant serving unique Kulhad Pizza, a fusion dish of pizza baked in earthen pots. The video, which went viral on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram, was seem to released by a former restaurant employee who tried to get money from the couple.

Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur of Kulhad Pizza are back in the news after their ‘private video’ leaked online on social media. Arora took issues into his own hands and released a video of himself solving the issue on his Instagram page. In the video, the man calls the taken private footage ‘false’ and blames ‘AI’ for shaping the facts. However, we can’t conclude whether the video is legitimate or fake using AI.

Article Title Sehaj Arora & Gurpreet Kaur Bio
Famous for Kulhad Pizza Couple/ Duo
Restaurants Narula Kitchen, Fresh Bites
Place Jalandhar, Punjab
Kids & Family Not known
Pizza Girl Viral Video Click Here

Who is Sehaj Arora, Wife Gurpreet Kaur?

Sahaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur are known as a famous couple in Jalandhar, Punjab, who have become famous for their food. Everyone cooks food but everyone has their own style. People liked their style very much and also they The couple is often seen making reels on Insta and making unique food together, which is famous for ‘Kulhad Pizza’. By making this special food, both these couples have got a new identity.

Their special food is being liked a lot in Punjab. Day by day, the reels and food of these two are going viral on social media. Both of them are loved a lot. They are gaining popularity from the public, they have become famous through many videos of them setting up stalls on the road, and gradually both of them have become famous on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms as well.

Food vlogging has become the latest craze among individuals in the Internet era. New meals with wonderful ingredients quickly became popular, and the ‘Kulhad Pizza Couple’ was no exception. Their current controversy, though, is apart from their food and daily vlogging.

Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur Child

Gurpreet Kaur, Sehaj Arora’s wife, just gave birth to a child. Although the couple has not yet revealed the gender of their kid, they have published numerous images of the newborn on their social media accounts. Sehaj and Gurpreet both have even set up a social media website for their baby “waris_viralcouple”. This page has already attracted over 31,000 followers to date. Now everyone wants to know the gender and name of the newly born kid. Let’s find more details ahead.

Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur Bio, Kulhad Pizza Duo, Kids, Family Details

Sehaj Arora Personal Details (Wiki)

Real Name Sehaj Arora
Wife name Gurpreet Kaur
Hometown Jalandhar, Punjab
Nationality Indian
Children 1
Famous for Kulhad Pizza Couple
Marital Status Married
Religion Sikhism
Address Jalandhar, Punjab
Height 5 Feet 8 Inches
Weight 154 lbs
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black

Gurpreet Kaur Personal Details (Wiki)

Real Name Gurpreet Kaur
Husband Name Sehaj Arora
Nationality Indian
Home Town Jalandhar, Punjab
Marital Status Married
Children 1
Religion Sikhism

Pizza Girl Viral Video Controversy

The male partner appears to have created the Sehaj Arora Viral Video Leaked on Twitter. He did, however, explain that the video was made by AI. The couple seemed to be newlyweds, as the female was wearing a red wedding band. We also ask our viewers not to share or watch such crude leak tapes, which can disrupt someone’s peace. Now the Pizza Girl viral couple video original link is shared on many social media platforms and some adult sites. A New Viral Video of the Kulhad Pizza Couple or Leaked MMS is now available on different social media sites i.e. Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Here watch the full video of the explanation;

Police Investigation and Arrest News

When the police tried to find out about the viral video, whether the video was fake or real, during the search, the police came to know that this video of the couples being trolled in the name of Kulhar Pizza Viral Video is AI generated which is called Deep Nude Aap Se Sonia. Edited by: Sonia used to work with Sehaj and Gurpreet in their restaurant. Due to her dirty behavior, she was thrown out and to take revenge, she also made a fake video of these couples. After Sonia’s arrest, both these couples’ Other videos were also being shared on social media, but Sehaj described all the videos as AI-generated and appealed to the public to please stop spreading the video, this can happen to anyone, from the police findings and Sonia’s statement, this It has been proven that the viral video was made with AI.


Q.1 Who is the owner of Kulhad Pizza?

  • Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur, a Punjabi couple, are owners of Kulhad Pizza.

Q.2 Is the Kulhad couple’s leaked private video genuine?

  • Sehaj Arora reveals on Instagram that the viral video is fake and that the perpetrator used artificial intelligence.
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