Script for Audition in Hindi: All Hindi Scripts for Male & Female Artists

Script for Audition in Hindi: All Hindi Script for Male & Female Artists – The boys and girls who are preparing to give audition for a film or a serial. Today we have brought this article for them only. So now, we will talk about not one but many scripts in this article, which will help you a lot in giving your audition. You can easily read the scripts given in this article and give your audition.

These are the only monologues of all and these monologues are also useful for audition in college and any university.  Memorize all these monologues and practice giving your auditions. Practice will have to be continuous and practice it by choosing the script of your choice from all the scripts given in this article. In this article, we have shared Script for Audition in Hindi: All Hindi Scripts for Male & Female Artists.

Script for Audition in Hindi

Whether you are a girl or a boy but if you are an actor or want to make a career in acting then you are going to learn a lot from this article or you have come to the right place. As all of you know that many TV shows come in which auditions are called, a show audition show is organized and not only youth but also children are auditioned in these shows.

Script for Audition in Hindi: All Hindi Scripts for Male & Female Artists

In these types of shows, every artist has to contribute their best and everyone tries their best to perform. By the way, there will always be competition in this field and there will always be competition in this field and there will always be an option to make a career and future in this field. But only the best talent is not necessary in this field.  What is important is whether you get selected for any competitions or not.

And if you are going to give an audition then the most important thing you have is that a good script must be there. But do not take tension friends, if you do not have any script, then in this article we will bring you a script that will be very useful for you. Now read our article and prepare the script of your choice and you will be ready for your audition. You can check here the Script for Auditions in Hindi for male and female artists.

Scripts for Movie or TV Shows Auditions – Overview

Article About  Script for Audition in Hindi: All Hindi Scripts for Male & Female Artists
Type Movie, Tv Shows & Web Series Auditions
Genre Emotional, Comedy, Romantic, etc
Year 2024
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 All Hindi Scripts for Male & Female Artists

A boy named Manish is very intelligent and makes everyone happy with his talent, making everyone happy is a very easy task for him. His words are also very captivating and anyone becomes his fane after listening to his words.

Scene = Manish is waiting for a very important call in the living room of his flat. While waiting for the phone call, Manish is repeatedly checking the call by picking up his phone.

Manish:-  Manish tells himself how much time will it take, this call is very important for me.

( Now Soni comes to Manish’s flat and sees Manish’s reactions.)

Soni:-  Manish is there any problem? Why are you looking so upset?

Manish:- (Manish in a troubled manner) I was about to receive a very important call. I’m waiting for that call.  If the call does not come, then I will suffer a lot and my work will be spoiled.

Soni:-  Don’t worry Manish, don’t take tension, everything will be fine, you should be relaxed.

( Shortly Manish’s call rang and Manish immediately picked up the call.)

Manish:-  (a little happy )Yes I was just waiting for your call after getting ready.

( (He) Manish hung up the phone happily and turned to Soni.)

Manish:-  Soni, the dream that I worked so hard to fulfill is about to come true. I am very happy today.

Soni:- (a little happy) Yes Manish, this dream of yours will definitely come true and I am always with you Manish.

Script for Acting Audition: Conclusion

This script will help you a lot at the time of the audition. Those scripts are long but you have to remember and if your memory is good then you can remember and use the script of any serial along with movies.  We hope that you will find this script easy and good, you can remember this script very easily. If any of your friends are preparing to become an actor, then you can also share this script with them.

We hope you have got the necessary information about the topic. And for more related articles you can stay tuned with our website Here we will provide you with updated news and articles on a daily basis. So, keep on visiting our site and grab complete information.

FAQs on Script for the Audition

Question (1)  How can I start acting?

Answer =  You can follow these steps.

  • Search Audition
  • Learn Script
  • Build a network
  • Attend any good workshop
  • You can go online also
  • After all, take more audition

Question (2)    How is the career in acting?

Answer =  If you are a self-starter then there can be problems, but if you enjoy your work then you can make a very good career in acting. Don’t start acting just to be famous, it will only get you in trouble.

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