SBI Bank ATM Space for Rent Franchise, Apply Online, Contact Number

Everyone knows about SBI today because there are very few people in India who do not have an account with SBI, it is India’s largest public sector bank and this bank provides many types of banking services to its customers like; Many types of facilities such as savings account, loan, insurance, trading account are provided by this bank and this bank also provides many types of loans like home loan, business loan, car loan, etc. It provides services at a good interest rate. Here we have provided you with all the information related to SBI Bank ATM Space for Rent Franchise Apply Online, And Contact Number in detail, so stay with the article till the end.

SBI Bank ATM Space for Rent

With the growing population in all Indian cities, the need for ATMs is also increasing as getting basic access to financial services has become a vital necessity. Recently 7 NBFCs have been permitted by RBI to open White Label ATMs. White Label ATMs are those ATMs that are operated by Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). RBI has mandated all participating NBFCs to open a certain number of White Label ATMs, most of which are to be opened in rural areas and only a few in semi-urban and urban areas.

For example, one of the NBFCs called Tata Communications Payment Solutions has been mandated to open 15,000 white-label ATMs, of which 10,000 will be set up in rural areas and 5,000 in metros and urban cities. So let us see in detail all the information on SBI Bank ATM Space for Rent Franchise Apply Online, And Contact Number in detail, through this article.

SBI Bank ATM Space for Rent Franchise

SBI Bank ATM Installation-Highlights

Blog Post Rent Your Space for ATM
Space Requirement 50 – 80 sq. feet
Minimum Rental Rs 15000/- Per month
Maximum Rent Rs 25000/- Per Month
Rent Lease Period Minimum 1 Year to 5 Year
Leaser Bank, NBFC, and Franchise
Mode of agreement Offline
Mode of Application Online/ Offline
Official Website

Documents Required

  • Aadhar Card, PAN card, Voter Card.
  • Ration Card, Electricity Bill
  • Bank Account with Passbook.
  • Photograph Email ID, Phone Number.
  • GST Number.
  • Complete the Property Document with the Address.
  • Lease Agreement.
  • NOC

Rules and Guidelines

  • There should be a space of 50-80 square feet to install the SBI ATM.
  • Its distance from another ATM should be 100 meters.
  • This space should be ground floor and in a place with good visibility.
  • Here you have to ensure 24 24-hour power supply, 1 kW power connection
  • This ATM should have a capacity of around 300 transactions per day.
  • There should be a concrete roof in place of an ATM. How to install SBI ATM.
  • If the space should be on the ground floor, there should be space for parking in front.
  • No objection certificate is required from the society or authority for the installation of V-SAT.

Procedure to Apply for SBI ATM Franchise

If you want to apply to install an SBI ATM, then you can apply online from the official website of the company that installs ATMs because the bank never installs its own ATM, it gives the contract to some company that installs ATMs. There is some big company inside India that seems to be an ATM.

  • File an application with the bank or Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) for the installation of an ATM.
  • The application should have all the details of your property like area, nearby landmarks, and other information.
  • The bank or NBFC will review your application see how crowded the area is and proceed accordingly. Banks generally prefer freehold properties, which are neither mortgaged nor loaned.
  • After the application is approved, the applicant has to fill in all the necessary information in the standard prescribed form.
  • After this, the bank will enter into a lease agreement with you regarding the property.

ATM franchise is a great business option if you have a minimum of 25 square feet of lobby space or 50 square feet of shop in an area that needs an ATM or is located in a busy market area. Indicash – in association with Tata Communications Payment Solutions is one of the leading and fast-growing companies to open White Label ATMs.

SBI Bank ATM Space for Rent Contact Number

Toll-free number 1800 1234
Toll-free number 1800 2100
Toll-free number 1800 11 2211
Toll-free number 1800 425 3800
Toll number 080-26599990
Email [email protected]
[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I rent out my space for ATM installation?
Ans. To rent out your space for ATM installation, you can directly contact the contractor companies associated with banks.

Q2. What are the criteria for renting out space for ATM installation?
Ans. The specific criteria may vary depending on the contractor companies and banks involved. Generally, they consider factors such as the location of the space, accessibility, footfall, available infrastructure, and security measures.

Q3. How much rent can I expect to provide space for ATM installation?
Ans. The rental amount for ATM space can vary depending on various factors, including the location, demand, and negotiations with the contractor companies.

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