Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date, Launched By, Which Ministry, Vehicle Details

As you must have understood by looking at the heading, on which topic we are going to talk in this article today. Today we are going to talk about the Samudrayaan mission. This sea mission is the most special mission for our country i.e. In today’s article, we have mentioned the Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date, Launched By, Which Ministry, and Vehicle Details.

Samudrayaan Mission 2023 Launch Date

India as it is the first known manned sea mission of India. And let us tell you that this mission is only a part of the Deep Ocean. When this mission was being prepared, the 3 explorers were at a depth of 6 kilometers in the sea. And the vehicle they went by was named ” Matsya 6000″. It can be said that the main objective of the ocean mission was to discover the resources of the deep oceans.

Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date, Launched By, Which Ministry, Vehicle Details

The main purpose of this mission is that it has been done to keep India’s blue economy strong. As such, India is surrounded by oceans from three sides. That is why 30% of India’s population lives on the shores of the oceans.  That is why it is believed that the people living on the banks of the ocean make a great contribution to the economic economy. Check here, Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date, Launched By, Which Ministry & Vehicle Details.

Samudrayaan Mission Launch, MATSYA 6000- Overview

Mission Name Samudrayaan Mission
Launched Date 29th October 2021
Launched By Jitendra Singh
Ministry NIOT (National Institute of Ocean Technology)
Project Timeline 2021 to 2026
Vehicle Name Matsya 6000
Budget 4,077 crores
Motto Exploration of Deep-sea Resources
Country India, Chennai
Official Website Click Here
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Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date

By the way, our Ministry of Finance had permission till the end of October 2019 to carry out the maritime mission. But due to some reason, it got delayed and was given on 16th June 2021. And talking about the disclosure of this mission, Dr. M.A. Atmanand did it on 31st August 2019. d it on 31st August 2019. This mission was launched under the direction of the Union Minister of State for Science and Technology, Jatinder Singh.

Made of very mild steel, ORV Sagar Nidhi was tested in the Bay of Bengal on 27th October 2021 itself.  As we told you earlier also that a personnel shell named “Matsya 6000” was dropped at a depth of 600 meters for testing off the coast of Chennai. And when this test was successful, it got a certificate, then this mission was launched on 29th October 2021.  I hope you understand this information of ours. So let’s now talk about who launched this mission.

Who Launched Samudrayaan Mission (Ministry Name)?

The National Institute of Ocean Technology was launched in Chennai and the mission was launched by Jitendra Singh.  There is a self-governing society named NIOT under the Ministry of Earth Sciences.  The initial objective behind the creation of the institute is to develop reliable indigenous equipment to solve the many engineering difficulties related to the harvesting of living and non-living resources in the Exclusive Economic Zone of India.  Its head office is in Chennai and it was started in November 1993.

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Samudrayaan Mission Vehicle Details

If we talk about the design of this mission, then it was designed by the National Institute of Ocean Technology, of Chennai. The flexibility of this mission is that it has 12 hours of flexibility in regular operations and  96 hours of flexibility in case of emergency. This mission is being implemented under the Deep Ocean Mission Project of the Ministry of Earth Sciences.

The Minister of Earth Sciences was started on 29th January 2006 by merging five government departments namely the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Ministry of Ocean Development, National Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting, and Earth Risk Assessment Center.

If we talk about the cost of this mission in 5 years from 2021 to 2026, then its cost will be around 4077 crores rupees. 4077 crores rupees is just an estimate, it can be more than this. So, friends, I have full hope that you will understand the information given by us and you will also like it. Now we talk about what are the questions and answers related to the Samudrayaan mission.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the total Timeline for this project?
Ans. The total Timeline for this project is 2021 to 2026.

Q. What is the main motto of this Samudrayaan Mission Project?
Ans. The main Motto of this mission is to do exploration of deep-sea resources.

Q. Who will launch the Samudrayaan mission in 2026?
Ans. In 2026, this mission will be done by the Ministry of Earth Sciences.

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