PKL Season 10 Auction Date & Time, Venue, Players List with Price, Starting Date

PKL Season 10 Auction Date & Time, Venue, Players List with Price, and Starting Date appropriate details are available in the post. PKL also known as Pro Kabaddi League is one of the most famous and biggest Kabaddi tournaments in the world. This league has been scheduled to play in the month of December 2023. Kabaddi is one of the original games in India. To know more about Pro Kabaddi League Auction Date for Season 10 including Venue, Players List, Price, and Starting Date details, kindly go through the complete article below.

PKL Season 10 Auction Date & Time

Pro Kabaddi League has been held by the company, named Mashal, since 2014. In this Kabaddi tournament, famous players from all over the world, play and contest as team players, and put in the effort to win their Match. The 10th season of the PKL has been organized in December 2023. There is going to be more than 44.4 each franchiser spends to make their team.

PKL Season 10 Auction Date & Time, Venue, Players List with Price, Starting Date

It is a men’s Kabaddi Tournament, in which 8 teams compete against each other. There are approx 500 players participating in this league. As same as IPL, before starting the competition, the PKL franchisers selected the teams. The game organizer also started Players Actions for Frachser, who can bid on the players and select their team as required. The player’s auctions will be huge on two days October 9 and 10. So, you can get the essential details about the PKL Season 10 Auction Date and Time, starting date, venue, players list, and auction price through this article. All you have to do is just read the complete post to the end.

Vivo PKL Season 10 Auction Starting Date – Overview

Article About
  • PKL Season 10 Auction Date & Time
  • Venue, Players List with Price, Starting Date
League Name Pro Kabaddi League
Sponsored By Vivo
Organized & Conducted By  Mashal Sports Company
Tournament Format Double Round Robin League and Playoffs
Details Player List/ Auction/ Price
Total Teams 12 Teams
First Tournament 2014
Season  10th
Country India
Official Website
Post Category Sports News

About Pro Kabaddi League

As we all know every year Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) games are held by Mashal Sport, all over the world players come, and the franchiser bids on them and makes the square. After that, these all teams contested the tournament and fought to win. Many people are continuously waiting for the PKL Season 10 Tournament. This year PKL Season 10 will be placed in December 2023.

Every year, before starting the PKL, Mashal Sports organized the Auction for Franchise to make bids on the players and make their teams for games. So, this year total teams will be 12 and the 500 players are contested the PKL Matches. Just stay with me for updates.

Date of PKL Auction for Season 10

The PKL has been scheduled for December. The Auction date for PKL Season 1oth has been decided on the 9th or 10th of September, but due to the Asian Games, it will be postponed. So, Mashal Sports postponed for PKL Season 10 Auction. There is not any official notification of when it will be placed but the PKL Season 10 Auction will be held in October, as per the sources.

But the Mashal Sports Association has announced that, As soon as the PKL Auction date is decided, they will publish it on the official website of League Administrators on the official site of the PKL. It is mentioned on the recent schedules, that the PKL Season 10th Auction will placed soon after the Asian Games. So, stay tuned with us for more updates about the PKL Season 10 Auction.

PKL Season 10 Auction Time

The announcement of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 10 2023 has been made by the Marshall Sports Company. It will be scheduled for December. Many people are searching for the details, so you can get the all details here. In this game, there are 500 players participating and 12 teams will be contested. It is expected that the PKl season 10 will be placed on 2nd, December 2023. If you are searching for the timing then, PKL Season 10 will be airing from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. We will provide all the updates as we get soon. So, connect with us for more details.

PKL Season 10 Auction Venue

There is good news about the PKL Season 10 Auction is that, Mashal Sports to conduct the Season 10 Player Auction post Asian Games 2022. There are 500+ players to enter the Auction pool this year. The player purse has increased from INR 4.4 crore to INR 5 crore. The PKL Season 10th Venue is also finalized, which is mentioned below:-

S. No  PKL Season 10th Venue 
1 Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Indoor Stadium
2 Sree Kanteerava Stadium
3 Thyagaraj Sports Complex
4 EKA Arena by Trans Stadia
5 Tau Devilal Sports Complex
6 Sawai Mansingh Stadium
7 Patliputra Sports Complex
8 Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium
9 Gachibowli Indoor Stadium
10 Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex
11 Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex
12 Dome, NSCI, SVP Stadium

PKL Season 10 Auction Players List with Price

If you all are searching for the PKL Season 10 Player List with Price, then we are responsible for providing all the updates about the PKL Season 10 Auctions. Here, we are going to share the details about the PKL Season 10 Auction Players List and price. First, you all have to remember that, the PKL Season 10 Auticon Schedule is to be done on October 9th or 10th, so there are no official teams and players’ price lists being shared yet.

So, as we soon get the details about the PKL Season 10 Auction news updates, then provide all the information in this article. But if you are searching for the Players List and Price then it will shared below:-

Players List  Price
U Mumba
Shivam TBA
Heidarali Ekrami TBA
Rupesh TBA
Jai Bhagawan TBA
Sachin TBA
Pranay Rane TBA
Surinder Singh TBA
Rinku TBA
Shivansh Thakur TBA
U. P. Yoddhas
Pradeep Narwal TBA
Anil Kumar TBA
Nitesh Kumar TBA
Ashu Singh TBA
Surender Gill TBA
Sumit Mahipal TBA
Telugu Titans
Parvesh Bhainswal TBA
Rajnish TBA
Nitin TBA
Mohit TBA
Vinay TBA
Tamil Thalaivas
Anjikya Pawar TBA
Himanshu Narwal TBA
Narender Jatin TBA
M Abishek TBA
Himanshu TBA
Sagar TBA
Aashish TBA
Sahil Gulia TBA
Mohit TBA
Puneri Paltan
Pankaj Mohite TBA
Gaurav Khatri TBA
Mohit Goyat TBA
Aditya Shinde TBA
Aslam Inamdar TBA
Sanket Sawant TBA
Avinash Nadarajan TBA
Badal Singh TBA
Patna Pirates
Sachin TBA
Ranjit Naik TBA
Anuj Kumar TBA
Neeraj Kumar TBA
Manish TBA
Naveen Sharma TBA
Thiyagarajan Yuvraj TBA
Jaipur Pink Panthers
Arjun Deshwal TBA
Ankush TBA
V Ajith Kumar TBA
Reza Mirbagheri TBA
Sunil Kumar TBA
Devank TBA
Sahul Kumar TBA
Ashish TBA
Abhishek TBA
Bhavani TBA
Rajput TBA
Haryana Steelers
K Prapanjan TBA
Vina TBA
Jaideep Dahiya TBA
Mohit Nandal TBA
Monu Hooda TBA
Navin Kundu TBA
Harsh TBA
Sunny Sehrawat TBA
Gujarat Giants
Sonu TBA
Rakesh TBA
Prateek Dahiya TBA
Manuj Rohan Singh TBA
Dabang Delhi K.C
Naveen Kumar TBA
Manjeet TBA
Ashish Narwal TBA
Suraj Panwar TBA
Vijay Kumar TBA
Bengaluru Bulls
Yash Hooda TBA
Saurabh Nandal TBA
Neeraj Narwal TBA
Aman Bharat TBA
Bengal Warriors 
Suyog Gaikar TBA
R Guhan TBA
Prashant Kumar TBA
Vaibhav Garje TBA

Vivo Pro Kabaddi 10 Player Bidding Category

So, the Pro Kabaddi Season 10th Auction will start soon. As per the rule of PKL, there is categories-wise auctions are required. And the base price is also set for it. More details are given below:-

Categories  Base Price 
Part- A INR 30 lakh
Part-B  INR 20 lakh
Part-C INR 13 lakh
Part-D  D is INR 9 lakh.

Vivo Pro Kabaddi 10 Auction Teams & Franchise

There is 12 franchise and teams is also 12. All 12 franchises bid and take part in Auctions and purchase the players. They can get the players and make the team to contest in PKL Season 10. So, the participant teams are given below:-

  1. Haryana Steelers
  2. Telugu Titans
  3. Bengaluru Bulls
  4. Dabang Delhi
  5. Gujarat Giants
  6. Patna Pirates
  7. Bengal Warriors
  8. Jaipur Pink Panthers
  9. Tamil Thalaivaa
  10. Puneri Paltan
  11. U Mumba
  12. UP Yoddha
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