Patta Chitta Online 2023: Tamil Nadu Land Records @eservices tn gov in Patta

The government of Tamil Nadu state was destined to make the land record of the state online under the implementation of the good governance initiative of the central government of India. In the year 2005, the state government started the process of converting all the land records available in hard copy with the revenue department in digital. Over the years, the government also introduced surveys of India to help the department with mapping and other confirmations of the land of the state.

Finally, the Tamil Nadu land record portal was launched in 2017 for the people of the state. Till now, the government of Tamil Nadu and the revenue department have kept updating some of the land records that were not completely digitalized. All the land record-related queries of the citizens of the state are available online through the official web portal of the TN government. As per the government’s notification, 97% of land record data is available online.

Patta Chitta Online

The online portal of the TN government for land records is named Patta Chitta. So we will also use this combination as referred to in the Tamil Nadu Land Record. As of now the people of the state whether they are in rural areas or urban areas do not need to visit the office of the Tahsildar of the district to get the documents related to their land record. This makes the process of getting documents from the revenue department easier and time-saving. This is the benefit of the good governance initiative of the government of India. Citizens of the state can now get the authentic document signed by the respected authority from the nearest CSC centers after paying just Rs 60/-.

Patta Chitta Online

The fees for the services that are applicable for mutation, registration, land conversion, Specific document requirements, etc. are paid online directly to the department. The rest of the services like downloading the land record and other documents are free of cost for the general public of the state.

Tamil Nadu Land Records- Highlights

Blog Post Tamil Nadu Land Records @eservices tn gov in Patta
Topics Patta Chitta FMB download
Governing body Revenue Department of Tamil Nadu
Launch of the Portal 2017
Benefit Availability of Land Records online
Name of the portal TN Eservices
The official language of the Documents Tamil
Beneficiary Citizens of the state
Official website portal
Patta Chitta Mobile application Click Here
Office address Commissionerate of Survey and Settlement
No.1, Survey House, Kamarajar Salai, Chepauk, Chennai-600005
Contact number 044-28591662
Email ID [email protected]
Official Website

How to view Patta Chitta

Here in this section, we are going to start using First of all, we will discuss the listed services that are available online for the citizens of the state. All the people of the state who own even a single piece of land either inherited or purchased can use this portal to get all the information about land records.

The Patta Chitta portal is dynamically designed to give the easy experience of searching and getting the required documents online. Also, this platform is based on Tamil language coding, which means the document you want to use for your further purpose must be downloaded in its original format. If you change or edit language then the document will not give authentic information to you.

Tamil Nadu Land Record official URL Click Here

Check the status of Poramboke land

There are a lot of lands which is owned by the government in urban or rural areas of the state. This all can be checked from the Poramboke land status. This comes in use when you are purchasing land from any person. So make sure you check the land you are purchasing is not listed as Poramboke land.

follow the below process to check Poramboke land status online through Patta Chitta.

  1. Click the following to visit the official website of Tamilnadu Land Record.
  2. Look for the Poramboke Land or Government/ Private Land tab on the home page of the web portal.
  3. Click on the tab and you will be redirected to the next page.
  4. Select the below option from the given tab.
    • District Name
    • Taluk Name
    • Village Name
  5. Enter the survey number of the land you want to check the status.
  6. Enter the Sub Division number of the land area.
  7. Authenticate yourself by entering the captcha in the given section and Clicking on the submit button at the bottom.
  8. You will get the status of the land on which you want to check Poramboke land status.

View A-Register Extract

TN pattaportal also gives you the details of the land you own with an A-Register report. this report can be used for applying for the corps loan, and corps insurance. bank loan, government loan waiver, and other purposes.

Please follow the given steps to generate an A-Register Extract on TN Land record.

  • Visit the TN land record portal.
  • Search for the A-Register tab within the given tabs on the home page of the portal.
  • Click on the A-register tab. You will be redirected to the other web page.
  • Now select the below tabs from the given option to get the A- Register report.
    1. District Name
    2. Taluk
    3. Villege Name.
  • Please enter the survey number of the land and the sub-division number.
  • Click on the submit button to see the A-Register of required land online through the portal.
  • You can download the report for your future reference.
  • If you need a hard copy of the report you can take a printout by just clicking on the print tab on the web page.

Apply for Patta Transfer Online

For Sale and purchase you can now be relex for Patta transfer through tn land record portal. This section is required in both cases. If you purchased and are in TN state or you have sold your plan to other people. This service is also applicable to other deeds that we are listing in the below section.

Below are the steps to apply for the Patta Transfer through the Patta Chitta TN land record portal.

  • Visit the official TN land Record portal.
  • Click the Apply for Strap Change tab on the home page of the website.
  • Login with your registered mobile, name, and address.
  • Fill up the Patta Transfer application form online with the land details.
  • You can transfer parts involving sub-divisions and not involving sub-divisions.
  • Below are the documents required for Patta Transfer
    1. Sale deed
    2. Partition deed
    3. Settlement deed
    4. Exchange deed
    5. Gift deed
    6. Release deed

Download FMB TN Land Record

FMB is a document related to you and which is required for several purposes. You can download this document online for free from the official portal of the revenue department of the TN government.

  1. Visit .in official portal for Tamil Nadu Land Record.
  2. Click on the FMB Sketch Rural tab on the home page of the website.
  3. First, select your District name from the given list.
  4. Select the Taluk from the Given List.
  5. Now select your village name.
  6. fill out your survey number in the given section.
  7. select your sub-division from the list given.
  8. Enter the authentication value of the given captcha.
  9. Click on the submit button to get the FMB of your land in the state.
  10. FMB report of your land will be shown on the screen of your computer or laptop.
  11. You can download or take the printout of the FMB report for your reference.

TSLR Extract Download Online

TSLR extra is another document related to your land that can be downloaded from the online website Patta Chitta TN land record. This web portal is managed by the Department of Survey and Settlement, Government of Tamil Nadu. This survey is done by the government to identify the land in the towns of the state.

  • Visit the official website by clicking on the following Link=> TSLR Extract Download Online.
  • Fill up the district name that you are searching for.
  • Enter the name of your Taluk in the given section.
  • Select the sub-division number of your village.
  • Fill up the name of your village.
  • Now you have to give the survey number of the land on which you want to download the TSLR extract
  • Now enter the given captcha to verify.
  • Click on the submit button to download the TSLR extract.
  • Save the copy of the report shown on the computer screen for your future reference.

Check Tamil Nadu Land Record through Mobile App

The revenue department of the TN government has also launched a mobile application to check land records through mobile phones. The government knows that smartphones are more accessible gadgets this time which people own in rural areas of the state. So the people from rural areas don’t need to go to the computer center to check the details of their land records. Now the citizens can download the application of Patta Chitta TN land record online from the Playstore and use the services online from their mobile phone.

 Mobile App for Android Mobile Download Here
 Mobile App for iOS phone Download Here

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Citizen Login

This portal also has the facility to register general citizens online on the portal to avail of online services. Lots of the services like changing the name and other paid services require the login ID.

  1. Click on the Citizens Login Tab on the home page of the portal.
  2. Enter your mobile number to start registration.
  3. Enter the verification captcha code to verify and click on the get OTP tab.
  4. Enter OTP to validate yourself.
  5. Full up the online application form to register online with your personal details.
  6. Click on the submit button to register yourself online.
  7. After submitting the form you can log in using your mobile as a login ID for various available online services on the portal.

Other Services

There are lots of other services also available for the citizens. Below is the list of the available services.

Check the status of Poramboke land Click Here
Patta Order Copy Rural Click Here
The government excluded land details on TN Patta Chitta Portal Click Here
Patta Chitta FMB online on TN Patta Chitta portal Click Here
View Village Image Detail Click Here
Check Patta Chitta Details online Click Here
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