Nigar Shaji Bio (Wiki): Aditya L1 Project Director, ISRO Scientist, Husband

Nigar Shaji, The ISRO scientist recently come into the limelight after the successful launch of the Aditya L1 mission. The successful launch of India’s maiden solar mission has made big news in the world after the successful landing of Vikram Lander on the moon on 22 August 2023. Nigar Shaji was the project director of the India’s solar Mission Aditaya L1. Indian scientist has successfully launched the Aditya L1 and projected the payload in the destined orbit where the payload will travel 15 lakh KM to the final orbit of the sun to collect the data for the research. Let’s have a look at the professional and personal journey till now in this specific blog post Nigar Shaji Biography (Wiki) along with the Aditya L1 Project Director, ISRO Scientist, Husband, and other info.

About Nigar Shaji’s Biography

Nigar Shaji was born in Tenkasi district, Tamil Nadu. She was brought up in a family of a farmer of the Sengottai town. Her mother was a homemaker. Nigar Shaji has done her Schooling at an English Medium Senior Secondary School. She chose electronics and communication subjects in engineering from the Tirunelveli Government Engineering College. She completed her Master’s degree in the same esteem from Birla Institute of Technology and joined ISRO in 1987.

Nigar Shaji Bio (Wiki): Aditya L1 Project Director, ISRO Scientist, Husband

Nigar Shaji joined Satish Dhawan Space Bangaluru and started working on Communication, Satellite communication, design, and control systems. She lives in Bangalore with her family a son and daughter. Nigar Shaji is married to a scientist and his husband is working in Gulf counties as a scientist. Her son is also a scientist and working in the Netherlands at the present time. In her professional journey with ISRO, she assisted in various projects of communication satellites launched by the organization. She was also an Associated Project Director of India’s valuable Resourcesat-2A. Before we move on detailed biography of Nigar Shaji, let’s have a brief Bio in the below section.

Nigar Shaji Bio (Wiki), Age, Husband, Family – Overview

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  • Nigar Shaji Bio (Wiki)
  • Aditya L1 Project Director, ISRO Scientist, Husband
Full Name Nigar Shaji
Occupation Scientists at the Indian Space Research Organization
Date of Birth 1964
Place of Birth Sengottai, Tamilnadu
Father’s Name Sheikh Meeran
Father’s Occupation Farmer
Mother’s Name Saitoon Biwi
Mother’s Occupation Homemaker
Education Master In Electronics and Communication
Current Profile Project Director of Indian Solar Mission- Aditya L1

Nigar Shaji as Aditya L1 Project Director

Let us tell you that Nigar Shaji joined ISRO at Satish Dhawan Space Center Bangaluru just after completing her Master’s degree in Electronics and Communication from Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi. She was continuously working on the electronic communication services of all the commutation satellite projects by the Indian Space Research Organisation from the Bengaluru office. Her continuous hard work gives her the chance to become an Assistant Project Director of India’s important communication satellite Resourcesat-2A.

M Vanitha Chandrayaan 3, Age, Salary, Photo, ISRO Scientist

The Resourcesat-2A is the Indian Remote Sensing Satellite for National Resource Management. This satellite was designed to monitor all the resources of India through remote sensing from the satellite. She became head of the Satellite Telemetry Department at ISRO at UR Rao Satellite Center Bengaluru. She was selected as the Project Director of India’s Solar Misson. The solar mission project was successfully launched by ISRO under HEr Diraction on the projected Date and Time.

ISRO Scientist Nigar Shaji Personal Life and Education

Nigar Shaji was born in a lower-middle-class family of farmers in Sengottai town of Tenkasi district. A talented girl child of the family of a farmer and a homemaker was destined to become a renowned scientist of the world. She was very intelligent in her schooling days, Her father also backed up her and involved her in science subjects from her 9th class. At her graduation, she selected electronics and communication as her subjects. After graduating successfully she was selected for a master’s degree at the Birla Institute of Technology.

She was married to an engineer and her husband is working as a scientist in Gulf countries. She still living in Bengaluru City with her son and daughter. Her son completed his engineering and currently working in the Netherlands. According to the news, Her border said she continues to visit her native place on various functions and occasions.

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