Nicco Park Kolkata Ticket Price 2024 Online Booking, Timings

Hello Everyone and welcome to our website. In today’s article, we are going to provide you with information related to Nicco Park Kolkata. It is the greatest amusement park in the region of Kolkata. And it may offer the most enjoyable experiences in all of Eastern India. So, if you are from Kolkata and want to experience Nicco Water Park. Then you must continue reading this article. And grab complete details about Nicco Park Kolkata 2024 Ticket Prices, Online Booking, Timings, etc.

Nicco Park Kolkata 2024

The amusement park features numerous attractions. Moreover, it has a water park section known as “Wet-o-Wild.” The amusement park features approximately thirty rides. It has five interests and one performance. The park also offers day pass options. It is If you plan to spend the entire day there. Visit the Food Court whenever you’re feeling hungry. It is open throughout the day and the Food Court serves Indian food, Chinese food, and South Indian food. And It serves refreshment foods and other cuisines also.

Nicco Park Kolkata 2023 Ticket Price, Nicobar Water Park Ticket Booking Online, Timings

The water park is renowned. This is for its immaculate swimming pools. It has thrilling water attractions. They are exceptionally clean lockers and rental swimwear. Nicco Park’s bowling alley, Nicco Super Bowl, features four lanes. It is available for bowling. People come from far and wide. They come even from neighboring communities and states. This is to see this attraction. When visitors come here, they experience a variety of entertaining activities. There are more attractions. It brings them great joy.

Nicco Park Kolkata Online Booking 2024 – Overview

Park Name Nicco Park, Kolkata
Article Category Park Ticket Booking
Booking Process of Entry Ticket Online
Address JheelMeel, Sector IV, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700 106, West Bengal
Phone Number +91 33 6628 5564
Email ID [email protected]

Activities & Rides Available at Nicco Park

People do not visit Nicco Park for the sole purpose of amusement or enjoyment. The school team of children and their families visit the park to show them the park’s beauty. It is also pursuing educational information about the area. The exhibits include a solar town, snow globe, cyclone, and conservatory. It is for both children and adults. They can explore and learn more about it. People can maximize their park experience. Other multitudes of additional thrills and sightseeing opportunities are also available.

It is by visiting the following locations:

  • Residence with a haunting
  • Taking model train excursions
  • Cable cars
  • skydiving
  • family carousels
  • paddle boats
  • river excursions
  • visiting river caves
  • bull rides
  • twisting and turning pirate ships

Nicco Park Kolkata Ticket Price 2024

Nicco Park Ticket Booking Offers Reasonable Rates And Fees. This is To Enter And Explore The Location. Nicco Park Ticket Booking is inexpensive. When guests enter the park, they must pay one of several different rates. It is based on their age category. There are varying rates for each ride. There are varying rates for roller coasters, river views, and many other rides.

Moreover, there are varying sightseeing visits. It is to the water park and other attractions. These prices vary in addition to the principal admission ticket costs. You also have the option to reserve a package. It includes the cost of admission and consists of several additional activities.

Entry Fee (including 15 Rides and attractions)  150 Rs
Primary Park Bundle Fee for Entry: Rs. 500
Package for a Water Park Fee for Entry: Rs. 450
Combination Package (Water Park and Main Park) Fee for Entry: Main Park Package Includes: Water Park Package Includes: Total Package Fee: Included Rs. 550
Ticket for the Year Price: Rs. 2,500
Entry Ticket With Food ₹500.00
Chinese Combo Meal (Veg or Non-Veg) and 300 ml Pepsi

Nicco Park Ticket Full Package Offers 2024

Nicco Tickets Only Entry Entry With Food Multi Park Multi Parks with Food Price Valid Till
General Package Rs. 300 Rs. 500 Rs. 1000 Rs. 1200 Till November, 2023
Sr. Citizen Package Rs. 150 Rs. 500 Till November, 2023
Sainik Package Rs. 180 Rs. 600 Till November, 2023

All Rides Price List in 2024

Ride  Price
Bull Rs. 50.00
Cable Car Paddle Rs. 50.00
Boat Rs. 100.00
Cruiser Rs. 50.00
Flying Saucer Rs. 50.00
Game Zone Rs. 50.00
Shoot the Boot Rs. 100.00
Moon Raker Rs. 50.00
River Cave Rs. 100.00
Roller Coaster Rs. 100.00
Striking Car Rs. 100.00
Sky Diver Ride Rs. 100.00
Twist n’ Turn Rs. 50.00
Water Chute Rs. 50.00
Water Coaster Rs. 50.00
Lazy River Rs. 50.00
Santa (Seasonal) Rs. 50.00
Virtual Reality Rs. 100.0

Nicco Park Kolkata Online Ticket Booking 2024

There are both online and offline ticketing options available. It is for the Nicco Park in Kolkata. You should purchase the ticket online. This is if you want to avoid the crowds at the ticket office while you are there. Visitors are required to buy tickets in advance. This is to enter the park.

  1. A person must visit This is the official website or portal for Nicco Park in Kolkata. It is to purchase tickets for Nicco Park in Kolkata. It is via the online ticketing system.
  2. Then, once its homepage has been loaded, it will be accessed from the homepage’s menu.
  3. Select the reservation date from the image-presented options.
  4. The admission tickets will be displayed on a new page. It will appear on the screen.
  5. After that, it will display food-related information. You will be required to choose many options:
    • Sainik package,
    • General ticket,
    • Senior-only ticket,
    • Rental (for the waterpark).
  6. Then, attentively read the terms and conditions. You have to read the provided instructions. This is to obtain tickets and reserve admission to NiccoPark.
  7. Select the dates of your stay from the calendar. You can then click the “book now” tab or option.
  8. Proceed to the “Cart” section of the website. This is to make payments. You can use any of the available payment methods.
  9. The system will send a confirmation code to the mobile number or email address.
  10. It will be provided in the contact information section. This is upon the conclusion of the ticket purchase. It will be In addition to the admission tickets.

Note – Park employees in Kolkata’s Nicco Park will check the receipt. They can check this SMS for any online-purchased tickets. It will happen before allowing the visitor. This is to access the park. It will occur On the day of the visit.

Nicco Park Contact Number, Location & Timings

Address Jheel Meel, Sector IV
Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700 106
Timings  10 am to 7 pm
Phone Number (91) 033- 66285509, 033-66285549, 033-66285564
Fax (91) 33 2357-2116
E-Mail [email protected]
Toll-Free Number 1800 2121 316

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is online ticket purchasing possible?
Ans. Tickets can be purchased online or in person. It will be at the ticket counter. Both possibilities are available.

2. What is the most affordable price for NICCO Park Kolkata tickets?
Ans. Entrance to Kolkata Nicco Park requires a minimum admission. The price of Rs. 210/-.

3. Where can I locate the page for purchasing NICCO Park tickets on the official website?
Ans. The website is where tickets for Nicco Park can be purchased.

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