(Net Worth) Naresh Goyal Biography: Jet Airways Founder, Fraud, Arrested

Naresh Goyal Bio( Wikki), Net Worth, Jet Airways Founder, Fraud Case, Arrested: Renowned Non-Resident Indian Businessman and founder of Jet Airways was arrested by the Enforcement Department for Rs 538 Crore bank fraud. He was taken under after a long session of questioning at the ED office in Mumbai. He was booked under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act of the Indian Penal Code. Naresh Goyal was called by ED for the Rs 538 crore fraud money case in Canara Bank Mumbai. Here in this article, we are going to publish Naresh Goyal’s Bio( Wikki), Net Worth, Jet Airways Founder, Fraud Case, and Arrest by ED for your reference.

Naresh Goyal Biography (Net Worth)

Naresh Goyal was born in 1949, in Sangrur Punjab, Into the house of a jewelry dealer. His father died when was young and his family has gone through financial crises. Anyhow his mother managed his schooling and graduation. At the age of 11 years when he was staying in his sixth standard in Govt. Raj Sigh High- School for boys, once again the family faced financial crises and he had to leave his home. He lived with his mother’s uncle and have done his graduation from Govt. Bikram College of Commerce, Patiyala.

Naresh Goyal Biography

His life early life was very difficult and he started his career with his uncle’s private firm with a minimal monthly payout. But the bright student and intelligent youngster Naresh Goyal knows that he is not destined to do the job on the nominal wages. His career changed track when he joined as General Service Administration with Lebanese Airlines. He has done extensive international traveling for airline business training. The Lebanese Airlines gave him extensive training in the Airline business. He started using his experience of extensive international touring and travel business to give him ample opportunities to groom his career. Let’s have a brief look at the Short Bio of Naresh Goyal, founder of Jet Airways in the below section.

Naresh Goyal Biography- Overview

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Complete Name Naresh Kumar Goyal
Father’s Name NA
Mother’s Name NA
Date of Birth 29 July 1949
Spouse Anita Goyal
Children Nivaan Goyal, Namrata Goyal
Siblings Satinder Kumar Goyal
Place of Birth Singrur, Punjab
Nationality Indian( NRI)
Religion Hindu
Naresh Goyal Linked in Profile Click Here
Achievements Founder of Jet Airways
Awards Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Services from Ernst & Young- 2010

Naresh Goyal- Net Worth

Naresh Goyal was the founder and chairman of the Jet Airways till 2009. He founded Jet Airways Airlines in 1994 and the airline was doing very well till year 2015. The fall of the airline started from falling profit after new airlines started with the cheapest domestic air tariff in the domestic operation Finally the company declared bankruptcy in 2019.

According to the latest news the Net Worth of Naresh Goyal is around Rs 600 Crores. This amount is only based on the shareholding data with exchanges.

Naresh Goyal- Net Worth Rs 564.00 Crore

Naresh Goyal- Founding of Jet Airways

Naresh Goyal worked with several international airlines till May 1993. In May 1993 Jet Airways officially operated the airline in the domestic sector in India. Before that Naresh Goyal worked with Araqi Airways, Royal Jordanian Airlines, and other companies where he gained extensive experience in Air traveling and ticketing. His birth independent work was started with the Jetair Travel agency which represents several airlines like Air France, Australian Airlines, and Cathay Pacific.

He converted the Jetair travel agency into an Airline at the time of financial reform introduced by the former Finance Minister Manmohan Singh. Naresh Goyal and his wife Anita Goyal took advantage of the opening globalization of Indian air space by open skies policy. Jet Airways was founded in 1992 and commenced its first operation in 1993. In 1995 Jet Airways started its full-fledged air services in the domestic sir sector.

Naresh Goyal- ED Arrest & Fraud Case

In a fraud case, the CBI started an inquiry into fraudulent money transfers in Canara Bank in 2019. In 2020 CBI declared him culprit for fraud of Rs 538 Crores. Extortion Departement( ED) also started enquiry of Money laundering through Canarank and in 2020 and finally after inquiry he was again called by the ED in Mumbai Office in septemer 2023.

After investigation and long session of questioning by ED in Mumbai office he was arrested. The ED have bookeked him under the Prevention of Money Laundering case section of IPC.

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