Most Viewed Live Streams On YouTube: ISRO Makes History, 8 Million Live Watch

Most Viewed Live Streams On YouTube: ISRO Makes History, 8 Million Live Watchs: Separately, the entire globe has hailed ISRO and India on their great achievement. Everyone from tech titans to international leaders to religious leaders has weighed in on ISRO’s success. The Dalai Lama, Tibet’s spiritual leader, congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the moon. For this mission, I want to say heartfelt thanks to those scientists who have completed this mission with so much hard work and dedication.

Most Viewed Live Streams On YouTube: ISRO Makes History, 8 Million Live Watch

Today on this auspicious occasion, we are proud of all of them. Popularity is important. A noteworthy event, like as ISRO’s mission, inevitably gained worldwide attention. The timing of the streaming was also critical. Because it was lunchtime in India, there were a large number of spectators available. Furthermore, excellent stream quality and strong social media promotion were critical. Below, we have shared details related to the Most Viewed Live Streams On YouTube: ISRO Makes History, 8 Million Live Watch.

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ISRO Makes History, 8 Million Live Watch (CH-3 Soft Landing)

Before touching down on the lunar surface for the first time, the Chandrayaan-3 was already breaking records on Earth. At 5:53 PM IST, 5.6 million viewers converged on ISRO’s official YouTube channel, breaking Ibai’s previous live stream record of 3.4 million visitors. The digital universe buzzed with this unprecedented achievement as space enthusiasts from all around the world eagerly awaited.

The Vikram Landing Module’s fell onto the Moon’s south pole at 6:04 PM on Wednesday, August 23rd. By the time Chandrayaan-3 successfully landed, a record-breaking 8 million people had tuned in, making it the most-watched live stream in YouTube history. This event highlighted not only India’s space prowess but also its huge digital presence.

Some scientists delivered comments on behalf of hundreds of people who worked tirelessly to make Chandrayaan 3 a success. People showed their joy after seeing the live video of the successful landing of the Chandrayaan 3 by saying “Jai Hind”, “Feeling proud”, and “Congratulations to ISRO.”

The entire country is pleased with ISRO’s accomplishment. Many people have shared and continue to enjoy Chandrayaan 3’s achievements. Furthermore, ISRO’s YouTube Channel currently has 4.01M subscribers, and the latest aired video has earned 29M likes.

Most Viewed Live Streams On YouTube 2023

Most Viewed Live Streams On YouTube also check and see the ISRO Makes History more than 8 Million Users:

Rank & YouTube Stream Peak Real-time Views Streamed on
1. ISRO – Chandrayaan 3 Mission Soft Landing 8.06 million August 23, 2023
2. CazéTV – World Cup 2022 QF Brazil vs Croatia 6.1 million December 9, 2022
3. CazéTV – Brazil vs. South Korea 2022 World Cup 5.2 million December 6, 2022
4. CazéTV – Vasco vs Flamengo 4.7 million March 19, 2023
5. SpaceX- Crew Demo-2 4.1 million May 28, 2020
6. Hybe Labels: Butter from BTS 3.7 million May 21, 2022
7. Apple Event 3.6 million September 7, 2022
8. Law and Crime Network: Depp vs. Heard Trial 3.5 million June 1, 2022
9. Fluminese Football Club: Rio Cup Finals 3.5 million July 9, 2020
10. Fluminese Football Club: Campeonato Carioca Final 3.2 million July 12, 2020

India is on the Moon: Historic Moment for India

The success of Chandrayaan-3 has sent pleasure and sparkles throughout the country, uniting all Indians. PM Modi, who is now in South Africa for the BRICS Summit, attended the landing event and applauded India’s huge space success. “We proudly announced and described a movement that we have launched a soft landing mission to get the goal of the Moon Mission. “India is on the Moon,” ISRO Chief S Somnath told PM Modi, who celebrated by waving the Indian flag and people following the Chandrayaan-3 makes history on YouTube, becomes the world’s most-viewed live stream ever.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1 How did the ISRO’s live feed affect public perception? 

Ans. The live transmission from ISRO increased public awareness of space exploration and India’s technological accomplishments tremendously.

Q.2 Were there any difficulties in carrying out the live stream? 

Ans. While ISRO successfully carried out the live transmission, there were difficulties in assuring continuous broadcasting from orbit.

Q.3 What other amazing live streaming has happened on YouTube? 

Ans. Notable live streaming includes big product announcements, music concerts, and major athletic events.

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