10+ Most Controversial Bollywood Movies of All Time [Updated List]

You will find the appropriate details about 10+ Most Controversial Bollywood Movies of All Time and more here. The kind of movie that can bring controversy and has some different meanings. Sometimes Controversial movies are most likely to play a role in changing people’s minds and perspectives. Now it is time to know about the Top 10 Most Controversial Bollywood Movies Name list.

Most Controversial Bollywood Movies All Time

Controversial movies are my all-time favorite movies of mine and I’m sure that you also like them, that’s why you clicked on this blog to know The Top 10+ Most Controversial Bollywood MoviesMovies of today are mostly controversial as these types of movies get much reach and views from which movie members can earn revenue. Controversial Movies are most likely to be fascinating and addictive.

10+ Most Controversial Bollywood Movies List of All Time

10. Water:

Controversial movies are always my preferred movie but if the movie banned then it’s totally means a lot. It happened with “WATER”. Deepa Mehta’s movie ” WATER ” was fantastic and received several awards where an Academy Award for Best International Feature Film. However, some issues such as removing women from society and other restricted lines have been used in the movie, for which it had been banned.

9. Black Friday:

Why black Friday is a controversial movie? Well, the movie was Interesting but due to the concept which has been used in the movie being related to the 1993 bomb blasts and other reasons, the movie has been terminated and banned.

8. Kantara:

The second-highest-grossing Kannada film was Kantara which was full of controversy. The concept of the movie is based on ritual and Bhoota Kola. However, the song of the movie was removed due to copyright issues and the movie also won multiple viewers’ hearts but due to the high controversy some scenes of the movie are not allowed by the law of the government which is why the movie was banned after some months. Moreover, you can listen to the full audio of the movie online.

7. Hava Aney Dey:

Another Controversial Movie was Hava Aney Dey, which was invented in 2005 But due to the concept and the story was based on sexuality. The movie has been banned. But the movie Hava Aney Dey won multiple rewards. Overall the movie was amazing.

6. The Kashmir Files:

The most wanted movie of the year was The Kashmir Files, but due to the controversy between religion and the facts and all, the movie has been banned. First, the movie has been banned in Singapore. The movie has been banned due to the impact of views, they started controversy together in the comments. Not only that, The movie is a one-sided religious movie and affected a lot. and viewed

5. Kama Sutra: A Tale Of A Love:

English Language based movie Kama Sutra: A Tale of A Love, was launched officially in 1997. Which was the top trending movie in 2000. The concept of the movie on women’s freedom and empowerment and some lines in the movie were violent, due to which the movie got much hated comments as well as criticism. As a result, the movie was banned and faced a big loss

4. Fire:

Deepa Mehta made the movie controversial and interesting as well. Fire is a movie where you will see the concept of homosexuality along with a love story. Due to the hated comments and fighting between people officially for the move. The movie has been banned but the movie won multiple awards and prizes

3. Aandhi:

Inspired by Indira Gandhi, the movie Aandhi became the most wanted movie but due to being one-sided and the concepts were full of politics. Not only that, the violent comments are criticizing the world of generation which can impact in future. As a result, Aandhi movie has been banned officially under the law of the government.

2. Garm Hawa:

One of the other most famous movies was The Garm Hawa, which was launched officially in 1973 and became the most-watched controversial movie. Not only in India but throughout Asia, the movie became more popular due to the concept of the movie and the controversy. The concept of the movie is based on a condition, where a muslim family survived after the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947. However, in the movie, there are many scenes where a Muslim family is Controversial with another religious family. That’s why the movie has also been banned.

1. The Bandit Queen:

Bandit Queen is also can controversial movie where you will see the life story of Phoolam Devi. The movie was launched officially in 1996 but same with other movies, this movie also faced many difficulties in concept, and due to some Legal problems, the movie was ternimated and banned.

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