Meesho Lucky Draw 2023 Fact-Check, Is It Legit or Fake, Beware of Meesho Winner List

Meesho Lucky Draw 2023 Fact-Check, Is It Legit or Fake, Beware of Meesho Winner List:- Meesho is an e-commerce platform with huge popularity in India. This product-selling website provides a large variety of products in beauty, kitchen appliances, clothing, electronics, and many more. The biggest USP of Meesho is their reasonable prices to the customers with fast delivery. There’s a piece of news spreading all around regarding the Meesho Lucky Draw 2023 Real or Fake. We’ll discuss this Meesho contest in this article, whether, it is legit or fake. Also, give you tips to avoid any online scam which is going on nowadays.

About Meesho Lucky Draw 2023

Whenever there’s a news about lucky draw, people get very excited. Who doesn’t want to win an SUV car, Bike, TV, or some kitchen appliances? Companies use this marketing tactic to attract customers by giving coupon codes, lucky draws on some purchases, etc. But, from the last few days, Meesho Lucky Draw 2023 is getting so much hype as well as speculations. Meesho Lucky Draw 2023 Winner List is a way through which you can win exciting offers when you purchase more products from the Meesho shopping app. The more purchases a customer makes, the higher the chances to win the lucky draw.

Meesho Lucky Draw Winner List - Is It Legit or Fake, Beware of Meesho Lucky Draw Fact-check

Fact-Check of Meesho Lucky Draw 2023

This speculation of Meesho Lucky Draw started when some third-party websites started releasing the Winners List (Meesho Lucky Draw Winners List 2023) in the market. By knowing about the winner’s list, more people got tempted to join the lucky draw contest. Scammers started to collect the personal info (name, phone no.) of the consumers and declare them winners without any legitimacy. So many websites have started to release winners lists on the internet. People started to get confused. This started the speculation about the Meesho Lucky Draw Contest 2023. Whether it is legit or fake. Keep scrolling down below.

Beware of Meesho Lucky Draw 2023, Winner List – Highlights

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Meesho Lucky Draw 2023 – Legit or Fake

To cut a long story short, there’s NO Lucky Draw Contest officially announced by Meesho on its official website or social media. To check the fact, you can go on the official site of Meesho as well as its social media handle, where you’ll find that no such contest has been announced lately. Not only this, no¬†winners list has been released by Meesho officially.

To take advantage of consumers, many scammers on the internet release fake winners lists on their websites. By seeing their names on the list, people get tempted and follow the wrong instructions of the scammers. These scammers take some deposit money or bank account details from the customers. And then, they flew away in the air.

Types of Lottery Frauds Online

1. Through Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are a new hub for online selling. To take advantage of this, many scammers post exciting offers related to reputed companies (like Meesho) lucky draws, and discounts. After that, they redirect you to their fraud website from that post and ask for personal info like bank details, contact numbers, and ATM card numbers. They take advance payment but then you never hear from them. That’s when you know you have been mugged.

2. Lucky Draw Contests

This a very popular way to scam people through exciting luck draw contests. Scammers reach potential customers through posts, texts, or direct calls. They tell people that they have won a lucky draw and to get the lucky draw they have to fill in some requirements related to bank details, PAN card, and UPI IDs. Then they deduct an amount from your bank account simultaneously.

3. Scratch Cards

In this case, scammers approach you through posts, physical letters, or SMS. They send you a scratch card and when you scratch the card you get some gifts like cars, bikes, and smartphones. And then the scammer asks for your info and your bank details. They ask for a refundable token fee for the gift you just won. This is where they are scamming you with either the bank details you shared or the token fees.

Preventive Measures Against Meesho Online Frauds

As it is wisely said, ‘Prevention is better than cure, so, we have written some preventive measures down below, read them carefully:

  1. Never respond to links asking to update your account or password.
  2. Never pay fees, or registration fees for prizes or lucky draws.
  3. Meesho never asks for OTP or personal information over phones or messages.
  4. Avoid paying any deposit money if someone asks you in the name of a Meesho representative.
  5. Never click on random links as it can hamper your device’s privacy and your details.

Final Note

Beware of scammers who are just waiting for you to get trapped in their scams in the name of lottery or lucky draws contests. Meesho Lucky Draw 2023 or Winner List is just a tip on the dark side of online fraud. Please be aware of this type of lottery fraud by sharing this article with you near and dear! Hope you will understand there is nothing free in this world.

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