Mallu Jamkhandi Phone Number, Real WhatsApp No, Contact Number, Email & House Address

Most people are undoubtedly fans of Mallu Jamkhandi. He is a top-rated personality in Kannada and he has many fans. Also, he has a YouTube channel. In this channel, he has about 1.49 million subscribers. Whenever he uploads his video on YouTube, its viewer’s number is always approx. 599,438,336. It means him not only popular in Kannada but he is popular in all over the nation. He is also famous for his comedy videos and has a solid fan base on every social media account. He has an account on every social media platform like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Mallu Jamkhandi Phone Number, Real WhatsApp No, Contact Address, Biodata

So people can easily be aware of his work, activity, and many other aspects. He always posts his daily life activities and many other aspects. It means he always entertains his fans. If you wish to talk with Mallu Jamkhandi, this article will help you. This article provides Mallu Jamkhandi’s phone number. So you can quickly contact Mallu Jamkhandi.

Mallu Jamkhandi Phone Number

Name  Mallu Jamkhandi
Birthday date 4 Dec
Age  25 to 30
Profession Actor, producer as well and editor
Live in Kannada
Famous for Nannaki Movie
Language Kannada
Hometown Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Nationality Indian
Official website

Mallu Jamkhandi Bio Data

Mallu Jamkhandi is very popular on his YouTube channel. After this, he goes to the big screen. And he became a successful person on the big screen. His recently released movie is Nannaki. It is desirable and the best movie in the Kannada language.

He posts all his videos in the Kannada language because His native tongue is Kannada. He started his journey in social media networks in 2017. In the year 2023, he became famous and talented. His Nannaki movie will be released in April 2023.

So, if you don’t watch this movie, then watch it. It is one of the best movies of Mallu Jamkhandi. Mallu Jamkhandi played a lead role in this movie. So, remember to watch this fantastic movie by Mallu Jamkhandi.

Full Name  Mallu Jamkhandi
Gender Male
Parents Father: Not Available
Mother: Not Available
Sibling(s) Brother(s): Not Available
Sister(s): Not Available

Mallu Jamkhandi Contact Number, Whatsapp

Many individuals always search for Mallu Jamkhandi’s phone number. That’s why here we provide Mallu Jamkhandi’s mobile number. Mallu Jamkhandi is a well-known person in south India. So, most people try to contact him for any reason. It is a work-related reason or an unusual reason. Mallu Jamkhandi keeps his phone number private from the public. If he shares, it will be misused. And he is swamped, so he cannot pick up the phone every minute.

Phone Number +91 9110227650
WhatsApp Number +91 9110227650
Personal Mobile Number +91 98342xxxxx
Contact Number 080 647x xxxxx

Mallu Jamkhandi House Address & Email ID

We are all aware that Mallu Jamkhandi is very popular. And that’s why he has a high number fan base. So, most of the fan of Mallu Jamkhandi wants to meet him. Otherwise, they also want to give him gifts, letters, or other things.

If you think of giving a gift and a letter to Mallu Jamkhandi, you are right. This article gives you the actual address of Mallu Jamkhandi. You can visit Mallu Jamkhandi’s home and then give your gifts. Also, you can directly deliver any letter of gifts to the home address of Mallu Jamkhandi.

Email ID [email protected]
Address MJ Saloon, Near KLE Hospital, Vijayapur Road, Jamkhandi – 587301

Social Media Accounts of Mallu Jamkhandi 

In the following paragraph, we provide the social media accounts of Mallu Jamkhandi. On this platform, you can see all the posts, videos, and other things of Mallu Jamkhandi. You also get the chance to comment on the posts and videos of Mallu Jamkhandi. On the other hand, you can also directly chat with Mallu Jamkhandi in the massage section box.

Mallu Jamkhandi’s Facebook account name is Mallu Jamkhandi Comedy. He has 564k followers on his Facebook account. Mallu Jamkhandi’s Instagram account name is mallu_jamkhandi. He has 867k followers on his Instagram account. Mallu jamkhandi you tube channel name is Mallu jamkhandi. He has 16.4 lakh subscribers on this channel. Mallu Jamkhandi posts 420 videos on this channel. All video has a high number of viewers.

Facebook Account
YouTube Channel
Official Website

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is the Mallu Jamkhandi?

Ans: Mallu Jamkhandi is a trendy actor and producer. He is famous for uploading comedy videos on his YouTube channel. He uploads these videos in the Kannada language. So most Kannada state people are big fans of Mallu Jamkhandi.

2. Can I get the phone number of Mallu Jamkhandi?

Ans: yes, sure. You can get Mallu Jamkhandi’s phone number. But if you are an ordinary man and only require Mallu Jamkhandi’s phone number for an unusual reason, then you cannot get his private number. But he shares his WhatsApp number where people can talk with him.

3. How can I give gifts or letters to Mallu Jamkhandi?

Ans: you can give gifts or letters to Mallu Jamkhandi at his home. In this article, we provide the home address of Mallu Jamkhandi. You can directly deliver your presents and letters to Mallu Jamkhandi’s home. Otherwise, you can visit his home and provide your gift to Mallu Jamkhandi.

4. What is the age of Mallu Jamkhandi?

Ans: There is no specific age of Mallu Jamkhandi declared. But he looks at about 25 to 30 aged people.


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