KPOP India Contest 2024 Online Audition Registration, Date, Apply Link

KPOP India audition registrations are being started in 2024 by the Korean Cultural Center. Check here all the information related to the KPOP India Audition 2024 last date, official website Let us tell you that KPOP is not conducting any auditions in India. Rather some agencies take foreigners as trainees. Like JYP Entertainment etc. In which you can give a KPOP Contest Audition. And you don’t even need to go to Korea for it.

KPOP India Contest Audition 2024

Korean Pop Music Industry Its pop music shows are very popular in South Korea as well as all over the world. This is a group also commonly referred to as BTS. 9 years ago a music video named Gangnam Style was released on YouTube. Which became a very popular music video. The video garnered over a million views in a matter of hours. After this, it became very popular throughout the Korean music industry.

KPOP India Contest Audition

Let us tell you that K-pop music originated in South Korea. Started in the ’90s. Which is a group of Western and Asian music. In this, you will find a combination of hip-hop as well as rap music. People like it so much for its unique style. Korean pop music videos are spreading very fast on the internet. Which people also like it a lot?

K-POP India Contest 2024 Audition Online Apply Link

If you also have a dream of becoming a famous K-POP star, you can get full training for this through a large KPop group. Also, to become a Kpop actor, candidates should start their preparation from today itself. This is the right time to start your preparation. To go famous in the KPOP classes you should already join singing as well as dance classes.

As of now, only 40-50 candidates out of 1000 in the nation of South Korea try to pursue a career in K-pop music. So if you also want to be a part of K-pop music, then for that you have to register online for KPOP India Contest 2024. Stay tuned to Kartikal to know more about its registration, location, date, etc. The KPOP team’s regional tour online has been organized keeping in mind the COVID-19 pandemic. In which single entries are allowed to maintain protection from this corona epidemic.

The Korean music industry has recently developed itself globally. And now its fan following is increasing all over the world. That’s why this Korean music company always tours around the world and auditions to find new talent. They will also invite many boys and girls. So if you also have amazing talent/art of singing, dancing, rap, or writing. So you can audition for K-POP music. All the interested Indians who want to participate in this audition can follow the complete procedure of the online audition given in the below article.

Guidelines to Participate in the KPop India Contest 2024

If you also want to get the guidelines to participate in this singing and dancing reality show, then read the steps given below carefully.

  1. If you want to be a part of the KPop India Contest, then you have to fill out your form very carefully. If any mistake is found in your registration form then you will be disqualified and removed from the contest.
  2. Before KPop India audition you have to make a video of your talent and upload it on your YouTube channel.
  3. Now you have to attach the video form URL link of your Youtube channel while filling out your online application form.
  4. Your dance and singing audition video should be completely clear as well as your face should be clearly visible in it.
  5. It is very easy for all the Indian contestants to participate in the auditions and also if any Indian living outside the country they can also fill out the application form for KPOP contest.
  6. Applicants, ages must be 14 years or above 14 years for KPOP Audition Online Registration.
  7. To participate in the audition, the applicant should have 60% Vocal Ability, 20% Expression, and Pronunciation. And Stage Charisma should be 20%, Dance Choreography 40%, and Technique 30%.

KPOP India Contest 2024 Audition Online Registration Process

As we have told you the Korean Cultural Center is organizing the KPOP India Contest. The show aims to provide you with an amazing platform to showcase your unique talent. If you want to participate in the audition you can apply online. All Indian citizens are eligible to apply under KPOP India.

No non-Indians can participate under KPOP India. Also if you are a first-prize participant or solo artist in last year’s K-Pop team, then re-participation is not allowed. Applicants can submit their entries in both local and dance categories. In which only 1 entry is allowed for each category. You can get a golden opportunity to travel abroad through the KPOP Contest 2024. So to apply online kindly follow the simple procedure given below-

  • For this, you first go to the official website portal of KPOP competition.
  • Here is the home page that will open in front of you. As shown below.
  • Now you have to click on the option of “Upload” on the home page.
  • On clicking, an application form will open in front of you.
  • In this application form, you have to fill in the following information. like-
    1. Your e-mail ID (username and password)
    2. Select Region
    3. Choose the Vocal or Dance option
    4. Your full name or the name of your group
    5. Total number and names of all participants
    6. Contact number
    7. State, District, City Name
  • Attach your video link to the form by filling in all the information, and finally click on the declaration box.
  • After the verification process, the last click on the Submit button.

K-POP India Contest Regional Round Date & Venue

KPOP Contest India 06 August 2024 Chennai
K POP Contest 01 August 2024 Guntur
KPOP India Contest 06 August 2024 Pune
K-POP India Contest 1 August 2024 Nagpur
KPOP India Contest 08 August 2024 Mumbai Regional round

JYP Kpop Online Audition 2024

Instructions: In order to register for the competition online, each participant is required to submit a video of themselves performing as part of their application. The sound and picture quality of the video are both of a high standard.

  • For the regional rounds, you will need to select the city that is geographically closest to you. The participants are allowed to take part in either of the two categories.
  • You are required to go to the official website of the KPOP contest in India.
  • After that, you will be sent to a new website if you click on the link that says “register.”
  • The next step is to provide all of the requested information, including your Name, Address, mobile number, email ID, Video, and any other requested information.
  • After that, the official team will select applicants for further consideration based on how well they do in the video.
  • Due to the widespread spread of the Coronavirus, the audition and registration process has been postponed until further notice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the Kpop India Contest 2024?
Organized by the Korean pop music industry, the KPop group holds a dance and music audition for Indian contestants every year called the KPop India Contest 2024.

Q2. What age group can participate in the KPop India Contest?
The age limit for the participants in the KPop India Contest has been fixed as 14 years or above 14 years.

Q3. In which languages ​​does KPOP sing its songs?
Although the main language of KPOP is Korean, they have also used English and Japanese in some songs for their popularity.

Q4. How to apply for KPOP contest if our city is not included in the list of official website portal?
If your city is not on the website of KPop India Contest, then you can choose your nearest city whose name is available on the list, From here you can apply.

Q5. Where can I find information about the competition?
If you want to get information related to auditions, you can send an email to [email protected]. Here you will get all the information.

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