Kirtidan Gadhvi Navratri Garba Pass 2023 Dandiya Dhamal Tickets Booking, Price

If you are also looking for Kirtidan Gadhvi Garba 2023, you have come to the right site. Today, with the aid of this article, you will have comprehensive information on how to obtain an online Kirtidan Gadhvi Garba 2023 pass. This Garba’s full title is Kirtidan Gadhvi Dandiya Dhamaal 2023. As a similar event will occur in Ahmedabad, which is also known for hosting the largest Navratri festival in the city.

This event will be held from October 124th to October 24th, 2023 at KD Farm, VIP Road, opposite YMCA Club, SG Highway, Ahmedabad. Now, with the aid of this article, I will supply you with all the information you need to register for a Kirttan Gadhvi Garba Pass or purchase tickets by visiting the official and approved website. See the complete article below.

Kirtidan Gadhvi Garba Pass 2023

Since the Navratri festival has already begun, many people are looking for local Garba Nights or Dandiya Nights to attend. We have made plans so that citizens of Ahmedabad will get their first opportunity to join the most epic party in your region. This event is referred to as either Kirtidan Gadhvi Garba Night or Dandiya Nights, depending on the moniker used.

If you like to attend this event, you can purchase a pass via the Insider app or online. Additionally, you will be asked to pay for the ticket at that time. After you join up, you can acquire your Kirtidan Gadhvi Garba Pass 2023 online. In the remainder of this piece, I will describe how to get tickets, how much they cost, and provide a link to the website where identical passes may be obtained.

Kirtidan Gadhvi Dandiya Dhamaal 2023 Highlights

Article Kirtidan Gadhvi
Festival Garba Nights or Dandiya Dhamali
The Financial year 2023
City Ahmedabad
Enter In The Party ticket booking
Registration Process online

Kirtidan Gadhvi 2023 Ticket price

You are all aware that in order to get a seat, you must pay the full ticket fee in advance. You can send an online payment in the amount of your choosing using your UPI ID. As soon as the confirmation of your payment has been successfully completed, your admittance permit will be made accessible to you.

ticket price 499 onwards

Kirtidan Gadhvi Ahmedabad Event Date & Time

date time 15 10 2023 at 6 pm
next 23  10 2023 at 11 pm

Kirtidan Gadhvi Garba Dandiya Dhamal Sthan Venue

KD Farm, VIP Road, Opposite YMCA Club SG Highway Ahmedabad

Shantam Farm 200 Feet Spring Road, Vaishnodevi Toll Plaza Road, Ognaz Cirque, Ognaz, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380060

Kirtidan Gadhvi Garba 2023 Dandiya Dhamaal Details

It is general knowledge that the celebration of Navratri that is taking place in Ahmedabad is the first and largest of its kind. In the event that you are interested in taking part in the same programme, it is strongly suggested that you first acquire some significant experience working with it. This is the very first time that preparations have been made for a Navratri event of this magnitude.

Kirtidan Gadhvi Garba artist performance Wise list

23 October 2023 Arun Rajguru
22 October 2023 Prasad Kadmi
21 Oct 2023 Kirtidan Gadhvi
20 Oct 2023 Kirtidan Gadhvi
19 Oct 2023 Kirtidan Gadhvi
18 10 2023 Priya Saraiya
17 Oct 2023 Kirtidan Gadhvi
16 10 2023 Kirtidan Gadhvi
15 October 2023 Kirtidan Gadhvi

The Kirtidan Gadhvi-Dandiya Dhamaal 2023 Navratri Festival will offer services and facilities.

As a result, in the event that you participate in the same gathering, you will be entitled to the privileges that are outlined in the following paragraphs.

  • 10 continuous days of garba dancing without a break.
  • The venue is entirely made up of grass and lawn all the way around.
  • The world-famous ensemble hailing from Ahmedabad.
  • a one-of-a-kind and exciting surprise as well as a free giveaway with melodic singers and a team that will
  • have you grooved all night long.
  • the provisioning of ingestibles and alcoholic beverages

Rules & Regulations for the Kirtidan Gadhvi Garba 2023 Event

  • You are going to be requested to provide a current photo identification card before you are allowed entrance.
  • Once the cash has been paid for the purpose of obtaining the ticket, there is no possibility of receiving a return for it.
  • When in this area, one must ensure that each and every one of the rules that have been created is followed.
  • Always be on time, and don’t keep anyone waiting.

Kirtidan Gadhvi Garba Pass 2023 ticket booking

Please be sure to follow the procedure exactly as it is outlined down below, in the exact order that it is presented.

  • You are obligated, in the first place, to go to the official website or official website. mainly due to the fact
  • that the web address of the site is located further down on this page.
  • After that, the name of the event will be displayed on the homepage of the website, and there will be a link
  • next to it that says “Book Now.” Click on that link to begin the booking process.
  • Just click on the link that has been supplied.
  • You will be expected to choose the day that you will participate in the event.
  • No matter what day of the week it is, the price of the ticket will not alter.
  • You will first be asked to select the day that the event will take place, and then you will be prompted to choose the number of tickets that you want to buy.
  • They are the ones who are accountable for making the payment for the ticket.
    send it.
  • Downloading the tickets will allow you to obtain them.
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