Kevin Costner Net Worth 2023: Salary, Age, Education, Career, Family, Wiki

Kevin Costner Net Worth 2023: Salary, Age, Education, Career, Family, Wiki: Kevin Costner, a well-known actor was born on 18 January 1955 in Lynnwood California. Along with acting, he is a producer, musician, and director. His career took a high jump with the film Silverado (1985).

Costner was not very much interested in studies from his early childhood and later he ended up being an actor but he has a very keen interest in sports. Kevin is very creative, and active and is a great lover of nature. Kevin Costner has played marvelous roles in different movies. Below, we have mentioned the complete details related to Kevin Costner’s Net Worth in 2023: Salary, Age, Education, Career, Family, and Wiki.

Kevin Costner Net Worth 2023

Nowadays, Kevin Costner is again in the media because of his wife – Christian Baumgartner. He is getting divorced from his wife and both of them are about to receive equal custody of their kids. But according to her the amount given by Kevin for the care and enjoyment of kids is not sufficient. She claims that $129 per month is not enough for the maintenance of the lifestyle of their kids because they have also lived in luxury.


Moreover, she wants to give her children every possible happiness and comfort that they receive from their Kevin. She has also claimed that he is in a position to pay her more as he makes millions in a single month. It would be very interesting to see what would be the reaction Kevin and the Court on these claims. Let’s learn more about Kevin Costner’s Net Worth and his life in this article.

Kevin Costner Net Worth 2023 & Wiki – Overview

Article About  Kevin Costner Net Worth 2023: Salary, Age, Education, Career, Family, Wiki
Full Name Kevin Michael Costner
Age 68 years
Father & Mother William Costner & Sharon Costner
  • Cindy Costner
  • Christine Baumgartner
Net worth $320 Million
Post Category Net Worth | Wiki

Age & Family Details of Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner was born on 18 January 1955. So, as of 2023, he is 68 years old. His Costner’s father and Mother are William and Sharon Costner. Kevin Costner has two brothers Daniel Craig Costner and Mark Douglas Costner. Kevin is the youngest one and was married twice.

His first wife was Cindy Costner (1978-1994) and his second wife was Christine Baumgartner (2004-2023). Kevin Costner is about to separate from Christine Baumgartner after their 18 years of marriage. His seven kids are namely – Annie, Joe, Cayden, Hayes, Lily, Grace, and Liam.

Kevin Costner Education & Career Info.

He was not a very brilliant kid academically. Kevin Costner did his graduation in 1973 from Villa Park High School and in 1978 got a degree from California State University in Business. And then later on he decided to pursue acting.

The career of Kevin Costner: The debut film of Kevin Costner was Sizzle Beach which was released in 1986. But his career touched its height from “Silverado” (1985). Kevin Costner rose to fame from his leading roles in “The Untouchables” and “No Way Out”. “Dancing with Wolves” received seven Academy Awards which were made under his direction and he also acted in this film. He started his TV series “ Yellowstone” which received a lot of popularity as well as a fan following. Kevin has received a lot of awards including Oscars and Golden Globe Awards.

Salary of Kevin Costner

Kevin handles a lot of projects. He is acting, directing films, running a business, and whatnot. So, as per reports, his estimated monthly salary is $1 Million. That’s also the real reason why his ex-wife Christine Baumgartner is asking for more money to look after their kids. He took a large amount of money from “Yellowstone” for approx. a million per episode but called it a quit because of his upcoming film series – “Horizon”.

Kevin Costner Net Worth 2023

Kevin Costner has a lot of side business and projects going on. So, it is said that his net worth has reached up to $320 million in 2023 which actually is a very big amount and still there are a lot of projects pending in his bucket list.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Q:1 Is Kevin Costner divorced to Christine Baumgartner?
Answer: Their divorce is ongoing.

Q:2 How many wives did Kevin have?
Answer: Kevin Costner had two wives- Cindy Costner and Christine Baumgartner.

Q:3 How many kids did Kevin have?
Answer: Kevin Costner has seven kids.

Q:4 For which film did Kevin Costner receive an award for best direction?
Answer: Kevin Costner received the Best Direction award for “Dancing with Wolves “.

Q:5 How many Oscars did Kevin receive?
Answer: Kevin Costner received two Oscars awards.

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