KC Joshi (Railway) Bio: CBI arrests railway official in bribery case, recovers Rs 2.61 cr cash

On May 15, 1965, KC Joshi was born in a small village in Rajasthan, India. He came from a family with little money, and both of his parents were teachers. Joshi performed physically all his life, always placing among the best students in his class. Because of his total commitment to his studies, he got a scholarship to get a degree in the field of civil engineering at a famous university.

KC Joshi (Railway) Biography

The Central Bureau of Inquiry (CBI) recently made headlines when it arrested KC Joshi, a railway officer, in a high-profile bribe case. The CBI recovered an amazing number of Rs 2.61 crore in cash during their examination, sending shocks through the railway business. In this article, we will look at KC Joshi’s life and career, the context of his believed role in the bribery case, and the impact of his arrest on the Indian railway system.

KC Joshi Biography

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Bribery Case Recovers Rs 2.61 cr Cash

The CBI detained K.C. Joshi, the Chief Material Manager of Northeastern Railway Gorakhpur, on suspicion of receiving a bribe of Rs 3 lakh, and further raids yielded Rs 2.61 crore in cash. Following the officer’s arrest, the CBI launched raids in Uttar Pradesh’s Noida and Gorakhpur, resulting in the recovery of the cash, Joshi is a 1988 batch Indian Railway Store Service (IRSS) officer stationed in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.

The officer was arrested by the Central Bureau of Crime (CBI) for being given a payment of Rs 3 from a person who is A complaint was filed against the Principal Chief Material Officer (Gorakhpur) for seeking Rs 7 lakh for failing to cancel the subject firm’s registration on the GeM Portal.

He claimed Joshi asked Rs 7 lakh as a bribe by trying to deregister his company from the State e-Marketplace (GEM) site and cancel his contract. According to the CBI, they tested the claim and set up a trap in which the exchange of part of the bribe was set up.

CBI Arrests Railway Official in Bribery Case

He claimed Joshi demanded Rs 7 lakh as a bribe by threatening to deregister his company from the Government e-Marketplace (GEM) website and cancel his contract. What Other People Are Reading View More The BJP is ‘upset’ with the Ghosi byelection loss.

It was also claimed that the complainant’s company supplied trucks to railways on a yearly contract worth Rs 80,000 per truck per month.” The CBI “set a trap and apprehended He also tried to give Rs 3 lakh to the person who had accused him so that he would withdraw his allegation. CBI itself has said this in the news.

A contentious rise to prominence

Joshi’s meteoric climb to fame aroused questions since it appeared out of proportion to the typical trajectory of a public servant’s career. He apparently exercised substantial power within the corporation, wielding weight over important appointments and contract awards. This clout allegedly enabled him to gain significant money through unlawful means.

More Know about the K C Joshi Case

K C Joshi, the Principal Chief Material Officer of the North Eastern Railway in Gorakhpur, was arrested on Tuesday evening while said to be taking a bribe of Rs 3 lakh from an outsider, they said. The worker had filed a complaint with the CBI.


Finally, the arrest of KC Joshi, a well-known railway officer, in a bribery case, has shocked the Indian railway society. The CBI’s examination found a complex web of grafts, with a broad impact. It is critical to remember the lessons learned from this dreadful as the railway system works to recover and restore trust.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who exactly is KC Joshi?
Ans. KC Joshi, full name Kartik Chandra Joshi, is a railway official who was arrested in a bribery investigation by the CBI.

Q. What are the charges against KC Joshi?
Ans. KC Joshi is facing bribery and corruption charges.

Q. How much money was recovered as a result of the investigation?
Ans. During their probe, the CBI recovered a stunning Rs 2.61 crore in cash.

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