Kazhimbram Beach Festival 2024 Date, Program List, Ticket Price & Booking Online

Hello and welcome to our blog, everyone! We appreciate you liked the content and continue to visit our website. In the present post, we are eager to welcome you to the most recent reports on then the forthcoming “Kazhimbram Ocean Side Celebration 2024”. Therefore, we’re sharing the complete details about Kazhimbram Beach Festival 2024 Date including the Program List, Online Ticket Booking, and Price. This festival celebrates the beauty and cultural diversity of Kazhimbram Beach in Kerala, India, thus it is a highly anticipated event. Keep on reading this article ahead.

Kazhimbram Beach Festival 2024

However, visitors to this festival can anticipate a vibrant schedule of events and activities that highlight then the local cuisine, art, music, and traditions. Kazhimbram Beach Festival has something for everyone, from riveting workshops to mesmerizing dance performances. This festival is sure to leave you with wonderful memories, whether you’re a local or a visitor looking for a one-of-a-kind cultural experience.

Kazhimbram Beach Festival 2024

We will provide you with all the necessary information to plan your visit to the Kazhimbram Beach Festival 2024 such as the Start Date in this blog post. From the celebration dates and then the program rundown to ticket costs and internet booking choices details. However, keep an eye out for additional updates, and then get ready to take part in the lively atmosphere of the Kazhimbram Beach Festival 2024.

Kazhimbram Beach Festival 2024 Ticket Price – Overview

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Kazhimbram Beach Festival 2024 Program List

The Kazhimbram Ocean Side Celebration 2024 is an exceptionally expected occasion that praises the excellence and the social extravagance of the Kazhimbram Ocean site in Kerala, India. To begin with, from Dec-Jan 2024, the festival is scheduled to take place. However, it’s a fantastic chance for locals and tourists alike to get together and then see how alive this coastal paradise is.

Therefore the celebration features a different scope of social exhibitions, then including conventional dance, music, and workmanship shows. In addition, visitors can take part in a variety of recreational activities and savor the mouthwatering cuisine of the area. Therefore the Kazhimbram Ocean Side Celebration 2024 vows to be an important occasion overflowing, to begin with, satisfaction, diversion, and then the festival of Kerala’s rich social legacy.

Closing session at 6 pm 31st December 2024

(DJ night at 8 p.m., a 30 feet high Christmas Papa fire show at 12 p.m., and a colorful rain at 12:30 p.m.)

Ramu Karyat Miniscreen Award 30th December 2024
Kudumbashree sports competition at 9 am, cooking competition, Allopathy medical camp at 10 am, a paragliding exhibition at 3.30 pm 29th December 2024
Tug-of-war competition/ Music band 28th December 2024
Kaviarang at 3.30 pm, Thirumudiyattam at 7.30 pm, Ayurveda medical camp at 9.30 am 27th December 2024
Mega show at 8 pm. Eye examination camp on 26th at 9.30 am. Kite flying at 3 pm, One India Kite Fest. 26th December 2024

Start Date for Kazhimbram Beach Festival 2024

The start date of Kazhimbram Oceanside Celebration 2024 is planned to occur in the winter season in December and January. Moreover, it is a highly anticipated event that honors Kerala’s Kazhimbram Beach’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. To begin with, cultural performances, art exhibitions, and other events are just a few of then the festival’s many offerings.

Hence, the beach’s scenic beauty, local cuisine, and vibrant atmosphere are all available for the most part visitors to enjoy. However, prepare to experience the magic of the Kazhimbram Beach Festival in 2024 by marking your calendars.

Kazhimbram Beach Festival Activities

  • To begin with, social exhibitions display customary music, dance, theatre, and art shows with works by well-known and local artists.
  • Meanwhile, with activities like kite flying, beach volleyball, and the tug of war, food slows down offering various neighborhood and then provincial delights.
  • Moreover, traditional crafts and skills demonstrations in workshops.
  • Furthermore, competitions in painting and photography.
  • As a result play areas for kids with rides, then games, and other activities.
  • Mostly, live music shows and hence the concerts on the beach.
  • Moreover, sessions of yoga and meditation
  • Also, environmental education initiatives and programs.

Steps to Book Kazhimbram Beach Festival 2024 Tickets Online

  1. First of all, check out the Kazhimbram Beach Festival’s official website.
  2. Then go to the “Booking” or “Tickets” section.
  3. Now from the available options, select the desired date and program.
  4. Here select the required number of tickets.
  5. While filling out the form include your name, email address, and then the phone number in your contact information.
  6. Then navigate to the payment page and select the method of payment you prefer.
  7. Next, enter the fundamental installment subtleties and then complete the exchange.
  8. Now you will get an email or ticket with a confirmation once then the payment goes through successfully.
  9. Such as keep the ticket close by so you can enter the festival.
  10. Lastly, present your ticket at the designated entry point on the day of the event for validation and entry.

FAQs about Kazhimbram Beach Festival 2024

Q.1 How might I book tickets for the Kazhimbram Beach Festival 2024?

  • However, make your payment on the official website, select then the desired date and program, and enter your information.

Q.2 Is there a minimum age requirement to attend the Kazhimbram Beach Festival?

  • Therefore the minimum age may vary depending on the program. Hence, kindly look at the celebration rules or contact then the coordinators for explicit data.

Q.3 What is the Kazhimbram Beach Festival’s official website?

  • Therefore the Kazhimbram Beach Festival’s official website is located at www.kazhimbrambeachfestival.com.

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