Karan Sangwan Unacademy Teacher Bio, Family, Age, Controversy, Net Worth

Karan Sangwan Unacademy Teacher Bio, Family, Age, Controversy, Net Worth: Teachers are important because they change lives, inspire dreams, and push the limits of human potential. Karan Sangwan Unacademy teacher Bio, Family, Age, Controversy, Net Worth, and other significant details are included in this article. Karan Sangwan is a teacher at an online education platform. Karan Sangwan teaches civil law, and criminal law at Unacademy. Karan also has his own YouTube channel, Legal Pathshala. He provides judiciary coaching on his YouTube Channel. He provides coaching for students to help them prepare for all judiciary examinations, such as APO, APP, ADA, etc.

Recently, a video of Karan Sangwan has gone viral on social media platforms, in this video urging his students not to vote for illiterate politicians. In a video clip of about 45-48 seconds, he can be seen asking students not to vote for those illiterate politicians who focus on changing names. That’s why nowadays they are in the circle of controversy. So let’s see the complete information on the Karan Sangwan Unacademy Teacher Bio, Family, Age, Controversy, And Net Worth through this article.

Karan Sangwan Unacademy Teacher Bio

Karan Sangwan Unacademy Teacher Bio- Highlights

Article Karan Sangwan Unacademy Teacher Bio, Family, Age, Controversy, Net Worth
Name Karan Sangwan
Profession Teacher
Subject Law Subject
Teaches at Unacademy (14K Followers)
YouTube Channel Legal Pathshala (Subscribers 45.7K)
Worked at CR Law College Hisar
Education Himachal Pradesh National Law University Shimla
Known Languages English and Hindi
Net Worth Click Here

Karan Sangwan Age

The information regarding Karan Sangwan’s age is currently unavailable. Karan is an Unacademy teacher. After the controversy, he was the subject of discussion for everyone. So, there is not much information available about them. Karan joined Unacademy on Feb 7, 2020. Karan has been teaching various subjects related to law on his YouTube channel. Karan streams live on their YouTube channel and teaches various things, such as important questions, quick revision, etc. Additionally, there are special classes for judiciary entrance examinations.

Karan Sangwan Education

According to Unacademy, Karan Sangwan completed his education at Himachal Pradesh National Law University Shimla. Karan has more than seven years of experience in criminal law LL.M. After completing his education, Karan worked for around one year at CR Law College Hisar. One year later, Karan joined Unacademy and started teaching Law on this online education platform. Karan has made contributions to more than 100 selections throughout India. Hundreds of students from all over India watch his videos and prepare for examinations. Karan used to tell the preparation method of the examination on his YouTube channel, Legal Pathshala.

Karan Sangwan Family

There is not much information on Karan Sagwan’s personal details, such as family, friends, and background. Karan’s LinkedIn profile states that he is from Hisar, Haryana.  Karan gained good popularity in one year. We can say that the students were his family. He used to spend all his time teaching the students. Karan has been posting videos about various examinations, informative things related to law, and preparation methods on YouTube.

Karan Sangwan Controversy

During his online teaching session, Karan was discussing the latest bill presented by the BJP in Lok Sabha. Karan was lamenting that all the notes that he prepared on the criminal laws had become worthless. Karan told his students to choose a person who is well-educated and can understand things. Karan urging students not to vote for uneducated politicians. Some people are saying that Karan’s message indirectly targets the PM (Narendra Modi). He also talked about the current situation in the country.

People say that he targeted the politicians and the PM, so he came under controversy. Unacademy fired its teacher Karan Sangwan because Sangwan appealed to the children to vote for educated politicians. The company says that the class is not a place to share personal views. However, his remarks have pointed to people joining the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) government, changing the names of states and places in recent times. Sangwan is the founder of the YouTube channel, Legal Pathshala. Now he has given a video message on his YouTube channel that he will talk in detail on this issue through a video on 19 August 2023. Karan Sangwan is getting support from many politicians including Arvind Kejriwal.

Karan Sangwan’s Net Worth

Karan’s major source of income comes from Unacademy, he teaches on this online education platform. And Karan has over 45.7K subscribers on his YouTube channel. There is not much information about Karan Sagwan’s  Net worth.

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