Jellyfish Entertainment Audition for Foreigners, Registration Link

Jellyfish Entertainment is hunting an actress, actor, dancer, singer, rapper, etc., for their production house. This Korea-based corporation is steering online tryouts internationally for several roles. If you are concerned about linking Jellyfish Entertainment, you can smear online through the following link. We have also given the time, date, venue, etc., wise tryout list, and thorough procedure to apply for audition registration for Jellyfish Entertainment through email and the authorized internet site,

Jellyfish Entertainment Audition 2024

Many of you are aware of these entertainment demonstrations that are prearranged worldwide. Thus, Jellyfish Entertainment is a South Korean performing corporation founded by creator and producer Hwang Se-jun in Seoul, South Korea. It is one of the aptitude hunt and performing corporations that arranges shows worldwide. And now they are probing for new aptitudes from around the globe to execute in their performances.

Jellyfish Entertainment Auditions 2024

However, the most astonishing thing about Jellyfish Entertainment is that they do numerous kinds of entertainment shows. They are now casting for new executors from all over the world. The greatest inspiring feature of Jellyfish performances, though, is the diversity they propose. This includes singing and dancing rivalries, rapping, acting, and modeling illustrations. In this way, they generate worldwide chances for artists from several disciplines.

Jellyfish Entertainment Audition for Foreigners Online – Overview

Article About Jellyfish Entertainment Audition 2023
Company Jellyfish Entertainment CO. LTD
Headquarters Seol, South Korea
Audition for Forigner  Applicants born after 2003, regardless of gender or nationality
Official Website
Started By Hwang Se-jun, on 17 August 2007
Year 2024
Audition inquiry Email
General inquiries

 [email protected]

Contact Number (Phone)

02) 540-4550

Company Name & Address

Jellyfish Entertainment Co., Ltd.

3-6, Eonju-ro 157-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 

Artists Category Actors, Models, Dancers, Singers, Rappers, etc.

Eligibility Criteria for Jellyfish Entertainment Audition

  1. Anyone from any nation can try for the Jellyfish Entertainment online tryouts in 2023.
  2. Anybody, both men and women, can try out for the Jellyfish Entertainment tests in 2023. The gender of the candidates is unrelated.
  3. There are two tryouts for each presentation, and only those who make it through the first round will be selected for the second and concluding auditions.
  4. Contestants in the Jellyfish online entertainment tryouts 2023 can display their skills in several areas, counting but not restricted to dancing, singing, rapping, etc.
  5. [Application areas] Vocal, rap, dance, acting

List of Required Documents for Audition

  • First and leading, you will need credentials showing your nationalities, such as an Aadhar card or a voter ID card.
  • Required information:
        1.  Email subject: [Email Audition] Name / Age / Gender
        2.  Email contents: Name / Date of Birth / Gender / Height / Weight / Nationality / Current Residence / Cell
        3. Phone Number / Email / SNS ID
  • Required attachments:
        1. 2 photos (full body, face close-up)
        2. Video files for each supported field

Jellyfish Entertainment Audition 2024 (Notice or Guidelines)

  1. Please note that files with severe corrections and filters applied will be excluded from review.
  2. Only successful applicants will be contacted individually within 2 weeks from the date of application.
  3. Please understand that no special contact will be made with unsuccessful applicants.
  4. The applicant must also have a lawful passport if filming ensues abroad.
  5. A photo of yourself in passport size is mandatory, etc.

Jellyfish Entertainment Audition Date and Venue

Individuals worldwide can smear several acting auditions for the imminent Jellyfish Entertainment Talent Search Audition. If you think your kid has skills, they can participate in this show. In this show, the jury will look over the talent of singing, vocals, dancing, modeling, acting, etc. Individuals outside the nation can also participate in the tryout for this show. To participate in the auditions of Jellyfish Entertainment, candidates can fill up the online application form by going to its certified internet site,

However, there are no established reports about the precise date and place for the auditions. But conferring with some bases, we were told that the tryout would start in 2024. So, if you are concerned about the audition, keep involved and wait for the audition time to declare. GOING AUDITION is an in-person audition held in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.

Steps to Apply for Jellyfish Entertainment Audition Online

  1. First, applicants need to go to the certified internet site of Jellyfish Entertainment Auditions 2024.
  2. After that, the home page will open on your screen, and here you have to search for the Jellyfish Entertainment Audition Application Form Link.
  3. As soon as you get it, choose the link, and hit apply online.
  4. Now, an online application form will open on the screen.
  5. Here, you will be enquired about several particulars on the audition form.
  6. Give all those particulars by reading it sensibly and tapping on submit.
  7. Now, after submission, your application form for Jellyfish Entertainment will acquiesce to the administrators.
  8. By following this modest process, you can effortlessly apply for Jellyfish Entertainment Auditions 2024.

How to Upload Online Video for Jellyfish Entertainment Audition?

  • To generate the video, you can use your phone or any other camera.
  • However, while recording your video, your context should be vibrant and clean.
  • Also, you can use several other video-making apps to produce a video.
  • After shooting a video, accomplish your action and save it, and you can also add music to the video.
  • Furthermore, ensure it should be in MP4 set-up while making the video.
  • After finishing the video-making procedure, log on to the certified gateway of Jellyfish Entertainment.
  • Here, give your application number and hit on Add an Attachment.
  • Now, browse your video and hit on the upload button.
  • Lastly, your video will be uploaded efficiently, and you can tap on the save selection.

FAQs Related to Jellyfish Entertainment Audition

Q.1 Who can apply for Jellyfish Entertainment Audition 2024?
Ans. Individuals from all over the world, counting kids, can apply for Jellyfish Entertainment Audition 2024. Partaking has no population, ethos, caste, or religion limitations.

Q.2 What talents are acknowledged for Jellyfish Entertainment Audition 2024?
Ans. Jellyfish Entertainment Audition admits talents in several arenas, including singing, vocals, acting, dancing, modeling, and more, as per the rules and necessities given by Jellyfish Entertainment.

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