ISRO Scientist N Valarmathi Biography, Age, Death News, Education, Voice behind Chandrayaan-3

Hello everyone and welcome to our new blog post. Today we are discussing the remarkable scientists of India who have made a huge contribution to our research institution of India. Also, it makes us proud of our country that we had this intellectual scientist in our Indian ISRO scientist team. 

Today we will share the amazing details of N Valarmathi. Her biography, age, death news, education and the voice behind Chandrayaan-3. Hence, she is a memorial voice behind our country’s success. So, join us today to know more about the extraordinary story Scientist N Valarmathi. Her journey and success or contribution in the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) led to her new research and success in Chandrayaan-3. Let’s drive into the blog to know more! 

ISRO Scientist N Valarmathi Biography

In summary, As per the information Valarmathi was born on July 31, 1959 in the area of Ariyalur in Tamil Nadu. Thus, she joined ISRO in 1984. And also had take part in the a crucial impact in different missions. After graduating from Nirmala Girls Higher Secondary School, then she attended the Government College of Technology in Coimbatore the best coaching institute among there. 

She is the second lady, who is to be the satellite undertaking project director at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) during that time. However the first lady to head a remote detecting satellite task. Hence, Valarmathi had offers from both DRDO and ISRO, and she decided on the last option of that mission. 

Throughout the previous quite a long while during the mission. She used to have simply four to five hours for herself in a day, and continued to screen different parts of the satellite. N. Valarmathi led the launch of RISAT-1, then a radar imaging satellite in 2012 and it becomes a successful mission.

Overview – N Valarmathi, Age, Death Reason

Article Topic  N Valarmathi Biography
Scientists Full Name  N Valarmathi
D.O.B 31 July 1959 (64 years)
Birth Place  Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu
Death  3 September 2023
Profession  Indian Scientists 
Education Government College of Technology, Coimbatore
Awards  Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Award
Father  Mr. Natrajan
Mother Ramseetha
Spouse Vasudevan
Category  Biography 

N Valarmathi Career

She has been working with the ISRO starting around 1984 and has been associated with many missions. Hence, she became the first’ project overseer of India’s first natively created Radar Imaging Satellite RISAT-1, which was sent off effectively in 2012.

She follows Anuradha TK, the 2011 GSAT-12 project director. As a result the second woman scientist at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to lead a prestigious project.

N Valarmathi Education 

N Valarmathi, the Indian satellite scientist and ISRO project director based in Bangalore, was born in Ariyalur to Mr. Natarajan. Hence a retired Block Development Officer, Ramaseetha. She attended Nirmala Girls’ Higher Secondary School in Tamil. Thus where she continued her education for growing up her career.

Therefore, Ms. Valarmathi proceeded to finish her pre-college course at the Public authority Expressions School, Ariyalur. Then prior to continuing on toward the Public authority School of Innovation, Coimbatore. And also from that point to the Anna College’s Guindy grounds.

ISRO Scientist N Valarmathi Death News

The famous scriptures of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Mrs. N Valarmathi died on 3rd September 2023 at 64 years old. As per the news she passed away due to a heart attack. Thus, she is the one and only lady who laid her voice to the space agency. Her voice has launched in the space agency countdown of Chandrayaan-3.  

Her journey became a huge motivation for us and all the youths in this era after the smooth landing of Chandrayaan-3. She didn’t do the most recent work on launching the Chandrayaan-3 or thus help the team of ISRO to create a golden chapter in India history. With her unexpected death there is a mourning spread in the whole team. Because ISRO’S iconic voice has become history now. 

Valarmathi Voice behind Chandrayaan-3

Therefore the last pre-launch countdown announcement of Chandrayaan -3 was made by Valaramathi on July 30. As when the PSLV-C56 rocket carrying seven Singapore satellites launched as part of a dedicated commercial mission.

Then she had been making commencement declarations for all the send-offs for the past six years. At 64 years old, he passed on Saturday night on 2nd September 2023, in a confidential medical hospital in Chennai because of heart failure. She was unwell for quite a while. 


What is the reason behind ISRO Scientist N Valarmathi death? 

Thus, ISRO Scientist N Valarmathi died due to a heart attack on 3rd September 2023. 

When she joined the India ISRO team? 

She joined the Indian ISRO team in the year of 1984. 

What is the work of Scientist N Valarmathi in ISRO? 

Scientist N Valarmathi is the Indian satellite scientist and ISRO project director. Hence, she is also the voice behind Chandrayaan-3. 

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