Himanshu Hooda IIT Bombay Biography, JEE Score, Age, Family, State Name

Get ready to know about new best scorer of joint entrance exam (JEE) and in GATE exam, his hard work pays off and becouse of this he became best scorer get offers from topmost engineering colleges for studying engineering. In this article, we will know about himanshu Hooda IIT Bombay Biography, JEE Score, Age, Family, State Name etc and know how he achieved his educational goals.

Himanshu Hooda IIT Bombay

Name Himanshu Hooda
JEE Score 205
Cleared Exam Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
Age 23 Years
Hometown Mungan, Haryana
School Mahendra Model School
Father Om Prakash Hooda
Father’s Profession Owns a Tea Stall
Himanshu Got offers from IIT Bombay and IISC Bangalore

Himanshu IIT Bombay Biography

Himanshu Hooda live in rohtak and he prepared to clear one of toughest exam of india is gratitude aptitude test in engineering (GATE). He really put his sweat off effort to clear it and he did it. Himanshu Hooda is really very inspirational guy for those who has lots of facilities like fan, light, mobile, internet or even computer but this type of person never gets best score but himanshu Hooda achieved his goal to clear gate exam.

Where are we comparing Himanshu Hooda to other because he is a son of tea seller, he has limited resources not even to prepare for gate but he scored good marks and become a inspiration for those who has limited resources for studies. In 2022, he had completed bachelor of technology from YMCA Faridabad. He has keen interest towards studies and that quality made him to score best marks. IIT Bombay and IISC banglore both sent him a offer to them and complete his Mtech degree.

Himanshu Hooda JEE Score

If we talk about his score of joint entrance exam (JEE) then it will also shock you. He got 205 rank in jee examination and that’s  really good. This gives him a opportunity to get admission in topmost college in india. He is a son of tea seller and he cleared gate exam. Media are giving example of his hardwork and determination for got best score in toughest exam of india.

Himanshu Hooda age

Can you guess age of himanshu who cleared Gate which is toughest exam in india. His age is just 23 years and he became Inspiration for lots of students who are preparing for toughest exam. He became best example for all students that if I can do this then you can also do this.

In the early age, Himanshu help his father in tea stall business where he used to make tea and serve it to customers. So, since his early age , he is responsible, hardworker and determined. And these qualities make him a best scorer of GATE and JEE exam.

Himanshu Hooda family

Om prakash Hooda is the father of himanshu Hooda and he has a tea stall business where he make tea and serve it to customers in Rohtak- sonipat, sector- 3. Om prakash contributed best to his family to satisfy every single need. He interviews with a media channel and said that he had taken a loan of 15 lacs and got shifted in house and he is happy that his son successful achieved his goals.

Family is the best supporter of an individual and that support help can every individual to achieve whatever goals he wants in their life. Well, it’s also that people without family also gets victory but it is really amazing.

Himanshu Hooda state Name

In the 90s, Himanshu and his family used to stay in mugan Village, Haryana. And later they moved to different City for education of himanshu and to start tea stall business. Mahendra model school is that school where himanshu completed his fundamental education. He got 90% in PCM and this percentage is enough that shows how much himanshu is dedicated towards studies. And after this, he did btech, clear GATE and JEE exam with best score and got wonderful offers of IIT Bombay and IISC to complete his Mtech degree.


Determination and  hardwork of himanshu Hooda help him to score good marks in toughest exam of JEE and Gate exam even he is belong to poor family but he cleared it in the age of 23. From the early age he is responsible, hardworker and determined. What we can learn from himanshu Hooda that anyone can achieve his goals even he is poor or rich because your hardwork and determination always pays you. So, always remember that put your 100% effort towards your goal, you will definitely achieve it.

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