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Haldiram Distributorship 2024: Hello there, Today we will discuss the Haldiram Distributorship and the investment, profit, and documents required, and how to contact the company or apply for the Haldiram Distributorship will. So, after reading this article, I can confidently say that you are eligible to apply for the Haldiram Distributorship. A leading conglomerate specializing in Indian sweets, Namkeens, Fast Food, Frozen Food, and ready-to-eat items for both domestic and export markets. The company has manufacturing plants in Nagpur, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Rudrapur, and Noida.

Haldiram Distributorship

The Haldiram company is so well-known that there is no need to advertise its products. Because of their delicious taste, all of the products are likely to sell quickly. So, if you want to open a Haldiram Dealership in India by 2024, keep the following points in mind:

Article Distributorship / Franchise
Application Process Online
Company size 1,001-5,000 employees
Official Website www.haldirams.com
Headquarters Nagpur, Maharashtra
Eligibility 21 Years & 10th pass
Business Experience Experience in FMCG Business
Investment Cost 3-4 Lakhs
Industry Food & Beverages
Email ID [email protected]
Phone Number 0712-2779451
Contact Haldiram for Franchise Opportunity Click Here
Founded 1982

Eligibility Requirements for Distributorship with Haldiram

Some standards have been set by the business. Applicants for the Distributorship must carefully review and read the requirements. Their names are as follows:

  • The prospective distributor must be at least 21 years old before submitting an application.
  • The interested party has, at the very least, passed the tenth standard with a reputable board.
  • The applicant needs to be knowledgeable about the FMCG sector.
  • They must have both the money and the space needed to launch their firm.

Important Paperwork Needed:

  • Personal Records:
    • Aadhaar, PAN, and voter cards serve as identification.
    • Address Verification: Utility Bill or Ration Card
    • Certificate of Qualification
    • Picture, Email Address, and Mobile Number
    • Cancel the check and the current AC.
  • Property Records:
    • Shop contract/Sale deed
    • agreement to rent
    • NOC
  • Business Records:
    • VAT Number
    • Trade outlet licence
    • Food Permit
    • ITR (If needed, the company can also ask for last 2yr ITR)

Haldiram Distributorship Cost

If you want to start a Haldiram Distributorship in your area, you will need between INR 10 lakh and INR 12 lakh.

  • First, you must make an advance payment.
  • The absence of a security deposit
  • The store’s or godown’s cost ( Rent cost depends on your location)
  • cost of labour ( Should be minimum 3-5)
  • Vehicle cost ( it may be on rent or own)

Haldiram Distributorship Space Requirement:

  • The minimum space required to begin a Haldiram Distributorship is 500-600 square feet. However, if you intend to distribute other FMCG products alongside Haldiram’s products, you may require more space.
  • 100 square feet of shop space
    Gowdown: 500 square feet
  • However, this is not the exact space requirement. I gave you the bare minimum of space for the distributorship.

Haldiram distributorship/ Franchise Application Process

The following steps must be taken in order to apply for a Haldiram distributorship:

  • Go to the Haldiram company’s official website.
  • Scroll down the home page to find the contact us option.
  • The following page will be displayed on your screen. Fill in the required information such as name, phone number, address, and so on. Fill in the appropriate information in the form shown below:
  •  After completing the form, successfully submit it.
  • If the company likes your profile, you will receive calls and emails on your mobile phone. They will get back to you.

Get Haldiram Distributorship

A precise process needs to be followed in order to become a distributor for Haldiram. Following are the steps:

  • First, the interested party must submit an online distributorship application. At the time of registration, they must supply all necessary information.
  • You will receive confirmation via email if the business deems your profile to be acceptable.
  • They will visit your place to do a survey and determine, among other things, whether there is enough space and labour available.
  • After the survey, they will talk to you about your plans and other specifics. They will provide you a clear image of what you need to do if you accept distributorship.
  • If you accepted the company’s terms and conditions, the manager will work with you to begin implementing the plan the following day.
  • The manager will now agree with you and assist you with the proper setup.
  • The firm then provides you with a training programme as well as a salesperson to assist you in running the business.
  • After the training session, you can start your Haldiram Distributorship business.

Profits and Margin of Haldiram Distributorship:

The overall volume of sales determines profits and margins. You might anticipate the corporation to make more money if you can generate enough sales. At first, there is no monthly goal, so you can get as many clients as you like. The product lines offered by this company are very diverse.

The outcome is that the business’s overall profit is just about 5%.

Additionally, a lot of the company’s strategies depend on your sales. Nevertheless, this plan will start in 5 to 6 months.

Contact Information for Haldiram Distributorship:

If you have any questions about the Haldiram Distributorship, please contact them using the information provided below!

ADDRESS: Haldiram House, Bhandara Road Chowk, Old Pardi Naka, Surya Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440035, Plot No. 145/146.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07122681197

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. How much is the security deposit?

Ans: No security deposit is required for the Haldiram distributorship.

Q. Is a Food Licence required?

Ans: Required, but if you don’t have it, you can hire our team or click here.

Q. How much does a Haldiram distributorship cost?

Ans: If you want to start a Haldiram distributorship, you will need approximately INR 10 lakh – 12 lakh.

You can start a business with a minimum initial stock purchase of 5 lakh – 8 lakh rupees.

However, it is up to you how much money you have and at what level you want to open/start your distributorship.
Infrastructure Fundamentals:
– 1.5 lac
Cost of a shop/godown (if you have your own space, it is free): Its price is determined by your location. You can also start your business in your own location because setting up a distributorship in your own location will save you a lot of money.
3 – 4 lac commercial vehicle

Does it make money, or not?

Ans: Because Haldiram is in high demand during the summer months and consumer goods are fast moving, there is less margin but your sales will be excessive. Therefore, it stands to reason that you can profit from this business above 5%.

Q. Is Haldiram provide distributorship?

Yes, Haldiram offers distributorship, but you must ensure that there isn’t already a Haldiram distributor present in the area where you plan to start.

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