[bidplus] GeM Tender Search Without Login and Bid Status Check

GeM Tender is a platform for product design that uses G Suite. Through a stunning user interface and cloud-based design tools, it enables you to start a project, communicates with your team, create original experiences by testing prototypes, and share them with the world. The total number of bids received from purchasers is listed on the “GeM Tender Bid Status.” Each registered bidder receives a bidding number on a first-come, first-served basis at the discretion of the GeM chosen in this respect by written Board decision. In this article, we will talk about Tender Search Without Login and Bid Status Check

GeM Tender Search 2024 on bidplus

To check the list of bids, you can follow the steps listed below. online instructions for checking the GeM Tender Status.

  • Go to GeM Tender Portal.
    • GeM Portal’s main website is located at https://gem.gov.in.
    • You must first visit the official GeM tender page to view the list of bids.
  • Go to the Bids option.
    • A menu may be found in the website’s right-top corner.
    • Select “bid” from the menu to make a bid. The page bidplus.gem.gov.in will now load.
  • Click on Ongoing Bid.
    • Now choose the option for “ongoing bids” from the menu to view the list of tenders for which bids are still being accepted.
  • Check the GeM Tender list there.
    • You may quickly determine the necessary bid from the list of tenders on the following page. The bid number, item, department name and location, quantity, etc., may all be checked.

While utilizing the bid number or RA number in the search option there is not the best approach to checking a sorted list of tenders, you can still quickly verify the tender. The majority of ongoing bids are displayed there since they are the most active.

Check GeM Portal Tender Bid Status

Visit the official website to check the status of GeM Portal Tender Bids. There are several phases to GeM Tender Bids, and you should use the one that works best for you.

  • Go to the GeM portal homepage.
  • After that, You need to select the bid option from the menu.
  • Then select the Bid/RA Status option from the menu.
  • In the next step, Enter your Bid/RA number in the search box.
  • Now click on the search button for the next step.
  • GeM Tender Bid Status will available.

Stages of GeM Tender Bids

If you use the bid/RA number to verify the status of the bid, you will get one of the following three status updates:

GeM Portal tender status list

  • Technical Evaluation
  • Financial Evaluation
  • Bid Awarded
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