G SPARK Salary Slip 2024, Registration & Login Link

G Spark Registration: Individual Login, Salary Slip, Payslip @gspark.kerala.gov.in: Everyone says about Kerala’s state government that he is very much Harding for their people as well as for their employees. Nowadays he has become the Service and Payroll Administrative Repository for the state of Kerala. He also said to build an integrated website for employees to make the easy. Where the employees and the workers can easily find their Payslips for their employment.

G SPARK Salary Slip 2024

The web portal will provide you with all the information about the pay slip, and all the payment details. The website made things very easy to access for employees who get difficulty checking their payslips and all payment details. In this blog, we will cover all the information about G Spark Registration, Individual Login, Salary Slip, And Payslip.

G Spark Kerala Registration 2024

The world is changing from physical to virtual and digital. Nowadays, the world is changing rapidly and India is trying to make everything online and virtual as Kerala’s government has told us to build a web portal for the employees or workers to get their payslips easily without any difficulty. GSPark is a software IT company that provides such as software development, web design, mobile app development, data analytics, and many more services to unemployed people to work. GSPark has founded in 2011 with the objective of changing people’s lifestyles and the way they live in the state.

G Spark Registration: Individual Login, Salary Slip, Payslip @gspark.kerala.gov.in

Kerala Government work hard to improve their state and also the peoples of the state. GSPark became the very big company in the state of Kerala where 400+ employees are working on a daily basis. The company launched various jobs opportunity you can work here in the mentioned role like technical, management, and marketing roles. So let’s see the complete information of the G Spark Registration, Individual Login, Salary Slip, And Payslip through this article.

G Spark Registration & Individual Login 2024 – Overview

Article Name G Spark Registration, Individual Login, Salary Slip, Payslip @gspark.kerala.gov.in
Company G Spark
Year 2024
Category Pay slip | Login
State Kerala
Provider G SPARK Kerala
Department  Kerala’s Finance Department
Website https://www.spark.gov.in/

Requirements to Access G Spark Web Portal

The world is changing nowadays, from offline to digital. The government has claimed that it will give its best to provide the best treatment to their employee and works to work with no headaches. G Spark’s website helps them a lot to find their payslip easily and online, and for that, they claimed that they are much thankful to the government.

To get access from the web portal, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Permanent Employee No.
  • DOB
  • Email id
  • Mobile/ Phone Number

Previously the worker used to suffer from multiple problems as that, time everything was not online, and they had to physically reach there to get the payslip but now with the help of the current website G Spark. It’s made the work easy and very convenient for the user as it’s online.

They can easily access their payslips very easily through the web portal without any difficulty because the interface and the access are supply easy. Newborn Bady also can use the web portal the company said.

Kerala Employee Salary Slip 2024 Download

The company did very hard work to make the company more and more efficient and better for the user, they claimed that they will make the website more user-friendly and easy to access so that everyone even those, not mobile friendly person also can access it. The steps to consider for the registration with G spark to get the payslip easily:

  1. Visit the official webpage https://www.spark.gov.in.
  2. To get access to the website enter the mentioned details user ID, PEN number, and password.
  3. Enter the captcha code to verify and sign in.
  4. Choose the pay stub to which you want to download.
  5. After that select the mentioned option “Get salary slip”
  6. After entering the month and year, you can press the download button.
  7. After that check your mail, and Download or print out the pdf.

Kerala Employee Payslip Contains

  • Worker’s name
  • Permanent Workers Number
  • GPF number &  PRAN number
  • GLI number and PAN number
  •  Information of Bank.
  • DA, HRA, basic pay, and allowances.
  • GIS installments, professional tax, and GPF will be in the dedication section.
  • Gross and the net amount of that employee or worker.
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